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As the most populous city in all of Florida, there are times when hopping on Interstate 95 and getting away from the hustle and bustle of Jacksonville can be nice. Unfortunately, if you don't have a reliable vehicle, you won’t be going anywhere. If you have a damaged or otherwise un-drivable car that you're ready to get rid of, you're probably in the process of looking for reputable Jacksonville junk car buyers.

The problem? Finding a buyer that's interested in your vehicle and will give you a fair price can be difficult. This is where CarBrain comes in; we buy cars online regardless of their condition, and we have a team of experienced valuation experts whose job it is to make sure you receive a fair offer on your vehicle!

Is Your Less-Than-Perfect Car in Jacksonville Giving You Trouble Again? Get An Offer Now!

You can learn your vehicle's actual cash value in 90 seconds with our straightforward form! CarBrain offers always include FREE towing and title transfer throughout the country. We will come to you in less than 48 business hours!

Did You Know

Selling your car with CarBrain is quick, easy, and stress-free. By filling out our online valuation form, you can receive a guaranteed offer on your vehicle in minutes. From there, if you accept our offer, we'll arrange for free towing or pick-up of your vehicle in 24-48 hours from a location of your choosing. You'll be paid when we pick up your vehicle and obtain proof of ownership from you. It's as simple as that!

Testimonials in Jacksonville

Some testimonials Jacksonville

"Easy process with very nice people at every step"

★★★★★ Verified    Haneen Jaber    Jacksonville, Florida     Date: 1-5-2024

"Quick and painless, and great communication! I would definitely use them again!"

★★★★★ Verified    Rodney Leonard    Jacksonville, Florida     Date: 1-4-2024

"Super easy and smooth process. The pick-up team knew exactly what they were doing."

★★★★★ Verified    moweinberg    Jacksonville, Florida     Date: 1-3-2024

Looking to sell your car fast?

Sell my car in Jacksonville

Kinds of cars we buy

Kinds of cars we buy in JacksonvilleWe make offers on any type of car, regardless of condition. And while we specialize in damaged cars, we've also been known to buy:

  • totaled and salvage cars

  • cars with mechanical problems

  • cars with electrical issues

  • cars with high mileage

  • older and late-model cars

How to Sell a Car in Jacksonville?

  • Prepare the Vehicle: Clean and detail the car to make it more appealing to potential buyers. Gather all relevant documents, including the title, maintenance records, and a bill of sale.
  • Set an Asking Price: Research the market value of your car based on its make, model, year, mileage, and condition. Set a reasonable asking price, considering factors such as any needed repairs.
  • Advertise the Car: Create compelling listings for your car on online platforms such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or automotive classified websites. Include detailed information, quality photos, and your contact information.
  • Negotiate and Finalize the Sale: Be prepared to negotiate with potential buyers. Once you've agreed on a price, complete a bill of sale, sign over the title, and provide any necessary documentation. Remove the license plates and notify the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) of the sale.
  • Payment and Transfer of Ownership: Receive payment from the buyer, and if possible, complete the transaction at a bank for added security. Ensure that the buyer understands they are responsible for registering the vehicle in their name.
If you prefer a more convenient option, you can also explore services like CarBrain, a nationwide car buying company. 

Selling your car to us is easy, though we must abide by Florida state laws regarding vehicle sales. This means that when we come to pick up your vehicle, you'll need to provide us with your signed vehicle title as proof of ownership. The title should not have any liens against it. We'll also need to collect a set of working keys to your vehicle. From there, we'll handle the rest! Just be sure to remove any license plates from your vehicle before we come to pick it up.

Where Can I Sell my Car in Jacksonville?

In Jacksonville, you have several options to sell your car. You can opt for a private sale by listing your car on online platforms like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Another option is trading it in at a dealership if you plan to purchase a new vehicle. Car buying services, like CarBrain, provide a convenient alternative. These services typically offer a quick and straightforward process for selling your car. You can visit CarBrain's website, provide details about your car, and receive an instant online quote. Additionally, you may explore selling to local junkyards or scrapyards if your car is in poor condition.

Can I Sell My Car in Jacksonville Without a Title?

Selling a car in Jacksonville without a title is often difficult and not advisable. The title functions as evidence of ownership, and lacking it can pose challenges for the buyer during the vehicle registration process. If you have misplaced the title or never obtained one, you might consider obtaining a duplicate from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) before initiating the sale. It's crucial to be aware that the process and criteria for securing a duplicate title may vary, so it's recommended to verify the most current and accurate information with the FLHSMV. Carbrain may be able to assist you even if you don't have the title. 

Here Are Some Cars We've Purchased In Jacksonville Recently

Recent Junk Car Prices Purchased in Jacksonville [Updated January 2024]

VehicleZip CodeOffer PriceOffer Date
Grand Am

How we determine value

Unlike many other car buyers in the Jacksonville area, we use a very specific and thorough set of criteria to determine the fair value of your car. This allows us to make you a reasonable offer you can feel good about. Some of the criteria that go into determining your offer amount include:

  • make and model year

  • condition and location

  • trim level

  • upgrades or recent repairs

  • mileage

Receive An Offer For Your Damaged Car In Jacksonville Now

You can learn your vehicle's actual cash value in 90 seconds with our straightforward form! CarBrain offers always include FREE towing and title transfer throughout the country. We will come to you in less than 48 business hours!

