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You’re ready to sell your less-than-perfect car and you know that in-person options can be a hassle. So, you want to go online. Fortunately, this is totally possible and can yield a greater profit than the traditional selling route.

Selling a vehicle online is so much easier than in-person. It requires less effort, less time and, most importantly, less money. Moreover, more potential buyers will see your car when it is online than when it is sitting on your lawn. As a result, you’ll get it off your hands in no time if you sell on the internet.

Below you will find information on how you can successfully sell your car online whether it is used, damaged, or totaled.

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Who Will Buy A Damaged Car?

Traditionally, cars have been sold in person. The dealership used to be the primary place that you could buy from or sell a car back to. Likewise, car sellers would put a for sale sign on their vehicles and display it on their front lawns. Neighbors would walk or drive by and some would express interest and eventually purchase it.

In the digital age, however, everything can be done online, including a car sale. Although online selling is relatively new compared to in-person sales, it is efficient and safe. While some buyers and sellers are dishonest, most are reliable and willing to pay your asking price.

Thus, it is completely possible to find a buyer for your car online even if it is damaged.

Where To Sell Your Car

Numerous websites exist to facilitate car selling. You can either choose to sell through an online dealership or digital marketplace.

These sites are great for selling used cars as they can appraise your vehicle and provide a reliable and professional space to sell on. However, using these platforms can be pricey even if they advertise your car in front of the right potential buyers.

Moreover, online dealerships typically do not accept damaged or salvage cars. They specialized in used but still valuable vehicles. As a result, you might not even be able to sell your car on their platform.

Alternatively, you can sell through digital marketplaces like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist. There is more risk associated with these marketplaces since you do not know the buyer. However, many people frequent these sites looking for inexpensive vehicles, even ones that are damaged.

How To Sell A Car Online

There are multiple steps to take to sell a car online. The most important thing you need is a current picture of your vehicle. Posting multiple photos is even better. This way, a buyer will know exactly what they are purchasing and will not need to schedule a meetup to evaluate the car in person. This will save you time.

Additionally, you will need to provide written details about the car in your listing including:

  • The VIN.

  • Current damage.

  • Completed repairs.

  • How the damage occurred.

  • Make, model, and year.

  • The number of miles.

  • Reoccurring issues.

Including as much information as possible will make you seem like a trustworthy seller, especially if your car is damaged or totaled. A car is a large, intricate machine, so the more upfront you are about it, the better of a seller you will appear and the more likely a buyer will purchase the car.

Although not required, providing the car’s history report can also be helpful. This will further increase the buyer’s trust in you as well as back up the price you are asking for.

You will also need to choose an appropriate platform to sell your car on. This can either be a digital marketplace or an online dealership. If you choose a marketplace you will need to determine how you will advertise. Without some marketing efforts, your car might get lost in the other thousands of listings.

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CarBrain.com Is The Best Place To Sell Your Damaged Car

By now you know that the internet is the best place to sell your damaged car. However, it can take effort and resources that you might not possess. Fortunately, CarBrain.com provides a way for you to sell your car online without putting in much work at all.

Unlike other online buyers, we don’t need to evaluate your car in person, which means you don’t even need to schedule an appointment with us. That’s because we have a unique and proprietary valuation system specifically designed for less-than-perfect vehicles.

All you have to do is fill out our online form with information about your vehicle. Including the VIN and current photos will make your quote more accurate.

This process takes less than 2 minutes. We will generate your quote and all you have to do is press accept. This offer is guaranteed and you will receive the exact amount you were quoted.

Then, we will have a driver come within 24 to 48 hours and give you your check on the spot. Towing is completely free.

All you have to do is hand over your keys and car title. That’s it. You barely have to leave your couch to sell your car with CarBrain.

We offer a fast and easy way to sell your car free of charge. If you have any questions, someone from our dedicated customer service team can help you. Try selling your car with CarBrain.com today!


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