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Trying to find the best solution to sell your non-working BMW i3? CarBrain.com is the answer. We are experts at paying for all kinds of damaged cars quickly and without the hassle.

With CarBrain, you can get an offer, schedule your free pickup and get paid cash for your car one to two business days. It takes just 90 seconds to receive an estimate with our smart instant evaluation tool, and our estimates are guaranteed — there's no last minute haggling or time consuming negotiations involved!

We've actively participated in the market for damaged cars for more than a decade, which means we have the skill and knowledge to create fair quotes for your car. All of our estimates take a detailed examination of a number of factors of your vehicle in order to determine its current cash value — we don't lowball.

How Can I Get Quick Cash For My Broken BMW i3?


Quickly Enter i3 Required Details

Complete our online form to start. Tell us the details of your BMW i3. Including photos and the VIN can help us increase the accuracy of our offer. Submit it and you'll receive an estimate in just 90 seconds.


Take A Look At Your Offer

Next on the to do list is to say yes to our quote and schedule towing. You'll need your car's keys and the verified copy of your title for the sale of your BMW.


Last Step: Receive Your Payment!

The final step is to wait for the service provider to show up! We always offer FREE towing with all our offers. Hand over the keys and your BMW's title, and you'll get your check immediately!

With our knowledgeable team of customer service representatives excited to help you and answer any questions, we trust that we can provide you with excellent customer service. Look us up — our company has an A+ rating with the BBB and numerous excellent reviews online.

Your vehicle isn't getting any younger. Receive an on-demand appraisal and junk your BMW with engine issues today.

Get A Bid For Your BMW i3 With Issues

All that is required from you is to quickly write down some basic information about your i3 and your estimate will be ready in just 90 seconds. We have a great number of thousands of excellent reviews all over the web. We always come to you. Pick-up is FREE. Transfer of ownership is on us.

Reasons Why Getting Paid For A Car With CarBrain.com Is Effortless And Fast

CarBrain is the most simple method for scrapping a car due to our super-fast removal and simple process. Our thousands of superb reviews and top-rated customer assistance across the country are a testament to that!

  • Our Guaranteed Offers DO NOT CHANGE!
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  • We Do NOT Press. We Do NOT Haggle.

Can I Get Rid Of A Car That Has Been Parked For 10 Years?

We have over a decade of experience in the auto salvage market of purchasing less-than-perfect BMW i3s as-is, where-is! Don't worry scrapping a vehicle anymore. CarBrain is an expert in buying vehicles with a faulty engine or simply junk cars. Here are some types of cars we buy:

  • Broken vehicles
  • Accident-damaged cars
  • Unwanted cars
  • Cars with mechanical issues
  • Vehicles with broken engine
  • Totaled vehicles

Got a i3 with a broken engine? CarBrain.com can get you a fair offer. Request an estimate to obtain your quote.

What's The Value Of A Totaled i3 With A Faulty Engine?

There are various factors that can impact the current market value of a car. Among them are year, make and model. Other relevant factors include a vehicle's frame damage, how many miles it has, and general wear and tear. The location of the vehicle can also determine its fair cash value. Even its mechanical problems can affect the car's market price.

Damaged BMW i3s We Can Buy

2015 BMW i3

2015 BMW i3

Mileage: 34,000Location: San Francisco, CA

What Paperwork Is Needed To Trade In My BMW i3?

After you say yes to our estimate, our customer service representatives will help you plan your pickup. Prepare your i3 for the sale by removing your effects ahead of time. When the towing company driver arrives, remember to complete the title transfer and hand over the keys. You'll get paid immediately.

CarBrain differentiates itself from other local yards by being on the breaking edge when it comes to the appraisal of run-down vehicles. Our detailed process allows us to make offers that others can't. We also recycle vehicles in two business days while granting FREE pick-up. In fact, our service costs NOTHING.

BMW Models CarBrain Can Make An Offer For

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Rid Of My i3 For Fast Money?

CarBrain.com makes recycling your vehicle easy with our FREE value estimation tool. Complete our get an offer form in just 90 seconds to learn what your i3 is worth.

Then, plan your FREE towing and title transfer. Our service provider will arrive at the scheduled time to tow the vehicle.

You'll get paid on the spot. There's no negotiating, there's no problems and the fees are non-existent.

What Can I Get To Scrap My i3?

A salvage i3 still has value. You can get money for your junk car by trading in it to a buyer of junk vehicle like CarBrain.

Old vehicle buyers can properly recycle the metals and parts inside the car, including various metals and more. Your vehicle's size and where the car is at the moment will both affect the quote you receive. Nearby market values change frequently, which will affect how much you get — but typically, you can get anywhere from $100 to $600 or more from your junk car.

Learn what it's going rate is by getting a bid with CarBrain!

What Do I Do If My BMW i3 Doesn't Run? Do I Have To Tow It?

Our company will arrange towing your car with one of our towing company drivers near you.

Please confirm that you've provided the correct address for your vehicle in order to ensure that pickup goes smoothly. If your vehicle is in a location our drivers cannot access, such as a low-access garage, let us know ASAP.

For liability reasons, our tow truck drivers cannot pick up cars left on the side of the road.

We will come to you in one to two business days after accepting our fair market offer. Other than that, there's not much to do on your part but hand over your car's keys and receive your check! It's that easy.

What Are Your Hours Of Operation?

CarBrain's hours of operation are 9 a.m-6 p.m. EST Monday-Friday, and 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays.

If you have any questions or concerns about selling the vehicle or scheduling a pickup, feel free to reach out to your associate buyer!

What Do I Do If My BMW i3's Title Has A Lien On It?

Whether we can buy a i3 with a lien on it depends on how much the lien is worth.

CarBrain will only purchase a i3 with a lien if our quote is equal to or exceeds the value of the lien. We do not currently purchase cars that are "upside down" (i.e. you owe more on the car than it is worth).

If you believe that our evaluation of your car is incorrect, consider describing in more detail the extent of the problems your vehicle has.