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At CarBrain, we buy cars for cash. If you want to sell your car fast as it is right now, we offer fair prices. We aren’t the only option, though, so check out these other people who buy cars.

Cash for Clunkers Near Me

Cash for Clunkers will pay between $1,000 and $1,500 for your car to take it off the road. The Cash for Clunkers program was initiated with the intention of removing vehicles that pollute the environment beyond what they should. To be eligible for the program, your car has to fail its smog test, have most of its parts still attached, and it has to run and drive.

Trying to find the Cash for Clunkers program you used in 2008? If you’re in California, you’ll find it pretty easily. Everywhere else in the country, you’re out of luck. The federal program no longer exists. Now it’s just a state-run program in California, so odds are that you can’t take advantage of the easy cash-in.

Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me

Junk yards and scrap yards buy junk cars in all shapes and sizes, makes and models. Junkyards are one of the fastest options for where to sell my car for cash. The good thing is that they don’t discriminate between different types of vehicles. The bad thing is also that they care what kind of vehicle it is.

Regardless of the vehicle you drive, junkyards buy junk cars based on their scrap metal value. It’s solely assessed on the car’s weight. A Cadillac with all the options or a Cavalier with none of the frills – they both get paid out per pound based on what the scale says.

Auto recyclers also buy junk cars because they sell junk car parts to recoup the cost, plus profit. Like junkyards, you’re not going to get much money for your vehicle, but at least recyclers take your make and model into consideration and pay better for cars that are in high demand.

Sell My Car Fast for Cash

The fast and easy way to get cash for my car is CarBrain. The process is so simple and takes almost no time at all. You can do it all from your La-Z-Boy chair at home, or while you play Candy Crush at the office while you should be working.


Our expert evaluators can help you get an accurate estimate for your car's value, FAST!

Why Choose CarBrain?

You’re probably thinking, “Everyone says their way is the best way. How is CarBrain any different?”

But unlike others who buy junk cars, CarBrain is all about you, the customer who wants to sell their car.

Fair Prices

CarBrain’s network of buyers is the key to top prices. The offer you receive is based on what our buyers want to pay. We shop your vehicle to out network, collecting offers from anyone who wants your vehicle. Then, we present you with the top offer that’s come in.

No-Obligation Offers

When you receive an offer from CarBrain, there’s no commitment. If the offer isn’t high enough for you to accept it, you aren’t locked in. We’re confident you’ll like the offer you receive though, and it’s so easy to accept it.

Fast Payment

You won’t have to check the mailbox for weeks after accepting an offer, waiting for a check. Within just a few days, you’ll be paid the full amount that you agreed to. We don’t try to renegotiate the offer, nor will we take your car before you’ve been paid. Usually, you’ll have your money within 24-48 hours.

No Fees

There’s no subscription necessary for CarBrain and you don’t have to pay any one-time fees either. As a customer, there’s absolutely no charge to use CarBrain. We buy cars for cash – we don’t look for the quick buck by charging our customers fees.

No-Charge Vehicle Pick-up

A junkyard makes you pay the tow. CarBrain doesn’t. When we come to pick up your vehicle, there’s no charge to haul it away. CarBrain takes care of any towing charges and transportation fees.

CarBrain really is an easy way to sell a car in any condition. Don’t believe it yet? Request a no-obligation offer to find out how much you’d get for your vehicle.

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