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Your car must be from Tennessee, because that's the only ten we see! That’s right, CarBrain is here and we’re ready to buy your car! We know selling a car in The Volunteer State isn't always fun. Why would anyone want to spend their valuable time answering calls and texts from strangers, meeting with them, and then spending hours negotiating over a fair price?

If you're selling a less-than-perfect-car it can take a while before it converts into cash. That means your vehicle could depreciate and you're going to potentially waste time, or even miss out on a great offer. CarBrain has developed a quick and easy way to sell your car online and get some cash in your pocket. Through our interactive price engine, we can make an offer on most make and models in just 90 seconds! See for yourself - simply click here to get started today!

Did You Know?

CarBrain has over 30 years of experience in the car business. We have used our knowledge to develop a cutting-edge pricing system that's prepared to make an offer on most makes and models in just 90 seconds! With tow partners all across Tennessee, we can pick up your car near Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, and most other areas of the state. We will deliver the payment when we tow your car for FREE, just 24 to 48 hours from when we settle on a price. Our process is quick and easy! Get started today - just click here.

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Places That Buy Cars in Tennessee

Selling a car in Tennessee is tougher than expected. Getting the right price for your car will always be the biggest issue. Buyers will come at you from all different angles, all with the same goal. They want to take the car off your hands and pay you the least possible amount.

Posting your car on the local classifieds means you'll be contacted by strangers all hours of the day. You’ll find yourself answering calls and texts to answer every little common question. You have to meet with these strangers and show them the car. That’s all before the haggling games they're going to play. “I have someone else selling me the same car for $1000 less” - they’ll say anything to you, just to get you to drop your price. Don't fall for these negotiation tactics.

Small and large dealers have no interest in buying your car. More than likely, the only way they will buy your car is if you are buying a car from them. When you do a trade-in, you need to be very cautious. Dealers are known to be magicians with numbers. They will make it seem like you’re getting the deal of the century when in reality all the extra money you got for your old car was just hidden somewhere else on the deal.

Junk and scrap yards are in the market to buy cars for their metal value. They don't care if your car has the top end audio system and leather seats. They will give you least amount possible for your car.

Sell your car to CarBrain, the smart way to sell your car! With thousands of cars previously purchased by us, we are prepared to make you a quick and fair cash offer. We have used our experience in the car business to design a highly sophisticated pricing system that can make an offer on most makes and models in just 90 seconds! Simply gather a few accurate details about your vehicle and submit them through our easy step-by-step process. If you like the offer then we can deliver the payment and tow your car for FREE! It can all happen within just 24 to 48 hours! See why thousands have gone with CarBrain - just click here.

What Do I Need to Sell My Car in Tennessee

Before selling a vehicle, there area few critical details you want to make sure of. In order to get the best offer when you sell you want to make sure your car isn't taken apart. That means that all the original parts are still on the car.

We know that bumpers, lights, and other parts can fly off after an accident. That's okay - the buyer will evaluate the vehicle how it is. But to prevent any further depreciation, leave the car how it is. Items like the wheels, battery, and radio should always stay with the car. Items like aftermarket all-weather carpets, decorative ornaments, or personal items like phone chargers can be removed and it won't affect your offer.

Keeping the vehicle intact is important to sell your car, but equally as important is making sure that you have a key for your car. A car without a key can bring up red flags to anyone buying the car. The first main issue is the buyer isn't able to start the car or at least try to crank it over to see if it has starting issues. The buyer has no way of locking and unlocking the car which is a security concern, and on some cars the keys can cost hundreds of dollars. If you don't have a key for your car then your offer could be heavily affected by it.

If a buyer has made you an offer and you're ready to move forward, you want to make sure that you have all the proper documentation. If you're missing the paperwork for the car, it could take weeks or even more than a month before you receive it. In that time, the buyer could lower or even withdraw the offer. In the state of Tennessee, to sell your car all you need is a clear title and a valid form of ID.

To get started today, it's quick and simple. Click here to submit your car and get an offer!

Sell my car in Tennessee

Who Will Buy My Car Fast?

At the pace that cars depreciate, it’s important that you sell your car in a timely manner to avoid losing money. Here at CarBrain, we know that the competition does nothing but waste your time and do very little to make this process convenient for you. We have made the process to sell your car simple and fast. We have simplified the process down to 3 easy steps. You give us the details, we give you an offer, and we pick up the car for free! Most cars get an offer in just 90 seconds.

