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It happens at the worst possible time. You run out to your car in the middle of a downpour or blizzard, hop into the driver’s seat and fumble to put the key in the ignition. 

Nothing happens when you turn the ignition, though. It takes a moment for your brain to process what’s happening, but in the meantime, you’ve tried a few more times to crank it over. For a select few people, it comes as a surprise; out of the blue. Most people in this situation have probably said before, “My car has problems starting. I should get that looked at.” But it doesn’t take much to forget about it after it finally starts up…until it happens again.

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Can I Sell A Car With Problems? - How to Sell Cars That Won't Start

If your car won’t turn over at all, or your car won't start & a clicking noise, there are a few common car problems it can be. Keep in mind there’s a chance it’s still something else – or a combination of problems – but these are the biggies. One of these may answer your questions of "why won't my car start"?

My Car Won't Turn Over

Alternator Problems

The alternator’s main purpose is to charge your car’s battery. When the engine is running, the drive belt spins your alternator to create energy that’s stored in the battery’s cells. Alternator problems can occur that will prevent your engine from starting.

Wondering how to tell if alternator is bad? Bad alternator symptoms include whining from under the hood (that is, when the engine IS running), a battery light illuminated when the engine is on, and a battery that’s stone dead after the engine is turned off. It doesn’t charge the battery.

Car Battery Issues

Car Battery ReplacementBattery problems don’t always show up when you think they should. Its purpose is to store electrical energy as a reserve for vehicle accessories when the alternator can’t keep up with demand, but primarily for starting the engine.

Signs of a bad battery include flickering lights, strange electrical issues like a clock that resets, and – you guessed it – a dead battery. Recharging the battery sometimes helps but only for a short time. However, let's say your new battery car won't start, what are other reasons?

Car Starter Failure

A car’s starter is often blamed when an engine won’t turn over, but it’s less common than the others. It’s usually quite reliable, but it’s still possible for it to fail. Its purpose is to use an electric motor to turn the engine over using gear reduction principles.

How do you know if car starter problems are the issue for you? First, the engine won’t turn over. In plenty of cases, you’ll hear a ‘CHUNK’ noise when you turn the key, but not always. And most of the time, your car won’t jump start with a starter fault.

Engine Problems

If you’re really bad at car maintenance and repairs, an engine problem could be the cause. Serious neglect like not changing the engine oil can cause the engine to seize or lock up. Or, if your car has been sitting for years, it could seize from lack of lubrication inside.

With engine problems, your engine won’t turn over either. A jump start won’t do a thing. Major engine work is clearly in your future. This could result in a totaled car by your insurer.

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It’s altogether different if your car cranks but won’t start. That means it isn’t your battery, alternator, or starter at fault, but it doesn’t narrow your problem down much further. There are a few reasons why an engine cranks but won't start.

Fuel Problems

One of the probable causes is related to the fuel system. It could be a plugged fuel filter, a faulty fuel pump, bad gas, plugged fuel injectors, or even a blown fuse. If your car cranks but doesn’t start, you have a whole new ball of worms to deal with to diagnose the condition.

Everything Else!

What else could cause your car not to start? Here are a handful of other concerns:

Car Cranks but Won't Start
  • A wiring connector that’s worked its way loose.

  • A ground wire that’s corroded.

  • Something in your fuel.

  • A severely plugged air filter.

  • A bad sensor.

  • High engine back-pressure from blocked exhaust.

  • A faulty immobilizer chip in your ignition key.

  • About a zillion other things.

Sell My Bad Engine Car

Determining the root cause of your engine not starting takes time from a knowledgeable mechanic. Even a couple hours at a repair shop will cost hundreds of dollars in diagnosis charges alone, let alone part replacements or any additional repairs. If you have an older car or have higher mileage, there’s a good chance your salvage car isn’t worth that kind of investment. What can you do instead?

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