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Getting paid for your damaged Toyota Land Cruiser can be an onerous process — but it doesn't have to be. At CarBrain, we've created the easiest and most convenient way to receive an estimate, schedule a free pickup and get paid for your car fast. can help you receive a instant cash offer for your Toyota Land Cruiser in less than 2 minutes. Our offers are assured, so there will never be any haggling, and they include FREE pickup and title transfer. Best of all, if you accept our quote and want to proceed, we can set a date & time for your free pickup within 48 hours! You'll get money right then and there when the driver comes.

We've been a part of the less-than-perfect cars industry for more than a decade, which means we have the skill and know-how to create fair market prices for your car. Every single one of our estimates take a comprehensive examination of many details of your vehicle in order to determine its current market value — we don't lowball.

How Can I Get Quick Cash For My Non-Working Toyota Land Cruiser?


Step One: Tell Us About Your Toyota Land Cruiser

Start by completing our get an offer form with details about your Toyota Land Cruiser. We can generate an offer in less than 2 minutes for most vehicles.


Receive A Quote And Examine It

After we make the offer, you can plan the pick-up with your associate buyer. Remember to find your car's keys and certified copy of the title for your Toyota!


Get Paid For Your Toyota!

The last step is to wait for the towing partner to get there to tow your Toyota. He or she will come to you with a check in hand. The only thing you need to do is collect your check delivery, and you're finished!

We prioritize a client-first philosophy, which means professional customer care. Our highly skilled customer account managers can help you find answers to any questions and walk you through the process to selling your car. You can discover more about what we do by reading reviews all over the web and checking out our BBB profile — we have an A+ rating.

Interested? Get cash for your vehicle by listing your current zip code to start at once!

Get An Offer In Just A Few Seconds For Your Toyota Land Cruiser

Receive a FREE offer for your broken-down Land Cruiser in just a couple of seconds by listing some basic details about your car. Offers provided by CarBrain always include FREE removal and transfer of ownership nationwide. We always come to you in two business days!

Reasons Why Getting Paid For A Vehicle With Is Simple And Fast

CarBrain provides fair and competitive offers and FREE towing across the nation. We are a established company with more than a decade of experience buying wrecked vehicles. We buy broken down vehicles, scrap vehicles and even cars with a seized motor.

  • Our Offers Are FINAL And Secure!
  • Instant Cash Quote For Your Car.
  • Contact-Free And Quick!
  • Friendly And Professional!

Will Purchase A Vehicle If It Doesn't Start Or Drive?

CarBrain pay cash fors Toyota Land Cruisers in any condition. Whether the car has a faulty engine or it's simply junk, we will give you a fair offer on it! Below are a few examples of vehicles we've purchased recently:

  • Non-working vehicles
  • Crashed cars
  • Scrap cars
  • Cars with electrical problems
  • Cars with bad engines
  • Vehicles that have been total loss

If you have an unusable Toyota, you can get a fair market estimate ultra-fast with CarBrain! Get an offer and start.

How Do I Know The Value Of My Non-Running Toyota Land Cruiser?

When we evaluate a vehicle, we take distinct elements into consideration. For example — two vehicles with the exact same years, makes and models can be evaluated differently depending on things like if the vehicles have a bad transmission, or the location of the cars. Normally vehicles in the north are generally worth slightly less due to local differences in weather, distance to international markets, and such. Therefore, even two identical cars can receive different actual market values based on a variety of factors.

Damaged Toyota Land Cruisers We Can Buy

1999 Toyota Land Cruiser

1999 Toyota Land Cruiser

Mileage: 245,000Location: Gastonia, NC
1996 Toyota Land Cruiser
1998 Toyota Land Cruiser

1998 Toyota Land Cruiser

Mileage: 141,000Location: Ardsley, NY
2001 Toyota Land Cruiser
1997 Toyota Land Cruiser

1997 Toyota Land Cruiser

Mileage: 390,000Location: Ellenwood, GA
1991 Toyota Land Cruiser

1991 Toyota Land Cruiser

Mileage: 217,000Location: Culver City, CA
2000 Toyota Land Cruiser

2000 Toyota Land Cruiser

Mileage: 153,000Location: Charlotte, NC
2001 Toyota Land Cruiser

2001 Toyota Land Cruiser

Mileage: 283,000Location: Manchester, MA

How Can I Sell My Toyota Land Cruiser To

To prepare your car for pickup, you should take out all your personal belongings from inside the car. Then, remember to get the title transferred. Learn how to sign your title at CarBrain's title guide. Next, wait for the towing partner to arrive. Hand over the car keys and title, and you'll get paid on the spot. The towing partner will recycle the car and you won't have to think about it again.

CarBrain separates itself from the junk yards close to you by having a exact process for how our pricing tool values cars with damage. Whether the vehicle has mechanical problems or mechanical issues, CarBrain intends to be as accurate as possible in its appraisal. No blanket quotes. Each evaluation is tailored specifically to that vehicle's conditions.

Toyota Models CarBrain Can Make An Offer For

Helpful Information


I Would Like To Scrap My Land Cruiser. Where Can I Do That?

If you're planning to junk your Land Cruiser, CarBrain makes it easy.You can receive an offer in less than 2 minutes with our instant offer form.

We are experts at appraising damaged vehicles, including Land Cruisers with engine problems or physical damage.

All our offers include FREE towing and transfer of ownership, and assured payment in two business days.

How Much Will You Offer For My Junk Toyota Land Cruiser?

Even if your wrecked Land Cruiser is damaged, you can still receive some payment for it.

If you have an aging car, many buyers can dependably recycle and save the pieces inside. The majority of the money you will get for your vehicle comes from the scrap metal that recyclers can get from it. The heavier your vehicle is, the more money you can get for recycling it. Steel mills nationwide will price out metals differently based on nearby market demands. Depending on your vehicle's size and where the car is currently located, you can get an average of $500 for scrapping it.

The smoothest way to find out what your junk Toyota Land Cruiser is worth is to get an offer with

How Long Will It Take To Haul Away My Toyota Land Cruiser?

Towing partners provide a time range that they will come to pick up the Land Cruiser. You can ask to receive a one-hour heads up from the towing company driver.

CarBrain generally promises removal in 24 to 48 business hours, which means we cannot guarantee a same-day sale. However, we can reach out to your service provider to find out if it is possible to pick up your vehicle faster.

Speaking to your associate buyer is the best way to get us to understand your situation so that we may work with the car buyer to accommodate you. While same-day pickups are not guaranteed, CarBrain will try our absolute best to try and find a way to aid you.

How Will You Get My Toyota Land Cruiser? will arrange towing your vehicle with one of our service providers near you.

Please confirm that you've provided the correct address for your car in order to ensure that pickup goes smoothly. If your car is in a location our towing company drivers cannot access, such as a low-access garage, let us know ASAP.

For liability reasons, our towing company drivers cannot tow vehicles left on the side of the road.

We always come to you in 24 to 48 business hours after accepting our cash offer. Other than that, there's not much to do on your part but hand over your car's keys and receive your check! It's that easy.

Who Do I Talk To About Scheduling Problems?

Your customer service representative is freely available to answer any questions you may have about your offer or pickup. Reach out by phone, text or email to learn more about your offer.

We're freely available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (EST) Monday through Friday, as well as 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (EST) on Saturdays!

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