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In today's day and age you have many options for an online car selling app. New apps are being released regularly and each of them comes with their own unique features and benefits.

With the landscape oversaturated with car-selling apps, it can be hard to navigate which ones are viable for you. Here's our list of some solid apps for you to sell your car.

What Is The Best App to Sell Your Old Car?


1. CarBrain

CarBrain is a mobile platform that boasts cutting-edge valuation technology and specializes in less-than-perfect cars. Their goal is to remove the hassle from selling your damaged vehicle, letting you get quotes and arrange retrieval all from the comfort of your couch.

  • Instant offers on most cars!
  • FREE retrieval and title transfer for CarBrain customers!
  • Entire process can be completed within 24-48 hours of first contact!

2. Autotrader

The Autotrader app is the "ultimate solution" for buying and selling new, certified, and used cars. Autotrader has been designed to give you deeper control of the buying process, while making the hunt for a vehicle easier than before.

  • Largest selection of vehicle inventory from dealers and private sellers.
  • Scan VIN to find comparable models in your area.
  • A cache of tools for consumers to research and compare: from photos and videos to reviews, these tools are readily available.

3. Instamotor

The Instamotor app's chief aim is to help users find the best "pre-loved" vehicle for their particular needs. It also specializes in assisting users that don't have credit or don't have perfect credit.

  • Offer free vehicle history reports with problematic issues.
  • Guaranteed labeling of lemon history, salvage title, weather damage, etc.

4. CarGurus

The CarGurus app is touted as the one stop shop to buy a car. You can use it to check out new and used cars in local dealerships and even finance the car directly through the app. If you're looking to sell, then CarGurus is also a great place to list your car if you're looking to save time.

  • Unbiased rankings and powerful data analytics.
  • Over 5 million listings.
  • Non-stop innovation.
  • Customer first mentality.

5. Cars.com

CARS creates a "chemistry" by connecting buyers and sellers, matching people with their perfect car, while manifesting an improved selling and buying experience. One of their biggest "claims to fame" is that they "invented" car search.

  • Empowers shoppers with data, resources, and digital tools to connect to retailers.
  • Seamless connection with automotive retailers.

6. Carvana Copilot

This app enables users to search for vehicles, obtain instant finance terms, and then buy online. As a seller, you can contribute your car to their ever-growing inventory.

Additionally, they have a 7 day "love it or leave" policy, wherein you can return a vehicle up to 7 days later with a full refund.

  • Will deliver your car or allow for a pick up at their car vending machines.
  • Have a 20,000 cars vehicle inventory.
  • Every car goes through their strict 150-point inspection.

7. Edmunds

The Edmunds app provides users with a variety of tools to assist them in finding the right vehicle. They offer free car appraisals and instant cash offers for sellers, often buying a car directly from you. Other buyer resources include:

  • Market pricing tool to assist in price points.
  • A car buying calculator.
  • Vehicle reviews and price comparisons.

8. Peddle.com

Peddle is a company with a network of buyers looking to purchase specific vehicles. This makes the Peddle app useful for people looking to sell an old, used car before they decide to purchase a new one.

  • Provides instant quotes.
  • Complementary towing within 48 hours after offer.

9. CarMax

CarMax is ideal if you don't like the idea of negotiating at all. They're a free app that enables you to search for cars in your area. You can browse dealership inventory from the comfort of your home (and away from any hawkish salespeople).

  • Check vehicle inventory and reviews.
  • Access financial information.
  • Make payments electronically if you have a loan from CarMax.

10. Kelley Blue Book

While it is somewhere where you can actually sell your car, Kelley Blue Book's real impact is as an incredible asset for buyers and sellers. KBB allows you to research your options or check to see if the prices you get at the dealership are a good deal or not.

  • Instant cash offers and purchases within 24 hours.
  • Free to use.
  • The valuation tool requires zero obligation.

You'll notice we ranked CarBrain number 1, and you may think we're a "little" biased, but hundreds of people can't be wrong. CarBrain has the most positive reviews from satisfied clients on numerous third party sites such as Google, FB and BBB.

What Should You Consider When Choosing An App To Sell Your Used Vehicle?

At the end of day the best car selling app will be the one that best meets your needs. If speed is a high priority for you, picking a platform that provides instant offers and quick pick-up times will most likely be the way to go.

Each application has their own standout features, pros, and cons. It's in your best interest to narrow down what your "must-haves" are when it comes to selling your car online.

Here are some features we feel are a necessity for any old car-selling app:

  • Ability to add vehicle history report to listing
  • Cash offer or sell-to-dealer options
  • Trade-in option
  • Car pick-up

These four core features are a great foundation for any vehicle selling app. You can then build your specificities on top of those and find the perfect platform for you.


How Does The CarBrain App Help You Easily Sell Your Old Car?

CarBrain’s app enables you to get a valuation calculated for your vehicle within 90 seconds. With just a few pictures, a VIN, and year, make, and model of your vehicle, you can get exactly how much you'd receive for selling the car to us.

After accepting the offer, you can schedule vehicle retrieval within 24-48 hours with one of our local partners…absolutely FREE. Once your car is hitched up, you'll get the quoted amount directly in your hands.

Look at that…an entire transaction done without you leaving the comfort of your home!

CarBrain's here to take that old car off your mind!


Get an offer for your old car in seconds!

What Is The Most Secure Way To Sell A Car?

When selling your car the most secure way to make the transaction is to do the exchange inside the walls of a bank. Also, retain the title until the agreed-upon payment is made in full.

Should You Accept A Cashier’s Check While Selling A Car?

Besides cash, a cashier’s check is the next most secure way to accept payment for your vehicle. That said, the potential for fraud still exists so remain vigilant and make sure to double check that you are paid the full amount you are owed in any form by following up with your bank after cashing the check.