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If you’re in need of cash fast, one of the best places to look may just be your driveway. Whether your car has broken down and that payment is bound straight for a down payment on the next vehicle, or you just need to get liquid fast, selling your car online is a great way to make cash quickly.

If you’re used to selling your car using traditional methods or simply trading it in, you may be skeptical. Especially for cars in poor condition, the old ways of selling a car can be costly and time consuming. Making and maintaining a listing, scheduling test drives, paying for towing and title transfer — it can all be a bit much. That’s why you should sell your car online!

Selling Online - What to Know

Selling cars online is safe and easy, but to many drivers, it's just an unfamiliar process. The auto industry was slower than most others to go digital. Many consumers lacked the interest or opportunity until recent years to shift their auto transactions online.

What many drivers are finding as they turn to their browsers to buy and sell cars is that these online transactions, like in most other markets, are faster, easier, and provide better deals. Online tools streamline what can be a tedious process as well as expand the pool of buyers and sellers available to you.

There’s a variety of online services available, so you may be wondering which to choose to sell your car. Many sites will host a listing, but have no involvement in the sale process or assistance available for facilitating towing or title transfer. Between the two, you could be looking at spending a couple hundred bucks just to get your car sold. If cash is tight, that money can make a huge difference.

Other sites, like CarBrain, take care of the whole process for you. Given how costly towing can be and how long it may take to find a private buyer yourself, that’s a big relief!


Our expert evaluators can help you get an accurate estimate for your car's value, FAST!

How CarBrain Works

Selling a car with CarBrain couldn’t be easier. What CarBrain does is connect sellers like you with reputable local buyers, and facilitate your sale. This saves you a lot of trouble, but did you know it’s also a smart safety decision?

Unfortunately, selling a car yourself can introduce some risks, especially if your car isn’t in great shape. Some buyers know all too well that most people selling their cars are looking to do so fast, and that most drivers aren’t exactly experts on the value of used cars.

Some disreputable junkyards have been known to employ a number of scams to deceive their customers, such as buying without a title or offering a check in the mail that never comes. CarBrain only works with trustworthy salvage buyers in your area, ensuring your sale is safe from scams.

By comparing offers from a variety of buyers in your area, CarBrain is able to get you the best local price every time. Plus, you save the hassle of calling around town for quotes. Because we specialize in less-than-perfect vehicles, we know better than anyone how much your car is really worth — and we believe that’s what you should be paid!

How To Use CarBrain To Sell Your Car

Getting a quote is easy and requires minimal preparation from you. First, make sure you have your title ready. If it’s missing and you need to order a copy, doing so is easy through your local DMV. That said, it may take a week or two to get sent to you. Selling with us is fast, so having your title ready to go is a good idea.

Next, take some pictures of your car. Try to include a number of angles, and choose a sunny day for your photo shoot. While you’re at it, write down your VIN. Also known as your Vehicle Identification Number, this 17 digit code is unique to your car and will help us get an accurate quote.

With your title and pictures ready, you’re all set to sell! Upload your pictures and VIN to the CarBrain website and you’ll get a free, guaranteed quote in just 90 seconds! Your quote is good for seven days, and towing and title transfer are always included.

Once you accept your quote, schedule your free pickup. One of our skilled tow drivers can come to you within 24-48 hours, and always on your schedule. When the driver arrives, you’ll sign over your title and keys and accept your cash. Sell your car in just a day with CarBrain!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get fast cash for selling my car?

A service like CarBrain may be what you're looking for. CarBrain can provide a quote in 90 seconds with free towing in 24-48 hours after you accept the offer. You'll get paid on the spot for selling your vehicle, and there are no hidden fees to worry about!

Who pays the most for cars online?

There's no one size fits all answer to who pays the most — different companies will value your vehicle differently depending on a number of factors that matter to them.

At CarBrain, we specialize in less-than-perfect cars — that means older used cars, high mileage cars, non running cars, accident damaged cars and more. If you have a car with problems, we can make a fair market offer for it in 90 seconds with a seven-day guarantee and free towing in under 24-48 hours after you accept our offer.

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