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If you've decided to to get paid for your junk or unwanted vehicle and you’re searching for the best deal in Vermont, look no further than CarBrain.com. Our team has been in the junk and damaged cars market for over a decade. We specialize in linking car sellers like you into our network of approved and licensed junk car buyers. Where nearby yards are cumbersome and challenging — we work swiftly and efficiently.

Getting cash for a vehicle with CarBrain is easy. We give out offers with a few quick clicks and buy basically any car in 24 to 48 business hours. Get cash for your car with CarBrain and get FREE pick-up with your sale. We are the preferred choice for a great number of customers nationwide because of our ultra-fast removal, and ultra fast no-obligation offers.

Here's How To Get Cash For Your Vehicle With CarBrain


Simply Enter Car Info

It's easy to get a quote with CarBrain in Vermont. Start by completing our online form for getting an offer. It takes no more than 2 minutes to wrap up. Then we'll give you a secured quote!


Look Over And Accept Your Guaranteed Estimate

Secondly, schedule your tow in Vermont. You'll have to have to supply our service provider your keys and the certified copy of your title when they arrive.


Ready For Payment And Towing!

Finally, wait for the towing partner to show up. We'll remove your car for FREE from Vermont. When we tow the vehicle, you get paid cash!

Here's Why Our Clients Are Glad They Chose CarBrain.com

CarBrain.com is a trusted buyer of wrecked vehicles across the country. With thousands of exceptional reviews and excellent customer assistance, we've made a name for ourselves thanks to our ultra-fast removal and proven service.

  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Flexible And Swift Pick-Up Times.
  • Our Offers Are FINAL And Secure!
  • Dedicated Account Manager.

How to Sell a Used Car in Vermont?

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Vermont, renowned for its charming towns and outdoor allure, selling a used car becomes a part of the state's picturesque tapestry. Navigate the process by assembling essential documents like the title, maintenance records, and a bill of sale. Assess your car's fair market value based on make, model, year, mileage, and condition. By providing your car's details through CarBrain's online platform, you gain access to an instant quote. 

Your Estimate For Your Car In Vermont Is Waiting — Get A Quote Now!

Listing some basic info about the shape of your car can help you receive a fair market offer in just a couple of seconds. Your vehicle will be hauled away in two business days in Vermont. Towing is FREE. We've been operating for over ten years and help a great number just like you!

Can I Get Money For A Vehicle With CarBrain.com If It Doesn't Start Or Drive?

CarBrain.com can help you in Vermont to sell your used or wrecked car with no hassle. By using CarBrain.com you can get cash and have your vehicle taken off your property within one to two business days. We'll pay for these kinds of vehicles:

  • Used cars
  • Non-working vehicles
  • Wrecked vehicles
  • Scrap cars
  • Cars that don't start
  • Vehicles with bad motors
  • Vehicles declared total losses

We've Bought These Vehicles In Vermont

2006 Toyota Sienna

2006 Toyota Sienna

Mileage: 124,000Location: Reading, VT
2012 Toyota Prius v

2012 Toyota Prius v

Mileage: 180,000Location: South Burlington, VT
2008 Mercedes-Benz M-Class

2008 Mercedes-Benz M-Class

Mileage: 60,000Location: Swanton, VT
2007 Toyota Tundra

2007 Toyota Tundra

Mileage: 101,760Location: Rutland, VT
2011 BMW X5

2011 BMW X5

Mileage: 113,000Location: Barre, VT
2010 Toyota Camry

2010 Toyota Camry

Mileage: 172,000Location: Barton, VT
2008 Toyota Highlander

2008 Toyota Highlander

Mileage: 258,000Location: Montpelier, VT
2008 Toyota Tacoma

2008 Toyota Tacoma

Mileage: 147,000Location: Burlington, VT
2010 Audi A4

2010 Audi A4

Mileage: 116,000Location: Wilder, VT
2013 MINI Cooper Countryman

2013 MINI Cooper Countryman

Mileage: 100,000Location: Waterbury, VT
2013 Toyota Prius c

2013 Toyota Prius c

Mileage: 221,000Location: Barre, VT
2009 Subaru Forester

2009 Subaru Forester

Mileage: 100,000Location: South Burlington, VT

How Selling Your Vehicle With CarBrain Works

Selling a vehicle on the internet is effortless and straightforward. It all starts with requesting a current appraisal. You can accomplish this by clicking on the "Get an Offer" button and submitting some details relating to your vehicle. Afterwards, our system will use the details you entered about your vehicle and our database to generate an offer for the vehicle.

