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    Getting your car towed isn't challenging. There are hundreds of local junk yards in Maryland that will do it. However, they typically come with giant fees and low offers. CarBrain.com wants to fix that. We buy cars with mechanical problems at fair market quotes, and offer FREE extremely quick pick-up for all vehicles. No fees. No last minute haggling. 

    Sell your damaged car for a fair market price through CarBrain.com. Our network of approved and licensed junk car buyers works effectively and allows us to operate throughout the country. We pay for cars quickly! 

    Here's How To Get Cash For Your Vehicle With CarBrain.com


    Simply Enter Car Information

    To begin selling your , begin by filling out our online form. Give us some details about your car and we'll tell you what it's worth in Maryland in just 90 seconds!


    Look Over Your Estimate And Accept It

    As the vehicle owner, you will need to offer the keys to your car, a verified copy of the title and access to the car for your free pick up in Maryland.


    It's Cash Time!

    Finally, wait for the towing partner to get there. We'll remove your vehicle for FREE from Maryland. When we pick up the vehicle, you get paid cash!

    Testimonials in Maryland

    Some testimonials Maryland

    "It was convenient. Thanks"

    ★★★★★ Verified    Samir Bayan    Maryland     Date: 1-3-2024

    "Communication was easy, I was able to speak to a live agent every time I called. Pickup of vehicle was organized very efficiently and payment was immediate."

    ★★★★★ Verified    Paul Caston    Maryland     Date: 1-1-2024

    "Timely. Honest easy"

    ★★★★★ Verified    Nancy Helen Caroll    Maryland     Date: 12-28-2023

    Why You Should Choose CarBrain For Trading In Your Car

    Selling your car with CarBrain.com does not require much effort to complete. CarBrain's service is by far the most trouble-free way to sell a damaged car. We pay cash for vehicles across the nation and offer FREE pick-up to every single one of our clients.

    • FREE Towing In Your Area!
    • Absolutely No Fees Of Any Kind!
    • Instant Cash Estimate For Your Car.
    • Fast Removal And Check Delivery.

    Claim Your Estimate For Your Damaged Vehicle In Maryland

    Getting your cash appraisal requires nothing more than typing in basic info about the shape of your vehicle. It takes just 90 seconds! We add FREE transfer of ownership and pick-up in 24 to 48 business hours for all estimates!

    What Types Of Vehicles Does CarBrain.com Buy?

    CarBrain.com is one of the most reliable scrap car buyers in Maryland. We offer FREE pick-up with a fast and simple process. Get paid cash in less than 48 business hours with CarBrain.com! We'll buy these kinds of cars:

    • Gently used vehicles
    • Damaged cars
    • Cars with frame damage
    • Cars with high mileage
    • Cars that don't start
    • Cars with bad motors
    • Cars that have been wrecked

    Here Are Some Cars We've Purchased In Maryland Recently

    Recent Junk Car Prices Purchased in Maryland [Updated February 2024]

    VehicleZip CodeOffer PriceOffer Date
    Suzuki Grand Vitara 200721061$39001-30-2024
    Cadillac SRX 200421117$36501-30-2024
    Ford Taurus 200821788$31001-31-2024
    Lincoln MKZ 200821230$41501-29-2024
    GMC Sierra 1500 200320904$59001-30-2024
    Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class 200621919$1,03501-29-2024
    Hyundai Sonata 200320705$35001-30-2024
    Nissan Altima 201621117$1,46501-27-2024
    Saab 9-3 200321207$35001-29-2024
    Toyota Prius 200821229$39001-27-2024
    Mercury Grand Marquis 200421222$52001-29-2024
    Honda Accord 199821117$35001-27-2024
    Dodge Ram 1500 199921229$39001-27-2024
    Lincoln Town Car 201121230$57501-29-2024
    Mercedes-Benz M-Class 200721048$44501-29-2024
    MINI Cooper 201221078$84001-26-2024
    Volvo V70 199821030$35001-25-2024
    Cadillac SRX 201320850$1,18001-25-2024
    Chrysler 300 200521244$39001-25-2024
    Ford Taurus 200120747$37501-25-2024

    How Selling Your Car With CarBrain Works

    Selling a vehicle online is effortless and straightforward. It all begins with requesting an online valuation. You can acheive this by clicking on the "Get an Offer" button and entering some required details about your car. Afterwards, our evaluation tool will use the information you provided about your car and our database to generate an offer for the car.

    After getting your offer, one of our service providers will schedule a time to tow the vehicle. This normally occurs within two business days or whenever it is most convenient for you. We always come to you, wherever your car is. And this service does NOT cost anything. Ever.

    How Much Will I Get For A Beat-Up Vehicle In Maryland?

    Your vehicle's evaluation is affected by a few things that you might not have thought of before. A few of these are immediately obvious. But not all are. One big factor is the potential mechanical issues or the body damage of the car. For instance, is it still good for daily use and driving or is it a wrecked car that is simply too old to drive regularly? These are all critical considerations that normally influence the fair cash value of the vehicle.

    CarBrain differentiates itself from other local yards by being on the cusp of innovation when it comes to pricing out junkers and used cars. Our rigorous system allows us to make offers that others can't. We also recycle cars in less than 48 business hours while granting FREE towing. In fact, our service costs ABSOLUTELY nothing.

    How do I Sell a Totaled Car in Maryland?

    Selling a totaled car in Maryland involves specific steps to ensure a legal and transparent transaction. Here's a guide on how to sell a totaled car in Maryland:

    Assess the Extent of Damage:

    Before selling a totaled car, assess the extent of the damage. Consider whether the car has a salvage title, as this can impact its value and the selling process.

