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Whether you’ve got an accident-damaged Ford truck, a flood-ravaged Acura SUV, a Chevy car that’s had an electrical fire, or your Toyota just drove its last mile before the engine seized, you need to sell it. It’s not worth much, so you might as well bite the bullet and get it done now. But it begs the question: how can you get money for junk cars? Are there buyers for a heap of scrap like yours?

The short answer is YES. Yet, getting cash for cars in less-than-perfect condition may take patience and time. Here are a few ways you can get cash for unwanted cars.

Cash for Clunkers Program

Places That Buy Junk Cars for Top Dollar Near Me

It might not always be smooth going – in fact, it probably won’t be the most fun you’ve had with your boots on. But it’s possible to get cash for cars, no matter what condition it’s in.

Cash for Clunkers Program

You’ve heard of the government-funded Cash for Clunkers program? You might’ve heard also that it’s been closed down since 2009. But if you live in California, you’re still eligible for the state-run Cash for Clunkers program, designed to take pollution-causing vehicles off the road. Under the program, you’re eligible for $1,000 or $1,500 for your junk car with emissions issues, depending on your income level. That’s pretty good, but your car also has to qualify, and you have to do your part.


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If your car is particularly unique, has a clean title, or has plenty of useful parts on it still, you might be able to find a private buyer. It takes weeks of posting it in the online classifieds, and a bunch of frustrating emails back and forth with tire kickers. You’ll get offers for half of what you’re asking, and people won’t show up with cash in hand when you accept their offer.

Hey, who knows? You might be the lucky one who gets more than their scrap car is worth from someone who really wants it. But likely, you’ll waste weeks or months trying to sell it this way before cutting your losses.Trade in a Junk Car for Cash

Trade In a Junk Car for Cash

What about car dealerships? Maybe they’re interested in trading your junk car for cash value. The problem is that at car dealerships, they want you to buy a car from them. It’s more time and hassle than it’s worth to them to deal with your broken-down vehicle, getting it ready to be sold on the used car lot. Plus, there’s the glaring problem: you have to dish out thousands of dollars extra to buy a different vehicle from them!

Sell Your Junk Car to

If you’re asking, “Where can I sell my car for cash quickly?”, there’s another option. It’s CarBrain, and it’s the easy way to sell a junk car for cash.

Not only is it easy to use CarBrain, but you’ll get as fair an offer as you’ll find anywhere. Whether you have a scrap SUV, a junk truck, a bashed-up car, or an unwanted van, CarBrain is ready with an offer for you. Simply request an online quote. There’s no obligation to accept it, and you can take it or leave it. We won’t be offended. But if the offer looks fair to you and you accept, we’ll pay you within a couple days for your vehicle as it is, and where it is. CarBrain will take it away from where it is at no extra charge to you, and we’ll even take care of title transfer fees.

Do yourself a favor and check out CarBrain now. What do you have to lose? Get an offer for your vehicle now!

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