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Getting money for your non-running Volkswagen e-Golf can be an onerous process — but it doesn't have to be. At CarBrain, we've created the perfect way to receive an offer, schedule a free car removal and get paid for your car fast.

CarBrain has built the expertise and tools to help you get an offer for your car in just 90 seconds. Every one of our estimates include FREE pickup and transfer of ownership, which means you will not incur any fees for using our company. Once you accept our quote, our driver can go to you within 48 hours so you can get money for your car quick.

When you get an estimate from CarBrain.com, you're dealing with specialized experts. Our people have been in the market for less-than-perfect-cars for more than ten years. We take a extensive look at your Volkswagen e-Golf to figure out your vehicle's worth. We have the ability to guarantee you that our quotes are comprehensive and in line with current market rates.

How Do I Trade In My Volkswagen e-Golf With CarBrain?


Let Us Know Your Volkswagen e-Golf's Shape

Give us some info about your Volkswagen e-Golf to acquire your offer. Complete our get an offer form to get an offer — it takes just 90 seconds to complete!


Consider And Say Yes To Our Offer

Next item on the list, tell your associate buyer you want to accept our quote. Take care you have your keys for your Volkswagen, as well as a verified copy of your title.


Plan Check Delivery And Removal!

The final step is to wait for the service provider to show up! We always offer FREE pick-up with all our estimates. Hand over your keys and your Volkswagen's title, and you'll get your money immediately!

With CarBrain, you're dealing with the pro's. Our highly skilled customer account managers can help you find answers to all your questions and guide you through the entire process without the fuss. Over our years of participating in this business, we've earned thousands of excellent reviews and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

So receive a fast appraisal for your Volkswagen and get paid! We will come to you in 24 to 48 business hours.

Receive A Quote For Your Wrecked Volkswagen e-Golf

You can find out your e-Golf's actual market value in just 90 seconds with our straightforward form! We include FREE title transfer and FREE pick-up in 24 to 48 business hours for all estimates!

Here's Why Our Customers Are Glad They Picked CarBrain

CarBrain.com is a dependable buyer of wrecked cars across the nation. With numerous superb reviews and top-rated customer assistance, we've made a name for ourselves thanks to our lightning-fast towing and reliable service.

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Can I Get Cash For A Vehicle To CarBrain If It Has A Blown Motor?

We pay cash for just about any car regardless of its shape. Does your Volkswagen e-Golf have mechanical problems? No problem! Below is a list of examples of vehicles we pay for regularly!

  • Damaged vehicles
  • Accident vehicles
  • Scrap cars
  • Cars with mechanical damage
  • Vehicles with faulty motors
  • Wrecked cars

Got a e-Golf with a bad transmission? CarBrain.com can get you a fair and competitive quote. Get an offer to start receiving an estimate.

How Much Is My Non-Working e-Golf Worth With CarBrain.com?

Your vehicle's offer is affected by numerous things that you might not have thought of before. A few of these are obvious. But not all are. One big factor is the electrical faults or the physical damage of the car. For instance, is it still good for daily use or is it a salvage vehicle that is simply too old to drive regularly? These are all vital considerations that generally impact the fair market value of the vehicle.

We've Purchased These Volkswagen e-Golfs Recently

2016 Volkswagen e-Golf

2016 Volkswagen e-Golf

Mileage: 20,000Location: San Jose, CA
2015 Volkswagen e-Golf

2015 Volkswagen e-Golf

Mileage: 5,000Location: Providence, RI

What Do I Need To Sell My Volkswagen e-Golf?

Getting cash for your e-Golf is easy with CarBrain. First, plan your pickup time. Then, sign over the title. Learn how to do so at our title guide. Remember to remove your items before the service provider arrives. Hand over your keys and the title, and you'll get paid immediately. It has never been this effortless.

CarBrain separates itself from the nearby yards by having a detailed process for how our pricing tool values damaged cars. Whether the vehicle has a broken motor or mechanical problems, CarBrain.com intends to be as precise as possible in its evaluation. No underrated estimates. Each evaluation is tailored specifically to that vehicle's conditions.

Here Are Some Damaged Volkswagen Models We'll Buy

Tips And Information You May Find Useful

How Can I Scrap My e-Golf in a split-second?

If you would like to scrap your e-Golf, CarBrain makes it effortless.You can receive an estimate in just 90 seconds with our instant offer form.

We specialize in appraising damaged vehicles, including e-Golfs with mechanical problems or body damage.

All our offers include FREE pick-up and title transfer, and guaranteed check delivery in less than 48 business hours.

What Do I Require To Provide To Complete The Process?

Typically, you need the title in order to get cash for your e-Golf to CarBrain.com.

We can help you obtain a certified copy of your title if you can't find your title. While most states require a title to be able to complete the transfer of a vehicle, some states like California will have different ways of validating ownership. Check with your state's DMV page to ensure that you have all the required documentation to sell a vehicle.

You can also check title requirements at our title guide.

What Is My End-Of-Life e-Golf With Mechanical Problems Worth?

There are many cash you can get from your salvage e-Golf, even if it is at the end of its life.

Many companies can legally recycle the pieces in the car and extract the scrap metal left inside. Your vehicle's going rate depends on its scale and mass, as well as its current location. Different steel mills across the nation will assign an assortment of values to the metals — such as steel, aluminum and platinum — found in the vehicle based on nearby market rates.

The speediest way to discover your end-of-life Volkswagen e-Golf's worth is to get a quote from CarBrain.

Can I Call You If I Need To Reschedule?

You can get an estimate from our company at any time. Associate buyers can answer your questions about sales or pickups from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST Monday-Sunday.

Any emails, texts, or messages that you send in through our platforms will be promptly answered by your account representative. CarBrain.com works in the cloud so we are always by you.

Do I Have To Find A Tow Company To Tow My Volkswagen e-Golf?

CarBrain has service partners throughout the country to help us buy and tow vehicles.

We will send a towing partner to you for free — there are no charges for towing. To transfer the car, all you need to do is hand over your car's keys and the verified copy of your title. If you will not be available to transfer the car, any adult 18 years of age or older can transfer the vehicle on your behalf. Let CarBrain know ahead of time, and we will mail the payment to you rather than sending it with our driver.

You can even leave your car's keys and the title in the car for the driver. However, keep in mind that CarBrain.com cannot be held liable for unlocked, unsupervised vehicles before our drivers arrive to pick them up. You must decide whether it is safe to do so yourself.