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Causes for Honda Engine Failures

No matter how low-maintenance Honda vehicles are often known to be, your opinion changes when you’re staring at the repair bill for a replacement engine. Make no mistake, it’s just as expensive to replace the engine on a Honda as any other make, and perhaps even more so. Which makes the option of selling a car with a blown engine a great alternative to repair when it happens.

Like many mechanical problems, major repairs often come down to lack of maintenance. Honda vehicles from the little Fit to the Odyssey minivan really like clean engine oil. Putting off an oil and filter change beyond the service interval for a few miles is not a big deal. But double the miles on your interval? You’re asking to be hit with a big repair bill.Honda Engine Problems

Oil starvation results when sludge builds up in a Honda engine. Replacement becomes necessary when the engine seizes, or bearings overheat from lack of lubrication.

There are a few circumstances where Honda engines have shown a weakness and a higher rate of failure. Once Honda notices the problem, they fix it for the next round of manufacturing, but not before the complaints start dominating conversation online and between friends.

Honda Civic Engine Problems

In 2006, the Civic developed a bad name for Honda VTEC engine problems, and it was no laughing matter. Hundreds of complaints rolled in regarding a cracked engine block. At a massive cost of up to $7000, Civic owners were blowing their tops.

It’s unlike an internal failure where parts can be changed and the engine block reused. When the complete engine must be replaced to repair the concern, there’s no way to shave the cost down to something manageable. Junkyards became inundated with Honda owners discarding their cars because of a blown engine.

More recently, the 2016 Civic with Honda 1.5 liter turbo engine problems has been on the radar. While it’s not a full-blown engine failure, turbo issues can create low power and stalling for this otherwise awesome car.

Honda CR-V Engine ProblemsHonda CR-V Engine Problems

From its inception until 2009, the CR-V has been an incredibly reliable compact SUV. And then, around 2010, the issue of excessive oil consumption reared its ugly head in the Honda stable. Car owners complained that their engine burned up to and beyond 1 quart of oil per 1,000 miles. Honda was often slow to participate in the repairs, and you can imagine the angst that caused. To fix the problem, piston rings had to be replaced and in some cases the complete engine was changed out.

Honda CR V 1.5 turbo engine problems and diagnosis are an ongoing topic of discussion. These engines have been known to fail early on, usually due to a larger situation: Honda Earth Dreams engine problems.

Honda Earth Dreams Engine Issues

The 2015 to 2018 Honda CR-V models all have Earth Dreams engines, as do 2016 to 2018 Civics. What sets them apart is direct injection. What’s been a plague on this series of engines is the fuel injection system where gas finds its way into the crankcase. It thins the oil and causes lubrication issues, promoting excessive wear inside the engine.

Most Honda 1.5 turbo engine problems are related to this issue, as are Honda 2.4 engine problems. Not only are the repairs expensive, but Honda is having trouble getting a grasp on the best way to fix it permanently. It looks like there could be a wave of engine replacements in this generation of CR-V as well…

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Honda Accord Engine Problems

In large part, the Honda Accord has been the best midsize car in North America and one of the bestselling too. But that doesn’t happen without problems along the way. For several years, especially 2008 to 2010, the Honda Accord had hundreds of reports annually about excessive oil consumption on both the 4-cylinder and V6 engines.

Honda 1.5 Turbo Engine Problems

It’s the same story as the others – piston rings need to be changed or, in worst-case scenarios, the whole engine is swapped out for a new one. Unfortunately, many of the complaints came (and continue to come) after the warranty has expired and the owner is on the hook for the costs. A new engine is around $6000-7000 reportedly. So when considering if you can trade in a blown engine car or not, you can just think about if a dealer would want to spend that much money on a new engine.

Honda Ridgeline Engine Problems

You’d think Honda V6 engine problems would continue into the Ridgeline too, but reports certainly aren’t the same. In fact, the highest rate of complaints came for the 2006 model year – that’s the first production year, and exactly where you’d expect to see issues.

One cylinder, usually the #4 cylinder, loses compression and starts burning oil. Sometimes you can just change the piston rings and seals and you’re back to the races, other times it requires a complete engine. $4,000-6,000 usually does the trick.

You’ll get the same reports about Honda Pilot engine problems, and in the same years. The powertrains are very similar if not identical.

Sell Your Honda with a Blown Engine

Honda Small Engines Too!

Concerns aren’t limited to Honda automobiles. Honda small engines have displayed problems too, like Honda GX25 engine problems. This is a small single-cylinder, 1hp 4-stroke engine used for a whole bunch of applications. From pumps and tillers to weedwhackers, it’s a versatile little thing.

It’s been known to have carburetion problems, often preventable by draining old gas. While it’s annoying, it’s a minor repair compared to any of the automotive Honda engines.

If you are interested in knowing more about engines or engine problems with specific makes and models, we've created an in-depth engine guide for blown engines, engine problem signs & symptoms, so check that out here.

Sell Your Honda with a Blown Engine

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