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If you're ready to to get rid of your used or junk car and you’re looking for the best deal in Utah, look no further than CarBrain. Our experts have been in the automotive industry for more than a decade. We are experts at linking car sellers like you into our network of approved junk car buyers. Where local yards are time-consuming and difficult — we work in no time and competently.

We pay for cars quickly and seamlessly. Get your very fast fair market appraisal with just a couple of clicks with FREE removal included!


How Selling Your Vehicle With CarBrain.com Online Works


Let Us Know Your Car's Shape

By filling out our get an offer form on CarBrain with accurate info on your Utah vehicle, we can give you a bid in no more than 2 minutes or reach out to you with a secured offer within an hour.


Review Your Quote And Accept It

Secondly, inform your customer service representative you want to accept our estimate. Make certain you have your car's keys as well as a verified copy of your title to complete the sale in Utah.


Time For Check Delivery!

The third and final step is to wait for the towing partner to show up in Utah. He or she will go to you with your payment in hand. All you have to have to do is collect your payment, and that's all!

Testimonials in Utah

Some testimonials Utah

"Quick and easy"

★★★★★ Verified    Clifford Fan    Utah     Date: 17-01-2024

"Great costumer service, quick and easy"

★★★★★ Verified    Ray    Utah     Date: 17-01-2024

"I don't normally do reviews but I have never done this process before and Christian from Carbrain also the driver from UPULL did an awesome job. I called, Christian told me exactly what was needed, it was a simple and easy process. No extra hassle with prices, no towing problems, came next day, overall everybody had great communication and make the process super easy. I would definitely recommend them if you need a vehicle removed."

★★★★★ Verified    Kenzi Warren    Utah     Date: 17-01-2024

Why Our Customers Select CarBrain

Getting paid for your car with CarBrain.com is quick and easy. From getting an offer to towing your car, we complete the process in no time and systematically with no discomfort. We pay for vehicles across the nation and in less-than-perfect conditions. Trade in your vehicle with a blown motor to CarBrain and get paid quick!

  • No Haggle. No Headaches.
  • We ALWAYS Give Fair Market Prices
  • Get Max $ For Your Car.
  • No Last-Minute Haggling — EVER!

Our Estimate For Your Non-Running Car In Utah Is Ready In Seconds!

All that is needed is some basic info about your car. Your offer will be ready in just 90 seconds. We add FREE towing and transfer of ownership with every offer we make in Utah. Get paid in 24 to 48 business hours!

How to Get Rid of an Old Car in Utah?

Look into local choices including scrapyards, salvage yards, or private buyers when looking to get rid of an old car in Utah. Get estimates, haggle, and make sure you have all the required paperwork, including the title. Use the reputable national car-buying service CarBrain for a more efficient and maybe profitable option. You can enter information about your used automobile and get an instant price by using the CarBrain online platform. In the stunning state of Utah, CarBrain stands out for its affordable deals and free pick-up without towing costs, offering a simple and effective method to say goodbye to your old car. Select CarBrain for a cutting-edge and profitable experience.

My Vehicle Has Engine Problems — Will CarBrain.com Buy It?

Do you have a a wrecked or totaled car in Utah parked in your driveway? With CarBrain.com, you could easily get it towed away for top dollar with FREE towing across the country! We pay cash for vehicles with these problems:

  • Less-than-new vehicles
  • Damaged vehicles
  • Accident-damaged cars
  • Scrap cars
  • Vehicles with mechanical damage
  • Cars with bad motors
  • Totaled cars

How Can I Get Cash for Junk Cars in Salt Lake City, UT?

You have a few choices when it comes to receiving cash for junk cars in Salt Lake City, Utah. Your car might be of interest to nearby salvage yards, junk car buyers, or scrap yards for their scrap metal value. You can get in touch with these nearby companies, ask for quotes, and work out a deal.

Use CarBrain, a reliable national car buying service, for a more efficient and possibly more profitable option. With its user-friendly online platform, CarBrain streamlines the process by allowing you to enter information about your junk car and get an instant quote.

Here Are Some Cars We've Purchased In Utah Recently

Recent Junk Car Prices Purchased in Utah [Updated February 2024]

VehicleZip CodeOffer PriceOffer Date
Hyundai Accent 200884604$51001-30-2024
Toyota Avalon 200484059$40001-30-2024
Suzuki Forenza 200584062$46001-30-2024
Saturn Outlook 200884601$45001-29-2024
Mazda CX-7 201284119$45001-28-2024
Pontiac Vibe 200584606$45501-26-2024
Cadillac Deville 200584074$25001-25-2024
Buick Rendezvous 200584604$46001-25-2024
Volkswagen Eos 201084606$57501-25-2024
Nissan Altima 201384119$60501-25-2024
Buick LaCrosse 200784057$47501-23-2024
Mitsubishi Galant 200484097$40001-23-2024
Volvo XC60 201684111$2,50001-23-2024
Hyundai Sonata 201084606$57001-22-2024
Audi allroad 200484025$22001-19-2024
Mazda Mazda6 200784601$48501-19-2024
Nissan Frontier 200684124$89001-19-2024
Toyota Sienna 200684057$53001-18-2024
Dodge Ram 1500 200184004$46501-18-2024
Subaru Outback 200784106$43001-18-2024

How Do I Trade In A Car With CarBrain?