Once you've accepted your on-demand estimate, all you have to do is plan the pickup of the car at a convenient time. We will come to you wherever you may find yourself. Our service is free of ANY costs — that includes transfer of ownership and pick-up. Everything is FREE from start to finish.

What Will I Receive For An Undrivable Car In Vermont?

The offer of your vehicle can be influenced by numerous factors outside of the year, make and model. For instance, vehicles located in the north can oftentimes be subject to greater levels of wear and tear because there are harsher environment conditions in the northern states. This can greatly reduce the evaluation of the car.

CarBrain.com is a unique buyer. Our offer is careful and is based completely on the car itself to give the best possible actual market value for your vehicle. Our haul times are fast, and the entire process is simple.

How to Scrap a Car in Vermont?

Embraced by the lush landscapes of Vermont, scrapping a car involves navigating the state's environmentally conscious practices. Start by researching local scrapyards or junkyards that adhere to Vermont's regulations. Comply with any state-specific requirements for proper disposal and recycling. For a more environmentally friendly and hassle-free option in the Green Mountain State, consider CarBrain, a reputable nationwide car buying service. 

I'm Ready. Where Do We Go From Here To Sell My Vermont Vehicle?

CarBrain.com necessitates that the car title is registered under the correct legal name. If it's not, we cannot buy the vehicle in Vermont. We've put together a resource page on how to complete a transfer of ownership in Vermont. After that all you need to do is remove your personal belongings from the car and hand over your car's keys! That is all. You're all done.

Do You Need a Title to Sell a Car in Vermont?

Yes, in Vermont, you generally need a title to sell a car. The title serves as proof of ownership and is essential for legal and registration purposes. If you've misplaced the title, it's advisable to apply for a duplicate title from the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles before attempting to sell the car. However, CarBrain, a trusted nationwide car buying service, may be able to assist you even if you don't have the title.

What To Do If You Misplaced Your Title

If you misplaced your title because you misplaced it, our customer service representatives can help you through the entire process of obtaining a duplicate title. You need to visit Vermont's DMV page here. After you pay a fee, you'll get a verified copy of the title. Upon receiving it, upload a high resolution photo of the title to CarBrain — and you're done!

CarBrain Can Buy Cars In These Cities

Additional Information

Am I Able To Sell My Car If It's Still Being Financed?

Check how much you owe on your car. CarBrain will only buy vehicles with liens if our offer is equal to or exceeds the value of the lien. At this moment, CarBrain does not purchase vehicles whose value is lower than the value of the lien.

How Much Can I Get for My Scrap Vehicle in Vermont?

The worth of your scrap vehicle depends on its size and where the car is currently located. Skilled vehicle evaluators can dependably recycle the scrap parts and metals inside your vehicle, like steel, aluminum and platinum, to harvest, melt down and reuse them for other products. The amount you get for your vehicle depends on nearby market rates in Vermont and the current going rate of different metals.

The most convenient way to find out what your scrap car is currently worth is to receive a quote from CarBrain.com.

I Want To Sell My Junk Vehicle In Vermont — Where Should I Go?

CarBrain can pay for your wrecked car in any condition. When you quickly enter the required details of your wrecked car, we will give you a fair market offer — you'll be done in no more than 2 minutes with just a couple of clicks. The next item on the list is setting aside a time for towing for your vehicle and collecting your payment.

That's it. You're done.

What Are Your Hours Of Operation? I Have Questions.

Customer service representatives can answer your questions about sales or pickups from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST Monday-Sunday. Any emails, texts, or messages that you send in through our platforms will be promptly answered by your account representative. CarBrain.com works in the cloud so we are always by you.

Will You Cover The Garage Fees My Vehicle Is Accumulating?

If you're accumulating fees, let your customer service representative know ASAP. While we do not cover fees, we can help you schedule a fast pickup to minimize the fees you are charged.

You will not have to pay anything to have your car picked up. CarBrain includes FREE towing in all offers made to clients. We always come to you.

We tow your vehicle as-is, where-is in less than 48 business hours. Do not worry about pick-up or transfer of ownership — we will cover it all.