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The Great V8

First conceptualized in 1902, the V8 engine has a long history of propelling powerful planes, boats, and automobiles. The idea of an 8-cylinder engine was way ahead of its time as a product that would be used for “hot rod” cars. Eventually, Henry Ford managed to mass produce his single block V8 engine for the masses. One of his last engineering feats.

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Jaguar AJ-V8 Engine, Rich In Design

The compact V8 piston engine is inside several Jaguar vehicles as there are many different variants of this engine, which was first introduced in 1997. Jaguar has a contract with Ford to the extent that Ford manufactures the engines for Jaguar in a dedicated plant. The Jaguars driving around on the road out there today have a Ford built engine sitting under the hood.

On some of the designs of this engine, there can be an issue which develops with the engine oil pan gasket. On average, on a Jaguar with 80,000+ miles the pan will start to leak. The leaking oil can build up in the exhaust system which will cause a burning smell to occur. The average cost to replace the engine oil pan gasket ranges from $900 to $1200.

Jaguar AJ16 Engine

Many types of this engine exist, so we will just put all types under the umbrella term AJ6, which stands for Advanced Jaguar 6-cylinder. Mostly used for Jaguar cars in the 80s and 90s, the AJ6 has discontinued the release of the AJ-V8 in 1996.

A faulty distributor is a possible problem that can arise with the AJ6 engine. A flawed distributor in an engine will cause the engine to either not start or to stall a vehicle that is already running. A common cause is a problem with the distributor cap itself. When checking the cap, you want to make sure that the surfaces on both the inside and outside are clean. You will also want to check the rotor which should be in as flawless a condition as possible. The cost to replace a distributor cap can average from $150 to over $200. One of the smaller items to repair on a car, it is usually worth it.

Jaguars have always been a car that has had a certain level of prestige surrounding them. No doubt due to its history of sleek design and the company being able to push hot-rods and luxury cars’ boundaries from time to time.

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So what to do if you have an issue with an engine?

You can always try and dish out the money to cover the costs to repair the engine but that may not always be the best choice. You can also try to find the right price with a private buyer but that could take a while to get a good deal. CarBrain was founded on the idea of getting together a network of junk car buyers and giving customers the best deals possible from local car buyers.

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