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Getting cash for your used car or your vehicle with engine problems can often be a stressful, time consuming process. Fortunately, CarBrain.com is entirely dedicated to lending a helping hand to our customers to sell their cars fast. We pay cash for used and junk cars in no time and efficiently. From the cash quote to removal, our process is extremely quick. Get cash for your car with a reliable company and get paid cash now!

In the past few years, CarBrain has developed itself as a established company in a complex market. Our customers agree that our service is top notch, and would gladly repeat their business again. Find out what makes us different today!

How Does Selling A Car With CarBrain.com Work?


Submit Car Details

To begin trading in your vehicle, begin by filling out our instant offer form. Give us some details about your vehicle and we'll tell you what it's worth in Maine in less than 2 minutes!


Claim Your Quote

Then, accept our offer and start arranging your FREE removal in Maine. Our tow truck driver will need the keys to your car and the verified copy of the title to complete the sale.


It's Money Time!

The final step is to wait for the tow truck driver to get there. Free pick-up is also included in all our quotes in Maine. You'll get your money immediately when we pick up the car!

The Advantage Of Getting Cash For Your Car With CarBrain

Selling your less-than-perfect or total loss vehicle with us is incredibly straightforward. CarBrain.com provides lots of benefits such as FREE pick-up, and is a dependable company throughout the state. Sell your vehicle and get paid cash quickly with us. We have been in the recycling industry for over a decade and have numerous five-star reviews all over the net!

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Claim Your Offer For Your Unwanted Vehicle In Maine

With just a few clicks you can receive a quote for your crashed or used car in 90 seconds. We add FREE title transfer and towing in one to two business days for all quotes!

Can I Get Money For A Car With CarBrain If It Has A Bad Transmission?

CarBrain is one of the most reliable car buyers in Maine. We offer FREE removal with a fast and easy process. Get cash in one to two business days with CarBrain! We'll pay cash for these kinds of cars:

  • Less-than-perfect cars
  • Damaged vehicles
  • Crashed vehicles
  • Junk cars
  • Cars with mechanical issues
  • Cars with broken engine
  • Total loss vehicles

Who Gives the Most Cash for Junk Cars in Maine?

Maine, with its picturesque landscapes and maritime charm, offers various options for selling junk cars. Local scrapyards or salvage yards may be interested in purchasing your vehicle for its scrap metal value. Additionally, explore online platforms, local classifieds, or consider the modern convenience of CarBrain, a trusted nationwide car buying service. CarBrain's user-friendly online platform allows you to input details about your junk car and receive an instant quote. Known for competitive offers and free pick-up without towing fees, CarBrain provides a seamless and potentially more lucrative solution for parting ways with your junk car in the scenic state of Maine. 

Cars We Buy In Maine

2007 Lexus RX 350

2007 Lexus RX 350

Mileage: 125,000Location: York, ME
2006 Nissan Frontier

2006 Nissan Frontier

Mileage: 139,000Location: Bath, ME
2005 Toyota Highlander

2005 Toyota Highlander

Mileage: 191,000Location: Oakland, ME
2014 Nissan NV2500HD

2014 Nissan NV2500HD

Mileage: 99,000Location: Blanchard, ME

How Scrapping Your Car With CarBrain.com Online Works

CarBrain's system is incredibly simple to use. To start, you need to request an estimate. You do this by clicking on the top right hand button that illustrates "Get an Offer" and answering a few questions about your car and its current condition.

And here's the fun part: scheduling the towing of the car and accepting your payment. At this stage, the sole thing you have to do is transfer the title, and get a business check for the car. Right after you collect your payment and hand over the keys, the driver will tow the car back to the yard. That's how effortless it is.

What Will I Get For A Non-Working Vehicle In Maine?

The fair market value of your used or broken car might be evaluated differently depending on different elements. For instance, we consider its odometer reading; the accident history; the status of the title; its year, make and model; and if the car has any conditions such as a blown motor. All of these factors can impact how the vehicle will be priced.

