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Frantically jumping about the South Carolina area looking for a local yard to pay cash for your vehicle? Well, the search ends here. Our online car buying service will help you dispose of your less-than-perfect car rapidly. Our service is fully FREE and the towing typically happens in 24 to 48 business hours. We are quick. We work methodically. Because we value our customers' time.

From the fair market appraisal to pick-up, our process is ultra-fast. CarBrain is a reliable company in a difficult marketplace. We dependably recycle used and damaged vehicles and provide fast payment.

Steps For Scrapping Your Vehicle With CarBrain


Tell Us About Your Car

It's easy to get a quote with CarBrain in South Carolina. Begin by filling out our instant offer form. It takes no more than 2 minutes to wrap up. Then we'll give you a guaranteed offer!


Accept Your Estimate

Once you say yes to our estimate, we can help you with planning towing for your vehicle in South Carolina. Make certain you have the keys to your car and certified copy of the title handy!


Now You Can Get Paid Cash!

Then, wait for the tow truck driver to arrive. We offer FREE towing in 24 to 48 business hours for all our quotes in South Carolina. You'll get paid right then and there!

The Benefits Of Getting Cash For A Vehicle With CarBrain.com

CarBrain is a reliable buyer of used and scrap cars across the nation. With thousands of excellent reviews and first-class customer care, we've made a name for ourselves thanks to our extremely quick towing and trustworthy service.

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Testimonials in South Carolina

Some testimonials South Carolina

"Best offer, great follow up!"

★★★★★ Verified    STEVEN WILLIAMS    South Carolina     Date: 18-01-2024

"Quick and easy"

★★★★★ Verified    Clifford Fan    South Carolina     Date: 17-01-2024

"Very fast and didn't get lost"

★★★★★ Verified    Cheryl    South Carolina     Date: 17-01-2024

Receive An Offer For Your Vehicle With Issues In South Carolina

You can find out your vehicle's fair cash value in just a couple of seconds with our straightforward form! We always come to you to haul away your car for FREE wherever you are in South Carolina.

Can I Trade In A Vehicle To CarBrain If It Has Engine Problems?

With CarBrain, getting rid of a vehicle for top dollar in South Carolina is swift and straightforward. With a few clicks of your mouse, you are able to get a fair market price for your less-than-perfect car! We pay for cars with these issues:

  • Less-than-new cars
  • Broken cars
  • Wrecked vehicles
  • Cars with high mileage
  • Cars with electrical problems
  • Cars with bad engines
  • Total loss vehicles

How Do I Sell a Junk Car in SC?

There are a few things to think about in South Carolina when selling a junk car. For its parts or scrap metal value, your car might be purchased by nearby scrapyards, salvage yards, or private buyers. But for a more practical—and possibly more profitable—solution, CarBrain, a reliable national car-buying service, provides a simple procedure. You can enter information about your junk car and get an instant quote by using the CarBrain online platform. CarBrain is renowned for its aggressive offers and offers free pickup without the need for towing, guaranteeing a simple and quick process for selling your junk car in the lovely state of South Carolina. Select CarBrain for a cutting-edge, profitable experience that combines the state's allure with modern effectivenes.

Here Are Some Cars We've Purchased In South Carolina Recently

Recent Junk Car Prices Purchased in South Carolina [Updated February 2024]

VehicleZip CodeOffer PriceOffer Date
Toyota Avalon 199929303$30001-30-2024
Lexus ES 300 200129918$33501-30-2024
Jeep Wrangler 201329072$3,88001-30-2024
Chevrolet Blazer 199929718$30001-29-2024
Ford Escape 201329414$1,70001-29-2024
Chevrolet Blazer 200029210$30001-26-2024
Infiniti QX60 201429803$1,70501-26-2024
BMW 1-Series 201029407$1,00001-26-2024
Lexus RX 300 200129036$25501-23-2024
Jeep Grand Cherokee 200629501$28501-23-2024
Honda Odyssey 201229501$1,47501-22-2024
Jeep Patriot 200829501$50001-19-2024
Nissan Rogue 201229135$74501-18-2024
Honda CR-V 201129566$1,94501-16-2024
Mercury Sable 199729501$10501-16-2024
Honda Civic 200429388$20001-16-2024
Nissan Versa Note 201429720$73001-15-2024
BMW 5-Series 200529715$20001-12-2024
Dodge Challenger 201029044$1,20001-12-2024
Dodge Challenger 201029036$1,90001-12-2024

Steps For Disposing Of Your Car With CarBrain.com

The process of selling your used or totaled car starts with one easy step. The entire process takes less than 90 seconds. You will receive a lightning-fast appraisal that is customized to your vehicle. Our evaluation tool takes into account far more than just the year, make, and model. It also takes into consideration body damage, mileage history, and any other such issues that the car might have.

After agreeing to our offer, planning a date for removal at a convenient time is the next step. Typically, we give our drivers 24 to 48 business hours to tow the vehicle. We can also schedule the pick-up at a time that is most practical for you. This will all be worked out over call or text, so that we can remove your car and get you paid quickly.

What's The Market Value Of A Totaled Vehicle In South Carolina?

