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Retiring your current vehicle to move onto another one can be a process that comes with a lot of different emotions. If you were in an accident and your car was totaled, you may be sad about the unexpected loss of a car you liked or stressed about the costs of getting a new car. If you’ve driven your car until it wouldn’t drive anymore, you may have bittersweet feelings of excitement about upgrading even though you’ll miss your old car.

No matter your situation, you should never have to feel stress about figuring out what to do with your current vehicle, regardless of its condition.

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How To Sell Your Unwanted Car

One of the biggest concerns drivers have when upgrading their vehicle is how to get rid of the old one. In most instances, switching cars just involves a trade in with your local dealership or selling your car privately.

However, for cars that have been damaged or that are a little worse for wear due to age, trading in or selling privately may not be the best financial decision. The trade in value of cars in the best condition tends to be lower than market value, so you can only imagine how much less you’re getting when your car can’t be resold by the dealership.

While selling your car privately allows you to set your own price and do your own negotiating for your car’s market value, you’re likely to find the process costlier than you might expect. For example, if your car is still in working order but needs minor cosmetic repairs to sell at its best price, you’ll be stuck with those fees up front.

Additionally, you’ll need to do the legwork of making and managing your listing, negotiating with buyers, and scheduling test drives. It will also be up to you to negotiate who pays the fees for title transfer and towing. Finding a buyer and navigating this process may take weeks even in ideal circumstances.

The last option you have to pursue is to find a local scrap yard to sell your car to. Recycling your car with a reputable junkyard in your area is a fantastic option, and the most environmentally responsible one you can make if your vehicle is no longer in working order.

However, if you’re looking for quotes yourself, be mindful of potential scams from disreputable scrap car buyers. Some unsavory business practices include “no-value” quotes, failure to transfer your title, and inspection fees.

Selling Your Car Online With CarBrain

If you’re looking to get rid of your vehicle, you’re probably looking to do so quickly. You’ll also need to make as much as possible from the sale of your vehicle if you’re looking forward to the costs associated with getting into your new car.

Your best option is to sell your car online with a reputable service like CarBrain.com!

Traditionally, most of us have bought and sold our cars in person. If this is the case for you, selling your car online may sound unusual.

In reality, online transactions are taking over the auto industry and can be the fastest and safest way to get your car sold.

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What Makes CarBrain Better?

What CarBrain does for you is all of the work of finding the best price for your car with a reputable purchaser. We specialize in less than perfect vehicles. What this means for you is we’re better equipped than anyone to accurately assess your car’s value, regardless of any damage it may have.

CarBrain also screens potential buyers for you, ensuring your sale is completely safe and legal.

Regardless of how you sell your car, you’ll need your title. If you’re unsure of where your title is, don’t worry! As long as you’re the legal owner of your car, you should have no trouble getting a copy.

You’ll need to contact your DMV for specifics as the requirements vary state to state, but generally you’ll need your license, your car’s VIN and plate numbers, your registration, and your title number.

The title number is eight digits long and can be found on the registration. Titles are usually received within a week or two of being requested.

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To sell your car with CarBrain, just upload photographs of your car and its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Your VIN is a 17 digit number unique to your vehicle. You can find it by looking through your car’s windshield on the driver’s side.

Your quote will be ready in just 90 seconds! Our quotes are guaranteed for seven days, meaning the amount we offer is the amount you’ll get and you’ll have all the time you’ll need to consider your decision. We guarantee your quote will be the best price in your region.

Once you’ve accepted your quote, all you’ll need to do is schedule your pickup! Towing and title transfer are always on us, and we work with your schedule. We can usually schedule your free pickup within 24-48 hours.

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