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When you're staring down a car that's seen better days, you may be wondering who buys cars for cash. Of course, there are plenty of advantages to exchanging your damaged vehicle for some extra money in your pocket. Not only can you escape from the burden of storing the car or repairing it, but you can also find a safer and more reliable vehicle to get you from Point A to Point B. 

Luckily, there are organizations and companies who will be happy to take your car off your hands (in whatever condition it happens to be in).

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Who Buys Cars in All Conditions?

Places that Buy Damaged Cars

Junkyards are probably the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to getting rid of a damaged car. Junkyards who buy cars set their own terms when it comes to how much they offer, but they tend to offer their customers a number based on the sheer weight of the scrap metal. That means that if your car has beautiful leather seats or a working sunroof, you won't recoup any money for these premium options.

CarBrain Buys Junk, Damaged, Old, & Even Non-Running Cars

Dealerships will also buy cars that are in bad shape too, and they love to advertise this service in their local TV and radio ads. They're ideally hoping you'll trade in your non running car and buy something from them. A dealership may have some experience with broken and damaged cars, but they're primarily concerned with vehicles that can readily be sold. This means they don't have a very good appraisal system — which means they'll usually offer far less than what the car is worth.

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Places that Buy Cars for Cash Near Me

Some private parties will buy damaged cars if the price is right. They may be amateur mechanics looking for a new project to take on, or they may want to sell cars for parts on the side after they strip it down. Private parties are typically looking for a major bargain, and they've probably honed their negotiating skills over time. These lowballers can easily convince vehicle owners that their car isn't worth anything (even if it is).

Get Cash for Cars in All Conditions

CarBrain has made it our mission to buy non running cars from those who may have older vehicles or ones that were damaged in a car crash. Repairing a car is often not worth it, especially if it's unclear what exactly is wrong with the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle can run up a large bill just for the diagnostics! But CarBrain provides the cash for cars that owners need to buy something safer.

What's even more incredible is that CarBrain has found a way to use every last part of the car. We take into account the premium options, condition, and model of the car, which means you get exactly what the car is worth and not a penny less. Get an offer for your vehicle now!

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