The value of a total loss car depends on a variety of elements. The most basic ones are year, make and model. But even the physical condition of the car, the car's present location, and its ability to start or drive can influence its actual market value. This is because different buyers will have different uses for the vehicle so they will give it a distinct market value.

CarBrain.com is a reliable buyer of used and damaged vehicles because we have first-class customer assistance, as well as a unique and careful appraisal process. We take many factors into consideration to make sure that each one of our offers is accurate and fair.

What About The South Carolina Vehicle Title?

Getting money for your car in South Carolina is effortless. All you need is a correctly-signed title under the registered car owner's name. Then take out any personal stuff in the car. Subsequently, simply hand over the keys to your car and title, and get paid cash! Check this page for details on how to transfer a title in South Carolina.

How to Fill Out a Title When Selling a Car in South Carolina?

When selling a car in South Carolina, complete your information on the front of the title, including your name, address, and the odometer reading. Fill in the buyer's details, providing accurate information about the vehicle, including make, model, year, VIN, and odometer reading. Record the agreed-upon sales price and have both parties sign the odometer disclosure section. Check if notarization is required for the seller's signature. If available, complete the release of liability section on the title. Consider providing a bill of sale for extra documentation. Ensure all details are accurate to avoid complications. Retain a copy for your records, and if it's a CarBrain transaction, inform them about the sale.

What To Do If You Don't Have Your Title

Did you lose your vehicle's title? Our customer service representatives can help you through the process of obtaining another certified copy of your title in South Carolina. Begin by visiting the South Carolina DMV page. Next, pay a fee and receive your verified copy of the title. When it arrives, send a high resolution picture of your title to CarBrain!

How to Get a Title for a Car Without a Title Near South Carolina?

To get a car title without the original near South Carolina:

Visit SCDMV:

Head to the nearest South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) office in locations like Charleston, Columbia, or Greenville.

Provide Details:

Share car details and explain your situation. Be ready with the vehicle's make, model, VIN, and any relevant documents.

Complete Forms:

Fill out required forms for a duplicate title, providing accurate information.

VIN Inspection:

Some states may require a VIN inspection. Check if this step is necessary.

Pay Fees:

Expect to pay fees for the duplicate title. Inquire about costs during your visit.

Wait for Processing:

After submission, wait for the processing time. The duplicate title will be mailed to you.

For CarBrain transactions, keep them informed about the process and any potential delays.

Here Are Some Cities We Purchase Vehicles In

Our Helpful FAQs

Does CarBrain Charge Me For Towing My Car?

No — CarBrain.com provides FREE removal and title transfer. We will always aim to provide the best absolute customer service experience and aid you in whatever way we can. CarBrain does not cover storage fees you are accumulating.

However, please let us know ASAP if your vehicle is getting charged for its location, and we will attempt to pick it up as quickly as possible. Although we cannot guarantee a 24-hour pickup, we will try our absolute best to try and accommodate your situation.

How Do I Quickly Generate An Offer On My Vehicle In South Carolina?

To generate an online appraisal, fill out our online form. It takes no more than 2 minutes and it's kind of fun!

We want to give you the best offer we can, but we need your help. Do your best to answer each question accurately. It will make pay-off and towing very smooth.

Include pictures of the car and its vehicle identification number for the most accurate offer possible. In most cases, it takes no more than 2 minutes to get a bid but in a few, rare cases, it may take us up to an hour to get back to you with an accurate quote.

Remember: CarBrain offers are valid for 7 days. After that, we can still buy the car, but we'll have to make a new quote to do so.

When Did CarBrain.com Open For Business?

Operating out of South Florida, we've been in the business for over 13 years. We will come to you wherever you may be. At our company you can get super-fast pickup plus fair and guaranteed quotes for your less-than-perfect cars.

With no hidden fees or last-minute negotiations, we're the easy, safe and reliable way to get paid for your vehicle lightning-fast. CarBrain has excellent reviews all over the internet because we are a trusted and respected company.

Pick-up is always FREE. Transfer of ownership is on us. Do not worry about anything — with CarBrain, you are in good hands.

What Is The Most Convenient Way To Get Paid Cash For A Junk Vehicle In South Carolina?

The easiest way to junk a broken car in South Carolina is to use CarBrain.com! Your cash quote will be ready in no more than 2 minutes. We always come to you in 24 to 48 business hours and the single thing you need to do is show up to collect your payment.

That's how ultra-fast and simple it is to junk your wrecked car with CarBrain.

What's My Scrap Vehicle's Going Rate In South Carolina?

Getting money for your scrap vehicle can be surprisingly profitable. Even when your vehicle cannot run, it still has value. For instance, there are various sums of metals that knowledgeable car appraisers can dependably recycle and extract from the car, including aluminum, steel, platinum and more to recycle and reuse.

How much cash you can get for your vehicle depends on a few factors. One is its size — larger cars, trucks and vans have more metal than smaller cars. Another relevant factor is where it's currently located — different steel mills rely on local market demand to determine the value of metals found in recycled car parts.

Your car in South Carolina is worth different prices across the country. The smoothest way to learn your vehicle's value is to get an estimate from CarBrain.com.