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If you are in possession of a totaled, junked, or abandoned car on your property, in all likelihood, you’re looking for a way to have it removed.

There are different methods of dealing with this problem but the easiest way to have a vehicle removed, and also earn a profit, is through CarBrain.

Modern Technology, Modern Solutions

While previously options for car removal were limited and unideal, what people used to do when they wanted to get rid of a totaled car is no longer the only option.

Before we had the modern luxury of common-sense, convenient car removal, you would have to call a towing company and pay them to tow your car to a junkyard, only to see little to no return on your vehicle.

Once you learn the advantages that CarBrain’s services offer, this will seem like a terribly misinformed idea.

Using Traditional Towing Services

Some automotive junkyards these days do actually tow your vehicle and pay you for it, but it’s not as simple as it seems. First of all, your priority would be to get the best price for your vehicle.

The way you would do this is by calling up every scrapyard in your area and explaining to them a list of details about your car.

You would do this more than a couple of times, as you trudged through that list of junkyards one by one. That’s not even to mention that some junkyards, by their own policies, don’t offer you a quote on the phone.

After contacting all the junkyards around, you would pick out the offer with the best quote. The tow truck will get to your property and then your vehicle will be evaluated by the junkyard.

If you forgot to mention anything over the phone, they will hold it against you and pay you less than what they quoted.

They could also just contrive a reason to pay less for the vehicle if you’re unfortunate enough to work with a less than reputable junkyard.

Getting your vehicle towed by a junkyard or separate company are choices you can make but they have a litany of their own difficulties.

Unless you had the capability to tow your own vehicle around or the time and tools to junk it yourself, this is how people used to handle vehicles they wanted to remove for decades.


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Along Came CarBrain

Dealing with junkyards and towing companies is a relic of the past now that you can go through the entire process of getting rid of a car online.

CarBrain is a website that will take and tow your vehicle away whilst paying you a fair price, guaranteed.

It might be hard to believe how easy it is to remove a vehicle through CarBrain, but just peruse the website and you will find that CarBrain’s services are legitimate and intuitive.

Our services remove unnecessary confusion from the process of junk car removal. As long as you answer the questions on your vehicle and its current state, you will be given a guaranteed offer online.

How CarBrain Simplifies The Process

The process of selling your car and, in turn, getting your vehicle removed is simple using the smart price generation tool on CarBrain.

Once you visit the website just click to get an offer and you will be asked how you would like to give your vehicle’s information, either by providing your VIN or by manually supplying questions about your car.

CarBrain will generate an offer for your vehicle in as little as 90 seconds, which is much faster and more convenient than calling junkyards around you to try and get a good deal.

You will also be provided with free towing for your car. You do not need to worry about the title transfer either, as CarBrain will do it for free as well on all offers.

When you accept an offer, a vehicle will come to pick up your car in as little as 24 to 48 hours, making the whole process quick and convenient.

You will be paid with a check on the spot and never have to worry about your damaged or totaled vehicle again.

Get Free Vehicle Removal Services With CarBrain

If you need to have a vehicle removed from your property there are a number of actions you can take.

Some people have the know-how to scrap cars themselves and make money without giving up their vehicle to a third party.

It might also seem tempting to just call a towing company or a junkyard and either lose some serious potential profit or eat up your time looking for the best offers.

Those hassles are not needed when CarBrain provides a quick and easy website to get rid of unwanted vehicles and receive fair offers.

CarBrain modernizes the experience of selling junk cars and gets rid of the stresses inherent to the junkyard options.

When you need to have a vehicle removed, CarBrain is the best bet for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get rid of my car fast?

The easiest way to get rid of your car is to find a service that will remove it for you and pay you for it. Online services can be most efficient and convenient if speed is your goal.

At CarBrain, we can pick up your car for you and pay you for it in 24-48 business hours. Get an offer now with our online quote generator to get started!

How do you get rid of a car no one wants?

You can call a junk car removal service. Places like CarBrain can provide a quote online in just 90 seconds, schedule a pickup and purchase your vehicle with minimal fuss — you don't even need to leave your house!

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