Cash for Cars in Jacksonville

Looking to get cash for cars in Jacksonville? Here's how CarBrain makes it easy and stress-free. We begin by making you a guaranteed offer online (you don't even need to leave your house!). If you accept our offer, we'll come pick up or tow your vehicle from a place of your choosing within 24-48 hours, and you'll get paid at that time. Meanwhile, our experienced valuation professionals are here to make sure the offer you receive is fair, so you can enjoy added peace of mind with your sale.

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Where we buy junk cars in Jacksonville

Where we buy junk cars

CarBrain buys junk cars nationwide, so whether you live directly within one of Jacksonville's ZIP codes or are located in an area suburb, we've got you covered. Get started on the path to selling your car today by completing our online valuation form and seeing how much your car is worth!

How can I get an instant quote for my vehicle?

It's simple and it takes less than 90 seconds... click the button below to get started and find out how much your car is worth!

Vehicle Pick-up is FREE Nationwide. No Haggle. No Fees. We are A+ rated business at BBB.

How to Sell My Car in Jacksonville, Florida

Enter your vehicle details

Start by Submitting your vehicle with as much accurate information as possible, Most vehicles receive an instant offer, Unique cars might need some additional information so please have some pictures and a VIN number ready if needed. Rest assured you will receive a top market cash offer at the end of our process.

Accepting the offer

Great you got your offer! And you’re ready to move forward and get paid. Simply provide us with some proof of ownership and make sure to have your title ready and we will assist you in getting your pick up scheduled and ready.

Get paid!

Once you have arranged a pick up time and date with the tow company. You will meet with the driver at your vehicle's location and upon pick up the driver will deliver your payment,it’s that simple!

Why Sell to CarBrain?

If you don't want to spend your days answering calls and texts from strangers, letting them test drive your car, and haggling with them for a fair price, then CarBrain is for you! We’ll give you a fair cash offer for old car. On most makes and models, it’s almost instant. Don't wait around for that other buyer to show up. Submit your vehicle today for an offer. Just click here.

Sell My car With CarBrain

  • We have over three decades of experience in the salvaged car market, so we know a thing or two about the value of your damaged car.

  • We provide you the with the best haggle free cash offer in today’s market.

  • We’re quick and easy, once you have proved ownership we can pick up your car within 24-48 hours.

  • We will tow your vehicle for free to any of our Florida locations.

  • Turn your unwanted junk car or damaged car into fast cash when we pick it up.

  • We only work with top tier tow providers to ensure our customers the best car selling experience.

Still Have More Questions?

How much do we pay for cars?

No car is damaged the same way and no offer is the same. All of our offers are unique and based on individual situations. Our offers are based off your vehicle's year, make, and model. And the factors that can affect your offer is the mileage and current conditions of your car.

How can you get a guaranteed offer?

Getting your offer has never been easier, simply submit your vehicle and you will receive your offer! If your vehicle did not receive an instant offer don’t be scared, we just want ensure that you receive the highest return possible for your car and please allow one of our certified customer service representatives to reach out and get you an offer!

What should you know before selling to a junkyard or private buyers in Jacksonville, Florida?

  • Never pay to tow your car. Any reputable company should provide you with free towing

  • Never sign your title over before you get paid

  • Do not accept any offer that wasn’t the one you agreed on.

  • Never give your car away for free! Even if its junk or scrapped it has some value left to it

What Can I Get For My Scrap Car In Jacksonville, FL?

The value of your scrap vehicle depends on its size and its current location. Expert vehicle appraisers can properly recycle the scrap components and metals inside your vehicle, like steel, aluminum and platinum, to melt down and reuse them for other products. How much you get for your car depends on nearby market demands in Jacksonville and the current going rate of different metals.

The best way to discover what your scrap car is currently worth is to get a quote from CarBrain.com.

What Will I Need To Give You To Complete The Process?

Most of the time, you'll need a verified copy of your title to sell us your car. Your customer service representative can help you figure out precisely what documents are required to complete the sale. If your title is valid and in good condition, the sale should happen rather quickly without much friction.

The driver will come, hand over the check, pick up the vehicle, and drive-off. And it's really that simple! You can learn how to transfer a title in Florida here: Florida title resource page.

What Do You Look At When Calculating The Offer For My Vehicle?

CarBrain quotes are based on far more than just the year, make, and model. We also take into consideration the mileage, location of your car and more. Get the most accurate offer possible by sending us photos and the vehicle identification number.

All our offers are based on fluctuating market values. Therefore, there is no guarantee that your offer will increase or decrease if you wait for it to expire before requesting a new quote. There's also no guarantee that you'll get a quote high enough after repairing your car to make the repairs profitable for you.

What Paperwork Is Necessary For Junking A Car In Jacksonville, Florida?

CarBrain buys junk cars in any condition! To junk your junk car with CarBrain, all you need is to receive a secured quote. This is done with just a couple of clicks.

Once you accept, we always come to you in 24 to 48 business hours. Make sure to have the certified copy of your title handy. You will receive a bill of sale after we complete the title transfer.

And that is all! Getting paid for a salvage vehicle is as simple as A-B-C, and as easy as 1-2-3.

Where Do I Start The Process Of Selling My Car In Jacksonville, FL?

To receive an offer, fill out our online form for getting an offer thoroughly. Remember to include your car's vehicle identification number and accurately answer questions about its present actual condition, mileage, and location. It takes less than 2 minutes to fill out the form, although in rare cases, it may take us around an hour to create an accurate estimate for your car.

Our quotes are valid for 7 days. After that, your offer expires. We can still buy your car after the initial offer expires, but we will create a new offer based on current market rates in Jacksonville, Florida.