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Recently Purchased 2015 Toyota Corolla in Seattle, WA

Bought for $2,040.00!
Body:2WD | 4 Door (Sedan)
We Bought a car in Seattle

The Condition

  • Collision Damage:Front
  • It starts and drive.
  • Mileage:45,000
  • All tires are attached and inflated.
  • The glass and lights are intact.
  • Airbags are attached and intact.
  • All parts are attached and intact.

CarBrain Specializes In Buying Less-Than-Perfect Vehicles

Want fair quotes for your run-down Corolla in Seattle, WA? Tired of haggling and negotiating over very low offers? Skip the local car buyers and find out what makes CarBrain the go-to service for getting money for your vehicle. Our mission is to provide top notch service to troubled car owners across the country. We believe getting money for a salvage, crashed or junk car should be easy.

CarBrain.com has been picking up cars in poor condition for years. We specialize in appraising trucks with damage and giving fair market quotes on any car by taking more than just the basics of your vehicle into account. Get your quote in 90 seconds with our FREE evaluation tool. We offer on-the-spot payment in two business days. Our ZERO-obligation offers are guaranteed for a week. What are you waiting for? Find out how our customer service agents can help you today.

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It takes just 90 seconds to get a quote for your old or crashed Corolla with CarBrain. Our quotes are guaranteed for seven days and come with no obligations. Our reliable network of tow truck drivers in Seattle can pick up your car in less than 48 business hours. Get My Offer - I'm Ready To Trade In My Vehicle!

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Questions And Answers About Getting Cash For A Car With CarBrain

Can I Get An Estimate For My Junk Toyota Corolla In Seattle, Washington?

The easiest way to facilitate junk removal for your Corolla in Seattle is to use an online service — like CarBrain! We make fair and competitive quotes on all non-working vehicles. All our quotes include FREE pick-up and title transfer. All you have to do to create an estimate is respond to our quick form. It takes 90 seconds to find out what your vehicle could be worth. With CarBrain, you'll get paid cash in 24 to 48 business hours. We have the solution for selling your junk Corolla in no time.

I Want to Scrap My Toyota Corolla in Seattle — How Much Is It Worth?

The value in scrap metal of your Corolla in Seattle depends on current local market prices. Experienced and licensed buyers of junk vehicles can dependably recycle the components in your car, which contain valuable metals like steel, platinum and aluminum, These metals can be melted down and reused in other products! CarBrain works with the top junk car buyers in Seattle to help you recycle your run-down vehicle fast. The best way to learn what your car is worth is to receive an offer now.

If I Drive The Vehicle To You Or Fix It Up First, Will I Get A Higher Estimate?

CarBrain offers include complimentary towing — which means bringing the car to us won't increase the offer. Submitting photos and the VIN can improve the accuracy, however. All CarBrain offers are based on fluctuating market values. As a result, we cannot guarantee that your offer will increase or decrease if you sell it later. We also can't guarantee that you'll get a significantly better offer if you try to repair the car or replace pieces before selling it to us.

Will You Buy A Vehicle That My Insurance Company Declared A Total Loss?

You do not need an insurance policy on your car in order to sell it to CarBrain. We pay for uninsured cars on a regular basis. We also have no problem buying vehicles declared a total loss. To get cash for your total loss vehicle to CarBrain.com, all you have to do is get a quote from our website in order to receive your fair market appraisal. After that, you will need to have your certified copy of your title handy so that we can verify and transfer ownership. If your insurer declared your vehicle a total loss, you can contact them to request the salvage title. You will receive the title plus a check for your car's pre-accident value, minus your deductible and their expected profit from auctioning the crashed vehicle. Then, you can sell your vehicle to CarBrain for a second check!

Will You Cover The Garage Fees My Vehicle Is Accumulating?

There are no fees whatsoever for using CarBrain. You get paid, not us. That includes towing fees. However, CarBrain.com will not cover fees you are accumulating based on your car's location. If you are accumulating fees, please let your associate buyer know ASAP. We can try to pick your car up faster in order to reduce the amount of fees you are charged.

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