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Need to get cash for your vehicle with mechanical problems? CarBrain.com can help. CarBrain.com specializes in picking up wrecked and mechanically damaged Libertys. We are experts at evaluating salvage vehicles throughout the country.

Sell your clunker with CarBrain.com and obtain a quick offer within 90 seconds. We pay cash for junk vehicles in two business days across the country!

With numerous five-star reviews, CarBrain is the go-to service for disposing of a car across the nation. We help sellers like you every day.

Selling Your Wrecked Jeep Liberty With CarBrain


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Learn what your Liberty is worth with CarBrain in no more than 2 minutes. Answer our instant offer form with details about your vehicle to get started!


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After we generate the estimate, you can schedule the towing with your customer service agent. Remember to find the keys and certified copy of the title!


Receive Your Pay-Off!

Then, wait for the tow truck driver. We offer FREE towing in 24 to 48 business hours for all our evaluations. You'll get paid immediately!

CarBrain.com can help you responsibly recycle your beat-up Liberty wherever you are for a fair market price!

Get started by generating a fair market quote for your beat-up car and we'll take your Jeep quickly!

Receive An Offer For Your Run-Down Jeep Liberty Instantly

You can discover your Liberty's value in just a couple of seconds with our effortless form! We will come to you. Pick-up is FREE. Title transfer is on us. See why we have thousands of numerous excellent reviews all over the web.

Here's Why Our Clients Are Glad They Chose CarBrain

CarBrain.com is a professional and trusted company that deals with old vehicles and vehicles with engine problems every day. We have many years of experience. We can pick up cars in 24 to 48 business hours. With numerous excellent reviews and numerous satisfied customers across the nation, CarBrain is a company you can trust!

  • Get FREE towing — we come to you!
  • No last-minute haggling — EVER!
  • Our guaranteed offers DO NOT CHANGE!
  • All towing and title transfer fees are covered by us.
  • Get your GUARANTEED check delivery fast!

My Car Has No Title - Will CarBrain.com Buy It?

If you're asking to yourself whether CarBrain will purchase your Jeep Liberty with mechanical problems or any other issue — YES. We almost certainly will.

We've been buying non-working cars for over a decade. This is what we do. Here's a list of cars we've purchased recently:

  • Damaged vehicles
  • Cars with body damage
  • Unwanted cars
  • Vehicles with mechanical problems
  • Cars with broken engine
  • Wrecked cars

Got a Liberty with a faulty engine? Don't waste time with junkyards that will haggle — CarBrain can get you a fair quote. Get an estimate to get started.

What Is The Market Value Of A Damaged Jeep Liberty With CarBrain?

How much you could be quoted for your damaged trucks depends on many things. For example, we'll consider the body damage of the vehicle, its location, whether it's still good for daily use, and more. So often times, the same car will be valued at a different market price because of different factors we consider.

Jeep Libertys We Recently Purchased

2008 Jeep liberty

2008 Jeep liberty

Mileage: 72,000Location: Port Saint Lucie, FL
2009 Jeep liberty

2009 Jeep liberty

Mileage: 153,000Location: West Hartford, CT
2010 Jeep liberty

2010 Jeep liberty

Mileage: 149,000Location: Grand Rapids, MI
2012 Jeep liberty

2012 Jeep liberty

Mileage: 66,000Location: Memphis, TN
2010 Jeep liberty

2010 Jeep liberty

Mileage: 103,000Location: Newark, DE
2011 Jeep liberty

2011 Jeep liberty

Mileage: 150,000Location: Charleston, SC
2008 Jeep liberty

2008 Jeep liberty

Mileage: 145,361Location: Strongsville, OH
2008 Jeep liberty

2008 Jeep liberty

Mileage: 165,000Location: Cincinnati, OH

What Do I Need To Sell My Jeep Liberty?

After you say yes to our offer, our associate buyers will help you arrange your pickup. Prepare your Liberty for the sale by removing your possessions ahead of time.

When the service provider arrives, remember to transfer over the title and hand over the keys. You'll get your money on the spot.

CarBrain is truly in a league of its own because its evaluation system is highly in depth and focused on far more than just your vehicle's value in scrap metal or the year, make and model. We truly go the extra mile to provide our customers with the best possible estimate.

Here Are Damaged Jeep Models CarBrain Will Buy

You May Be Interested In Knowing

I Want To Get Cash For My Junk Jeep Liberty. Who Can I Sell It To?

If you want to junk your Liberty, CarBrain is the solution for you. We offer fair prices for all scrap vehicles in no more than 2 minutes. All you have to do is complete ouronline form for requesting an offer.

If you like our estimate, we can pick up your car in 24 to 48 business hours for FREE. When the driver arrives, you get your check immediately. Get started now.

How Much Can I Get For Scrapping My Liberty?

There's a lot of payment you can get from your scrap Liberty, even if it has reached the end of its life. Many businesses can responsibly recycle the components in the vehicle and extract the scrap metal left inside.

Your vehicle's going rate depends on its size and weight, as well as where it's currently located. Different steel mills across the country will assign different values to the steel, aluminum, platinum, and other metals found in the car based on nearby market values.

The speediest way to find out your scrap Jeep Liberty's worth is to get an estimate from CarBrain.com.

Can You Pick My Jeep Liberty Up From The Side Of The Road?

For liability reasons, we cannot haul away cars on the side of the road. However, as long as your vehicle is at an identifiable address accessible by tow truck, we can tow it for free.

If your car is located in a low covered parking lot or another area not accessible by standard tow trucks, we may need to dispatch a special tow truck at additional cost or ask you to move your car in order for us to pick it up. 

I Have An Old Jeep Liberty. Will You Buy It?

CarBrain can give you a bid for your less-than-perfect car in just 90 seconds. We'll buy wrecked cars, non-running cars, cars with engine troubles, cars with transmission problems, cars with body damage, older cars, rebuilt cars, salvage cars and more. It's our specialty!

However, there are some limits to keep in mind. We cannot buy cars missing engines, cars with no transmissions or cars with less than two tires. We also don't make offers on individual car parts — you'll need to go to Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for that.

Do I Have To Tell My Insurance Company That I'm Selling You My Jeep Liberty?

CarBrain.com can pay cash for crashed vehicles. However, CarBrain does not work directly with your insurance company when buying your car.

If you want to sell us your collision-damaged vehicle, you must request to buy it back from your insurance company and claim the salvage title before selling it to CarBrain. By keeping the title for your less-than-perfect vehicle, you may get an extra payout for your car.

First, you get cash for your vehicle from the insurance company. Then, you sell it to CarBrain.com for a fair and competitive quote!