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Recently Purchased 2010 Honda CR-V in West Palm Beach, FL

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Bought for $2,050.00!
Body:4WD | 4 Door (Wagon)
We Bought a car in West Palm Beach

The Condition

  • Collision Damage:Passenger Side
  • It starts, but it is NOT good for daily use.
  • Mileage:130,000
  • Tires are attached and intact.
  • The glass and lights are intact.
  • It has deployed airbags.
  • It has missing parts.

We've Created A Totally New Way To Get Rid Of Your Unwanted CR-V

For years, trying to get rid of a car with Collision using local car dealerships in West Palm Beach has been a cumbersome process. From negotiating on fair market prices to towing the car, there's a lot to worry about. That's where CarBrain comes in. Our goal is to make trading in your salvage or junk Honda CR-V as easy as possible. Equipped with the latest technology, our company makes trading in your accident-damaged car simple while enabling you to get the best offer possible.

CarBrain.com's smart FREE evaluation tool has disrupted the old, inefficient model of selling your junk car online. Rather than comparing quotes by reaching out to buyers of scrap cars one by one, we can produce a custom offer in no more than 2 minutes! When you use CarBrain.com, we connect you to our network of approved junk car buyers in West Palm Beach, FL. Additionally, our customer service agents provide excellent customer support, walking you through the process of trading in your car so you aren't left on your own. Finally, we include free towing and title transfer in all our offers, so you won't have to pay a dime.

How Do I Go About Getting The Best Possible Price For My Damaged CR-V In West Palm Beach, Florida?

What Can You Tell Us About Your Collision CR-V?

First, fill out our get an offer form with details about your Honda CR-V. It takes just 90 seconds and considers your car's year, mileage, damage situation and more.

Secure Your Confirmed Quote.

Next, it's time to accept your quote. Let your associate buyer know if you like the price and want to move forward with the sale. Reach out by phone, text or email.

Now Comes The Payment And Pick-Up.

The last step is to wait for the service provider to arrive! Make sure you have the keys and title on hand, and then hand them over and collect your payment! It's that simple.

Want to discover the scrap value of your non-working Honda CR-V? CarBrain.com can help. Our associate buyers will guide you through the whole process. Get My Offer - I'm Ready To Sell My Car!

CarBrain Buys CR-Vs In Any Sort Of Condition. Here Are Different Examples Of CR-Vs With Problems We Have Purchased In The Past:

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Q & A'S About Getting Money For A Vehicle With CarBrain In West Palm Beach, FL

Will You Purchase My CR-V In West Palm Beach With Problems?

CarBrain can create a quote on your junk CR-V with problems. We specialize in in price checking salvage cars, vehicles with a blown engine, physical damage, or even engine problems. We pay for vehicles across the country — you can get your FREE quote in 90 seconds.

I'm Ready To Scrap My Honda CR-V In West Palm Beach — How Much Is It Worth?

The going rate of your scrap Honda CR-Vs depends on numerous elements, including its current location and present local market values for the metal in your vehicle. Licensed and experienced buyers of junk vehicles can legally recycle the parts and metals inside your car to reuse them for other purposes. How much you can get depends on the amount of aluminum, steel and other metals in your car and their current nearby market values in West Palm Beach. CarBrain.com can help you discover what your CR-V is worth in no more than 2 minutes with our smart FREE price engine tool.

Is There Anything I Need To Provide To Sell You My Car?

Our associate buyers can explain the sales guidelines to you, including the required documents. In most cases, you need a verified copy of the title. If you lost your title, CarBrain.com's customer service representatives can help you get a duplicate title in your state. In some states, like California, there are other ways to validate and transfer ownership that don't necessarily require a title — however, most states do require a title to complete a sale. Learn more about transferring a title at our title page.

My Vehicle's Transmission Is Broken. Will You Buy It?

Our company can provide a quote on cars with salvage or rebuilt titles, cars with upgrades, vehicles with engine or transmission problems, cars missing some parts, non-running cars and old cars. However, we cannot provide offers on cars missing motors, vehicles with no transmissions or cars with less than two tires. Additionally, we cannot make offers on individual components — we only purchase whole or mostly-whole cars.

My Vehicle Title Has A Lien On It. Can I Still Sell It To You?

Whether we can buy a car with a lien on it depends on how much the lien is worth. CarBrain will only purchase a car with a lien if our estimate is equal to or exceeds the value of the lien. We do not currently purchase cars that are "upside down" (i.e. you owe more on the car than it is worth). If you believe that our evaluation of your vehicle is incorrect, consider describing in more detail the extent of the problems your car has.

What’s your totaled car worth?