    Obtain a Salvage Title:

    If your car has been deemed a total loss by an insurance company, you will need to obtain a salvage title from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). This involves submitting an application, providing necessary documentation, and paying the required fees.

    Notify the Insurance Company:

    Inform your insurance company about your intention to sell the totaled car. They may guide you through the process and provide information about any salvage value they are willing to offer.

    Determine the Car's Value:

    Research the market value of totaled cars in a similar condition. Consider obtaining quotes from salvage yards, as they often purchase totaled cars for parts or scrap.

    Prepare the Necessary Documents:

    Gather important documents, including the salvage title, maintenance records, and any documentation from the insurance company regarding the total loss.

    What Paperwork Do You Have To Have To Pay For My Maryland Car?

    Selling your car in Maryland is easy. All you need is a title correctly signed under the registered vehicle owner's name. Then clear out any personal belongings in the vehicle. Finally, simply hand over the car keys and title, and get paid! Check this page for Maryland details.

    Can You Sell a Car in Maryland Without a Title?

    In Maryland, selling a car without a title is generally not recommended. The title serves as proof of ownership, and buyers typically require it for legal and registration purposes. If you've lost the title, you may explore obtaining a duplicate title from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) before attempting to sell the car.

    It's crucial to ensure that the ownership documentation is in order to facilitate a legal and smooth transaction. CarBrain, a nationwide car buying service, may be able to assist you even if you don't have the title.

    No worries — you can get a certified copy of the title to complete the sales process. This is done by accessing your state's DMV page. You will then pay a tiny fee for a verified copy of your title. The next step is to upload a high resolution photo of the title to CarBrain.com — and you're finished!

    How to Get a Title for a Car in Maryland Without a Title?

    • Visit the MVA Website: Go to the Maryland MVA website and locate the section for duplicate titles.
    • Complete the Application: Download and complete the application for a duplicate title. You may need to provide information about the vehicle, your contact details, and the reason for the duplicate title.
    • Notarize the Application: Some MVA transactions, including duplicate titles, may require notarization. Check the application instructions for notarization requirements.
    • Submit Required Documents: Along with the completed application, you may need to submit additional documents, such as proof of identity and ownership. Check the specific requirements outlined by the MVA.
    • Pay the Fee: There is usually a fee associated with obtaining a duplicate title. Check the current fee on the MVA website and be prepared to pay it.
    • Submit the Application: Submit the completed application, required documents, and payment to the MVA. You can usually do this by mail or in person at a local MVA office.
    • Wait for Processing: After submitting the application, you'll need to wait for the MVA to process it. Once processed, they will issue a duplicate title.
    It's important to note that the process and requirements may vary, so it's recommended to check with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration or visit their website for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

    We Have Purchased Vehicles In These MD Cities!

    Useful Things To Know

    If I Fix Up My Car And Bring It To You, Will My Estimate Get Better?

    Repairing your car won't necessarily get you a better offer relative to the repair costs. If you wait until your initial quote expires, you can get a different quote later, but CarBrain.com can't promise that the offer will be better if you wait. 

    When our company generates offers, we consider your vehicle's year, make and model. However, we also look at its current condition, mileage, location, accident history, any upgrades you've made and more to determine what a fair market offer would be. Images and the VIN can improve the accuracy of our quote.

    What's The Most Efficient Way To Junk A Car In Maryland?

    The speediest way to scrap a salvage car in Maryland is to use CarBrain! Your cash quote will be ready in less than 2 minutes. We will come to you in two business days and the only thing you need to do is show up to grab your payment.

    That's how fast and straightforward it is to junk your salvage car with CarBrain.

    Who Will Haul Away My Car When I Sell It?

    A tow truck driver dispatched through one of our service providers will arrive to pick up your car.  

    We can tow your vehicle at any location accessible by a tow car. All you need to do is provide us with the correct address. If your car is located in a low covered parking lot or another area not accessible by standard tow trucks, we may need to dispatch a special tow truck at additional cost or ask you to move your vehicle in order for us to pick it up.

    For liability reasons, we cannot remove cars on the side of the road. As long as your car is at an identifiable address accessible by tow truck, we can tow it. We will come to you free of cost.

    How Much Is My Scrap Car Worth In Maryland?

    Selling your scrap vehicle can be surprisingly profitable. Even when your vehicle can't drive, it still has value. For instance, there are various sums of metals that expert vehicle appraisers can dependably recycle and extract from the car, including aluminum, steel, platinum and more to recycle and reuse.

    How much top dollar you can get for your vehicle depends on a few factors. One is its size — larger cars, trucks and vans have more metal than smaller cars. Another relevant factor is where the car is at the moment — different steel mills rely on local market prices to determine the value of metals found in recycled vehicle parts.

    Your car in Maryland could be worth different prices across the country. The most hassle-free way to learn your car's worth is to get a quote from CarBrain.

    If I Currently Cannot Find The Title, Can I Still Sell My Vehicle?

    In general, you'll need to provide a certified copy of your title in order to complete the sale of your car. You can reach back out to your customer service agent to learn what specific documents are required to complete the transfer and how to obtain a duplicate if you need one.

    Make sure that you have clear and visible pictures so that we can quickly validate the title. If that's so, that's really all we need to complete the transaction. Once the driver arrives, you'll have your check from CarBrain and the towing truck will pick up the car and drive off.

    See how to transfer a title in Maryland here.