CarBrain differentiates itself from other junk yards close-by by being on the cusp of innovation when it comes to the appraisal of damaged, less-than-perfect and end-of-life vehicles. Our meticulous system allows us to make quotes that others can't. We also process cars in two business days while granting FREE pick-up. In fact, our service costs ABSOLUTELY nothing.

What About The Maine Vehicle Title?

Selling a car in Maine is extremely quick with CarBrain.com. First — get your information right. We must confirm that your car title is registered to the correct owner. If it is, we can go ahead and buy your car with no problem. Following that, take out any personal stuff from the vehicle and receive pay-off! Got questions about signing your car title? We put a quick guideline on how to transfer your title in Maine here.

Can You Junk a Car Without a Title in Maine?

Junking a car without a title in Maine can be challenging and is generally not recommended. The title serves as crucial proof of ownership, required by buyers for legal and registration purposes. If you find yourself without a title, it's advisable to explore obtaining a duplicate title from the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles before attempting to junk the car. CarBrain, a reputable nationwide car buying service, may offer assistance even in situations where the title is missing, providing a potential solution for selling your car in Maine. While having the title simplifies the process, CarBrain has experience working with sellers in various situations, ensuring a smoother transaction.

I Misplaced My Car Title. Can I Trade In My Car With CarBrain.com?

Our customer service representatives can help you through the process of getting a certified copy of the title in Maine. Start by visiting the Maine DMV page and requesting a duplicate title. Next, pay a small fee and get your verified copy of your title. When it arrives, upload a clearly visible photo of the title to CarBrain!

How Old Does a Vehicle Have To Be To Not Have a Title in Maine?

In Maine, vehicles that are 15 years old or older may not require a title. However, it's essential to check with the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles to confirm specific eligibility criteria and to understand the state's regulations regarding titles for older vehicles. Keep in mind that even if a title is not required, having proper documentation is advisable for any vehicle transaction. If you're looking to sell or junk a car without a title, consider reaching out to CarBrain, a trusted nationwide car buying service, for potential assistance in navigating the process.

CarBrain.com Picks Up Cars In These Areas

Helpful Facts About Our Service

How Much Is My Scrap Vehicle Worth In Maine?

Getting paid for your scrap car can be surprisingly profitable. Even when your car cannot be driven, it still has value. For instance, there is a lot of metals that expert car buyers can responsibly extract from the car, including aluminum, steel, platinum and more to recycle and reuse.

How much cash you can get for your car depends on a few factors. One is its size — larger cars, trucks and vans have more metal than smaller vehicles. Another relevant factor is where the car is currently located — different steel mills rely on local market prices to determine the value of metals found in recycled car pieces.

Your car in Maine could be worth different prices across the country. The most trouble-free way to learn your car's worth is to get a quote from CarBrain.com.

Is There Anything I Need To Give To You To Sell My Car?

Most of the time, you'll need a verified copy of your title to sell us your vehicle. Your customer service agent can help you figure out precisely what documents are required to complete the sale. If your title is valid and in good condition, the sale should happen rather quickly without much friction.

The driver will come, hand over the check, tow the vehicle, and drive-off. And it's really that simple! You can learn how to transfer a title in Maine here.

My Car Title Has A Lien On It. Will You Purchase It?

Check how much you owe on your vehicle. CarBrain will only buy vehicles with liens if our offer is equal to or exceeds the value of the lien. At this moment, CarBrain does not purchase cars whose value is lower than the value of the lien.

Why Is CarBrain's Service A Better Option For Me?

We've been in business for over a decade. Our primary office is located in Miami Lakes, Florida. We are able to pick up and purchase cars in Maine thanks to our towing partners located in Maine.

With our company, you can get fair prices for your car in less than 2 minutes. CarBrain's offers include FREE removal and title transfer. We can pick up your car in one to two business days, and when our tow truck driver arrives, you get paid immediately.

Will You Buy My Junk Car In Maine?

CarBrain loves junk cars, and we'll generate a bid on yours! For disposing of a vehicle in poor condition in Maine, all you need is a certified copy of the title for the vehicle. We always come to you, so you don't have to fret about bringing your car anywhere.

We work with curated network of licensed junk car buyers that can go to you in one to two business days. The sole thing you have to do is show up and get paid cash!