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Expensive BMW Problems

Hand rise from the heap of dislikesBMW is a household name. Synonymous with class and prestige, beemers have always been able to stay relevant in the auto industry since they began producing cars in 1928. While the company has had its ups and downs, over time it has risen to develop modern cars with turbocharged engines along with electrically powered and hybrid vehicles.

However, even this well-known luxury brand is capable of developing its share of problems. Numerous vehicles have had problems with the engines, air bags and more. Learn more about common expensive problems that might develop in a BMW and what you can do about it. 

In some cases, selling your damaged car to CarBrain might be the right choice for you. We make the process of getting cash for your car quick and easy.

BMW Engine Problems

Numerous BMW drivers with the 2011 BMW X5 have reported that their engines suddenly lose power while driving. Many report major difficulties diagnosing and fixing the problem. At least two drivers reported that a fire started in their engine due to undiagnosed difficulties.

In a few cases, car owners had to shell out thousands of dollars to replace the engine. In other cases, they were forced to junk their cars entirely.

The 2012 X5 also had engine problems. In many cases, drivers report that they have to replace the water pump, which can cost up to $750. However, some drivers have reported that their N55 engine has problems beyond that, ultimately requiring engine replacement.

The 2013 BMW X3 has also racked up close to 200 complaints related to a faulty engine, a sign of a chronic problem. Drivers have found problems with the oil pump in the engine, often requiring a complete engine replacement totaling thousands of dollars.

The 2007 BMW 328 is another beemer with too many engine complaints for comfort. At least 6 crashes and 16 fires related to engine troubles have been reported, with average failure beginning at under 60,000 miles. 

BMW issued an engine cooling recall for parts in the engine, but not all VINs were included. Therefore, some drivers may have been left on the hook for expensive repairs.

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BMW Electrical Problems

There have been a handful of BMW recalls over the years related to faulty electrical systems. For instance, in February 2013 the company recalled over 500,000 vehicles for unexplained losses in electrical power, which led to a risk of a crash. In 2017, they recalled more than 700,000 vehicles due to wiring that overheated, leading to a risk of a fire.

Unfortunately, many drivers have reported that vehicles not included in recalls are still developing major electrical problems. Drivers with a 2007 BMW 328 have reported serious electrical problems, ranging from the door locks freezing to total electrical failure that renders the car useless.

BMW owners with the 207 335 have reported that the insulation in wiring within the vehicle is prone to overheating and melting, leading to the risk of a fire. Meanwhile, those with a 2008 BMW 535 have complained that the insulation on their wires is crumbling away, also increasing the risk of a fire.

Why Sell To CarBrain?

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