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The traditional totaled car definition is when a car has suffered damage greater than or equal to 75% of its value, and your insurance carrier deems it a “total loss.” That’s what makes a car totaled. In these cases, the insurance claims adjuster has decided it would be more expensive to repair your car rather than simply replace it, so you’re often given the cash market value of your car (minus deductibles and fees) instead of being compensated for repairs.

After that, there are a few things that could happen that will decide what you should do with your totaled car.

How to Sell A Totaled Car - Where Can I Sell My Totaled Car?

How Much Damage to Total a Car, and What to do with it AfterwardsWhether or not you’ve got a total loss car is determined by comparing the expense of possible repairs against its current market value, so the type of damage doesn’t matter quite as much. It doesn’t have to be a major front-end collision that totals your car, and your car might (in some cases) still be running afterwards. Some people wonder “if airbags deploy is my car totaled?” And the answer isn’t necessarily yes or no.

But regardless of how your car sustains the damage, your left with a few basic options after your car is totaled. First, you can release it to the insurer and take the full payment, or you can select “owner retention” and hang onto the vehicle after it’s declared totaled. This may in some cases affect your payout, but you’ll have to consult your insurer for the full details.

 Get Cash for Totaled Cars - How to Get Rid Of A Totaled Car Quickly

Whether you should retain your total loss car is completely up to you, but it might be worthwhile if you can get more by selling it personally than how much the insurance company will pay for your car. To get an instant, guaranteed quote for the value of your totaled vehicle, just use our online pricing tool and you can find out exactly what your vehicle is worth in just 90 seconds with no hassle and no obligation to sell.

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That depends entirely on the market value of your car and the extent of the damages involved. Damaged car meaning varies from car to car, and insurance companies will compare the cost of repair against Kelley Blue Book value, Black Book value or NADA standards. So a newer, more expensive car that only needs minor repairs won’t necessarily be totaled, but if your vehicle is well past its prime when it sustains a serious fender bender, then it’s more likely to be totaled out.

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How Do You Know if Your Car is Totaled?

As you can probably imagine, dealerships and private buyers aren’t usually fighting for a shot to buy your totaled vehicle. That leaves the local scrap yard, but they’re likely to only offer you scrap metal pricing regardless of whether your vehicle has premium upgrades or optional features. It’s often the case that totaled cars are still loaded with valuable parts, and by selling your car for scrap you’re essentially throwing all that value away.

Here at CarBrain, our experts specialize in appraising, buying and selling totaled cars, salvage vehicles, wrecked cars and other hard-to-sell cars. We plug you into an approved network of junk car buyers who are willing to pay a premium for valuable parts and upgrades, so you get every penny you deserve when you sell your totaled car.

How Much Can I Get for A Totaled Car?

What if I Want to Sell my Totaled Car for Parts Instead?If you’re trying to get the best possible price for your totaled car, most people assume that parting it out is the way to go—but this can be extremely time-consuming and knowledge-intensive …

First of all, you have to be pretty familiar with cars to tear down a modern vehicle. Today’s cars have an average of 30,000 individual parts, and you could easily hurt yourself if you’re not careful. Then you have to figure out a market price for each valuable part, and find a buyer who’s willing to take it off your hand. You’re doing all this while warehousing thousands of parts in your garage and a few tons of chassis are slowly rusting out in your driveway.

What's The Value of My Totaled Car?

The more popular parts might sell quickly, but you could be stuck with the rest for months. You might even have to pay to have the chassis towed away at the end of it all. Instead it’s often quicker—and easier—to let the experts at CarBrain take care of the work for you. It takes less than two minutes to get an offer, and we can be there with FREE towing in 24-48 hours—and pay you right there on the spot.

What to Do With A Totaled Car - Trade in Totaled Cars for Cash

Before you accept a payout from the insurance company, make sure to use our online pricing tool and calculate the value of your totaled car. If their quote for the salvage value of your vehicle is lower than our guaranteed quote, then you should definitely hang on to your totaled car and sell it through CarBrain.

We’ve been in the business of buying totaled, salvage and damaged cars for over thirty years, and we’ve earned one of the best reputations in the business by getting sellers like you the best possible deal for the fair market value of totaled cars.

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