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Hyundai Elantra Problems That Keep Showing Up

Are you driving a Hyundai Elantra? Don’t be surprised if you start experiencing engine problems one day. Thousands of Elantra drivers have reported difficulties with their engines over the years. 

However, that’s not the only problem Elantras are prone to developing. You might have steering difficulties, electrical difficulties, brake problems and more. The sections below go over common Hyundai Elantra problems and what you can do about them. In many cases, the right solution may be to sell your car to CarBrain.

2012 Hyundai Elantra Problems

Hyundai 2.4 Engine ProblemsThe 2012 Hyundai Elantra has problems related to the engine, electricity and brakes.

One recurring problem with the 2012  engine is a ticking noise. Unfortunately, while the sound is little more than a minor inconvenience, it indicates the beginning of total engine failure in many cases. It can cost $4,500 or more to replace the engine, which may be required.

Average failure kicks in at around 69,000 miles. Given that engines are typically expected to last at least 150,000 miles or more, engine failure can be a real unwelcome surprise to Elantra drivers.

The 2012 model also has some electrical problems, namely with the electronic stability control feature as well as starting the engine. Drivers report a stability control warning light coming on while they’re driving, followed by the vehicle powering down. This can pose a major accident risk on the road.

In other cases, drivers report being unable to turn the vehicle on. Replacing the starter may fix the problem, which can cost $500 or more between parts and labor.

2013 Hyundai Elantra Problems

The 2013 Hyundai Elantra’s problems are long. From engine problems to brake problems, the 2013 model seems like a lemon through and through.

Unfortunately, the engine ticking noise reappears in the 2013 model of the Elantra. Seeing as the problem is still not resolved, that means 2013 Elantra drivers can once again expect to replace their engines prematurely and shell out thousands of dollars to do so.

Another difficulty with the 2013 Elantra is premature tire wear. Some drivers report that uneven axles are leading to uneven tire wear on the back tires. In some cases, Elantra drivers are forced to replace their tires every 15,000 miles.

Unfortunately, Hyundai appears unwilling to take responsibility for the problem, leaving drivers on the hook for the several hundreds of dollars it costs to replace the tires so frequently.

Finally, the 2013 Hyundai Elantra’s brakes have generated numerous complaints as well. Many drivers have had to replace the rotors and brake pads. This is apparently a manufacturing problem, with brakes beginning to rust soon after production. This can cost between $400 and $800, and may need to be repeated multiple times throughout the lifespan of the car.

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2016 Hyundai Elantra Problems

Hyundai Elantra Engine ProblemsThe 2016 Hyundai Elantra seems to have ironed out some of the problems that previous iterations had. However, it had some faults of its own with the airbags, and Hyundai had not yet ironed out the engine ticking problem by 2016.

Engine ticking and knocking sounds in the 2016 model are a bad sign. In most cases, drivers were told their engines were failing and needed to be replaced, a $4,500 expense. Drivers reported this failure taking place anywhere between 50,000 and 85,000 miles.

Another problem with the 2016 model is the airbag system. Numerous reports indicate that the airbag warning light comes on. Often, this is a problem with the dashboard and not the actual airbag itself.

However, there have also been numerous reports of drivers getting into car crashes and airbags failing to deploy. This can be a major safety risk, leading to serious injury during a crash.

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