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The process of upgrading into a new vehicle is an exciting one, and it all starts with making a decision about what to do with your current car. For many drivers, their first instinct may be to just trade in their car through their local dealership to put the money toward their new vehicle. Others may opt to find a private buyer and use the proceeds from the sale toward their upgrade.

While these traditional methods are still perfectly viable, they probably aren’t going to get you the best value for your car. When dealerships accept trade-ins, they can choose to fix them up to resell on their own used model lot, or they can sell them at auction.

In other words, trade-ins aren’t worth very much to dealerships. Even for relatively new cars in great condition, trade-in values through dealerships are pretty much always lower than the fair market value for the vehicle. Many people are aware of this but choose to trade in for the sake of convenience. However, with the ability to sell your car online, making more money now requires less effort than ever.

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Step 1: Getting Ready to Sell

If your goal is to sell your car fast, you’ll want to prepare ahead of time so that the sale can take place without delay once you’ve accepted an offer. A good place to start in this process is to get an idea of the value of your car.

How you go about this will depend on your car’s current condition. For cars in good working order, you can use sites like Kelley Blue Book to get an estimate of your car’s market value and trade-in value.

However, if your car is totaled or would be better off sold to a scrapyard than to a driver in need of a running car, you shouldn’t use KBB. Instead, look at auction and scrap car websites to find what cars of your make and model with similar levels of damage are selling for. It’s helpful if possible to find sale prices in your region, as local salvage prices for vehicles vary.

Your next step is to clean out your car and take some pictures of it. Remove any personal effects, and if possible, do a quick tidying up to make sure your photos will look appealing to potential buyers. Take clear pictures of your car on a sunny day from a variety of angles. If your car has any damage, you should take pictures of that too. This will help potential buyers make accurate offers.

Your photo session is also a good time to write down your car’s Vehicle Identification Number. If you look through the driver’s side of your windshield, you’ll find a 17 digit code unique to your car that will be necessary to get you quotes and fill out documentation to transfer your car’s ownership when you sell.

If required, remove your license plates as well and contact your local DMV to see if they need to be returned to cancel the registration on your car. The exact policy for what to do with plates will vary state by state, so make sure you follow your state’s regulations.

The last bit of preparation you’ll need to do is making sure you have your title available. Properly transferring your title will protect you from legal and financial liability for your car once it’s no longer in your possession.

If you can’t find your title, don’t worry. You can obtain a copy by applying for one through your local DMV. Though regional requirements may vary, the general things you’ll need to apply are:

  • A copy of your license or license number

  • A copy of your registration

  • The car’s VIN

  • The car’s plate number

  • The car’s title number (eight digits long, can be found on your registration)

Titles are usually received within seven to ten days of being requested, so this shouldn’t present a major delay in making your sale.

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Step 2: Getting Your Quote

Now comes the easy part! Rather than call around for quotes or wait for replies to your listing online, why not try CarBrain.com? At CarBrain, all we need is some photos of your car and it’s VIN to get you a quote in just 90 seconds. Our quotes are locked in for seven days, so the amount we offer is the amount you’ll get (and you have time to prep if needed!)

CarBrain only works with reputable buyers in your area, so you can rest easy knowing your sale is safe and that you’ll be getting the best value for your car. If you’ve got any questions, our buyers can be reached via email, telephone, text, or our on-site messaging system.

Step 3: Making the Sale!

Once you’ve accepted your quote, all you’ll need to do is schedule your free pickup. Towing is always on us, and our professional drivers will arrive on time with payment in hand. All you’ll need to do is enter a pickup time that works for you. We can usually schedule pickup within 24-48 hours!

Once the driver arrives, you’ll sign over your title and give the driver your keys. Then, you’ll receive your payment and the driver will take your car away. Easy as that! In as little as a day you can have your car sold, so get your CarBrain quote today!


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