How to Sell My Car in Tennessee

Enter your vehicle details

Start by Submitting your vehicle with as much accurate information as possible, Most vehicles receive an instant offer, Unique cars might need some additional information so please have some pictures and a VIN number ready if needed. Rest assured you will receive a top market cash offer at the end of our process.

Accepting the offer

Great you got your offer! And you’re ready to move forward and get paid. Simply provide us with some proof of ownership and make sure to have your title ready and we will assist you in getting your pick up scheduled and ready.

Get Paid!

Once you have arranged a pick up time and date with the tow company. You will meet with the driver at your vehicle's location and upon pick up the driver will deliver your payment,it’s that simple!

Why Sell to CarBrain?

Using our 30 years of car buying experience, CarBrain designed a new, smarter way to sell your car. We know the ins and outs of the car business, particularly for damaged and unwanted cars. Most competitors have not changed with time. We’re here to provide you with a smooth and hassle-free process that could be done from the comfort of your home. Don't waste your time dealing with local buyers. Our process is quick and easy. Most cars get an offer in just 90 seconds! See for yourself - click here to get started today.

Sell My car With CarBrain

  • We have over 30 years of experience in the salvaged car market, so we know a thing or two about the value of your damaged car.

  • We provide you the with the best haggle free cash offer in today’s market.

  • We’re quick and easy, once you have proved ownership we can pick up your car within 24-48 hours.

  • We will tow your vehicle for free to any of our Tennessee locations.

  • Turn your unwanted junk car or damaged car into fast cash when we pick it up.

  • We only work with top tier tow providers to ensure our customers the best car selling experience.

Still have more questions?

How much do we pay for cars?

No car is damaged the same way and no offer is the same. All of our offers are unique and based on individual situations. Our offers are based off your vehicle's year, make, and model. And the factors that can affect your offer is the mileage and current conditions of your car.

How can you get a guaranteed offer?

Getting your offer has never been easier, simply submit your vehicle and you will receive your offer! If your vehicle did not receive an instant offer don’t be scared, we just want ensure that you receive the highest return possible for your car and please allow one of our certified customer service representatives to reach out and get you an offer!

What should you know before selling to a junkyard or private buyers in Tennessee?

  • Never pay to tow your car. Any reputable company should provide you with free towing

  • Never sign your title over before you get paid

  • Do not accept any offer that wasn’t the one you agreed on.

  • Never give your car away for free! Even if its junk or scrapped it has some value left to it

Should I Bring My Car to CarBrain, Or Will You Pick Up?

You do not have to worry about finding a towing company. CarBrain has towing company drivers in Tennessee that help us buy and pick up vehicles for free. We will come to you in one to two business days after you accept our cash quote. It's simple, it's hassle-free, and it happens quickly.

Keep in mind that tow truck drivers cannot remove vehicles left in a spot inaccessible to tow trucks or on the side of the road.

When Exactly Will You Haul Away My Vehicle In Tennessee? Can You Get It Today?

Unfortunately, our tow truck drivers cannot provide a specific time for towing your vehicle in advance. The time that it takes to remove a vehicle may vary, but rest assured that we will come to you in one to two business days from the time you accept our quote.

You also have the option of contacting your driver and asking for a one-hour warning before they arrive. If your vehicle needs to be picked up immediately, give your customer service agent all of the details of your case and we'll do our best to try and get your vehicle picked up in the most expedient manner.

Does CarBrain Work Directly With My Insurer When Trading in My Car?

We cannot contact your insurance company on your behalf. However, you can contact your insurance company and ask for the title if your vehicle was declared totaled in order to buy it back and sell it to us. 

If you do not have an insurance company, all you need to do is provide us with the verified copy of your title for your total loss car.

Where Can I Receive Cash For A Junk Vehicle In Tennessee?

CarBrain.com will buy your scrap vehicle gladly. Our employees are experts at evaluating cars with shape or simply car in bad conditions.

Get your estimate no more than 2 minutes that includes FREE pick-up and title transfer. We will come to you in Tennessee in two business days!

How Much Can I Receive For My Scrap Car In Tennessee?

You can get cash for your scrap car in any condition by selling it to junk car buyers. They can legally recycle the vehicle to extract the metals and usable parts inside. Vehicles have many recyclable materials including steel, aluminum, platinum and more!

How much you can get for the vehicle depends on where the car is currently located and size. Different steel mills across the country use different local values to price out recycled metals, and prices can vary based on national and even international trends.

The most convenient way to find out what your vehicle is worth in Tennessee is to get an offer from CarBrain.