Getting rid of a car with CarBrain.com begins with a cash estimate. The accuracy of the quick offer will rely on the accuracy of the details you provided. Make sure to include photos and as much context as possible! The whole process takes about 90 seconds and is an easy service from start to finish.

Once you've gotten your real-time offer and accepted it, you can start planning a date for removal. This is also incredibly straightforward — all that it requires is that you figure out the best time and place to get your car picked up, receive your check, and transfer over the title. Our service does NOT cost anything. Ever. All you need to do is get cash and get the title transferred.

How Much Is A Damaged Car Worth In Utah?

To receive a proper offer for your less-than-perfect car, we would need some details regarding the car. Some of these questions we'll ask are obvious. For example, does the car have a blown engine? Does it have any flood or fire damage? Is the vehicle good for daily use? Does it need major repairs? What is its current mileage? We consider all this and more.

Our company is unique in how we calculate the current market value of a vehicle, whether it's used, it has a broken motor or if it's just a salvage car. We always offer fair estimates that include FREE removal and title transfer. We process vehicles in 24 to 48 business hours and have accumulated numerous five-star reviews in over 13 years of business.

What Do I Have To Supply In Utah To Trade In My Vehicle?

Trading in your vehicle in Utah is easy. All you need is a correctly-signed title under the registered vehicle owner's name. Then clear out any personal belongings in the car. Subsequently, simply hand over the car keys and title, and get money! Check this page for details on how to transfer a title in Utah.

I Lost My Car Title. What Do I Do?

You can still trade in a car with CarBrain.com if you currently lost your title. You must obtain another certified copy of your title, however. Visit the Utah DMV page and send a request for a duplicate title. You will have to pay a fee for a verified copy of your title. Once you receive it, upload a high quality photo of the title to your customer service agent!

Where Can I Sell My Car in Utah With No Title?

In Utah, selling a car without a title can be difficult and is usually not advised. In addition to being necessary for proving ownership, buyers usually need the title for registration and legal reasons. Before trying to sell the vehicle, you might look into getting a duplicate title from the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles if you've misplaced the original title. If you're trying to sell your car in Utah but don't have the title, CarBrain, a national car buying service, might be able to help. Although having the title makes things easier, CarBrain offers a convenient solution for sellers who are having title-related difficulties because of its experience working with sellers in a variety of scenarios.

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Tips And Information You May Find Useful

Can I Still Sell You My Car If I Currently Lost Or Misplaced My Title?

If you need to order a duplicate, our associate buyer can help you complete the process in Utah. 

In most cases, you must provide a certified copy of the title in order to complete the sales process. Your associate buyer will always tell you what specific documents you need to sell your vehicle. Remember to have it handy at the time of pickup so that we can complete the transaction as fast as possible. 

Learn more about transferring titles in Utah here.

Do I Need Insurance On A Car To Sell It To CarBrain?

Insurance is not required for us to buy your car. 

CarBrain buys total loss vehicles frequently. However, keep in mind that CarBrain.com cannot assist you with your insurance company. If you want to sell us a vehicle declared a total loss, you must connect back with your insurer and ask how to retain a total loss car with a salvage title.

In some states, keeping or buying back a total loss vehicle is an option. If this is the case, you can retain the car and get a second check for it. By retaining a wrecked vehicle and trading in it afterwards, you can often maximize how much you can extract out of an unfortunate event such as a collision.

How Do I Junk My Vehicle In Utah?

CarBrain can pay for your junk vehicle in any condition. When you simply submit the required details of your scrap vehicle, we will give you a cash quote — you'll be done in just a couple of seconds with a few clicks of your mouse.

The final step is setting a time aside for pickup for your vehicle and getting your payment. That's it. You're done.

My Vehicle Is Accumulating Fees. Will You Pay For Them?

CarBrain.com covers pick-up and transfer of ownership. We always come to you in Utah. Unfortunately, CarBrain does not cover storage fees. Please let us know ASAP if your vehicle is accumulating fees and we will attempt to remove your vehicle as quickly as possible.

We cannot guarantee 24-hour pickups, but we can promise that we will try our absolute best to accommodate for your situation.

What Can I Receive For My Scrap Vehicle In Utah?

You can get cash for your scrap vehicle even when it can't be driven. Even junk vehicles are still worth some cash — after all, there are plenty of components that can be melted down and reused by expert car appraisers. The heavier your car is, the more you can get out of it.

However, local values in Utah can change depending on local supply and demand. The most convenient way to find out your vehicle's value is to receive an estimate from CarBrain!