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Helplessly running about the Irvine area looking for a local wrecking yard to buy your vehicle? Well, your search ends now. CarBrain.com will help you do away with your less-than-perfect vehicle fast. Our service is fully cost-free and the towing generally happens in two business days. We are instantly. We work effectively. Because we value our customers' time.

Trade in your junk vehicle in one to two business days with CarBrain.com and get complimentary pick-up throughout the country with just a few clicks. Our network of licensed and vetted junk car buyers works fast and methodically to help you discard your car with a broken engine.

Scrapping a vehicle with a faulty motor with CarBrain.com is quickly and straightforward. Our ultra-fast towing times and immediate cash appraisals make it remarkably useful to trade in a vehicle online!

How Does Trading In A Vehicle With CarBrain.com Work?


Simply Submit Car Details

It's easy to get an offer with CarBrain.com in Irvine, CA. Start by completing our instant offer form. It takes less than 2 minutes to wrap up. Then we'll give you a guaranteed offer!


Confirm Your Estimate

Once you view and agree to our final offer, it's time to plan your towing in Irvine, CA. Find the car keys and verified copy of the title to wrap up the sale.


Receive Your Pay-Off!

The last step is to wait for the towing partner to arrive! We always supply FREE pick-up in Irvine, CA. Hand over the car keys and the verified copy of the title, and you'll get your money immediately!

Where Can I Sell Your Car for Cash in Irvine?

In such a dynamic city, CarBrain provides Irvine residents with a modern solution for selling their cars. Whether you're in the bustling business district or one of Irvine's picturesque neighborhoods, CarBrain's online platform allows you to seamlessly sell your car without the hassle. Irvine's focus on cutting-edge technology aligns with CarBrain's commitment to providing a streamlined and efficient process for selling your car for cash.

So, if you find yourself in Irvine, looking to sell your car for cash, trust CarBrain to offer not only a convenient transaction but also an experience tailored to the forward-thinking spirit of this Southern California city. Experience the best of both worlds – the dynamic lifestyle of Irvine and a modern approach to selling your car with CarBrain.

Why You Should Pick CarBrain For Getting Paid For Your Vehicle

Junking your vehicle with CarBrain is an easy service from start to finish. CarBrain's service is by far the most hassle-free way to scrap a car with electrical problems. We pay cash for vehicles throughout the country and offer FREE pick-up to each single one of our clients.

  • No Last-Minute Haggling — EVER!
  • 1000s of Happy Clients.
  • Contact Free Transaction!
  • Get FREE Towing — We Come Directly To You!

Your Estimate For Your Broken Or Unwanted Car In Irvine, CA Is Waiting — Get A Quote Now!

It couldn't be more painless to receive an offer with CarBrain.com — just respond to our form! It takes 90 seconds.We always come to you in Irvine, California. Pick-up is complimentary. Title transfer is on us. Discover why we have thousands of numerous superb reviews all over the web.

Will CarBrain Buy A Car With Engine Problems?

Getting rid of your car in Irvine, California can be challenging. With CarBrain, selling your junker is as simple as A-B-C, and as easy as 1-2-3! We pay cash for vehicles with these problems:
  • Used vehicles
  • Non-running cars
  • Accident-damaged cars
  • Scrap vehicles
  • Cars with mechanical issues
  • Cars with faulty motors
  • A total loss cars

Pre-Owned Or Wrecked Cars CarBrain Has Bought Recently In Irvine

2004 Lexus RX 330

2004 Lexus RX 330

Mileage: 286,000Location: Irvine, CA
2012 Audi TTS

2012 Audi TTS

Mileage: 153,000Location: Irvine, CA
2007 BMW 3 series

2007 BMW 3 series

Mileage: 133,000Location: Irvine, CA
2002 Toyota Highlander

2002 Toyota Highlander

Mileage: 180,000Location: Irvine, CA
2005 Toyota Sienna

2005 Toyota Sienna

Mileage: 111,000Location: Irvine, CA
2006 Lexus LS 430

2006 Lexus LS 430

Mileage: 163,000Location: Irvine, CA
2005 Toyota 4Runner

2005 Toyota 4Runner

Mileage: 205,000Location: Irvine, CA
2006 Ford Explorer

2006 Ford Explorer

Mileage: 118,000Location: Irvine, CA

How Do I Sell A Car With CarBrain.com?

Disposing of a vehicle with CarBrain starts with a FREE offer. The accuracy of the quote is dependant on the accuracy of the information you provided. Keep in mind to include pictures and as much information as possible! The whole process takes about 90 seconds and doesn't require much effort to complete.

The only thing you have to do is arrange the pick-up with one of our local towing partners at a suitable time. Normally, our driver will give you a time window to arrange accepting your cash and complete the title transfer. We always come to you anywhere throughout the country. Office or home!

How Much Does A Beat-Up Car Go For In Irvine, California?

The value of a totaled vehicle depends on a variety of factors. The most basic ones are year, make and model. But even the physical damage of the vehicle, where the car is currently located, and its mechanical status can impact its market value. This is because different buyers will have different uses for the car so they will give it a distinct market price.

CarBrain.com is truly in a league of its own because its offer process is highly in depth and focused on rather than taking into account just its year, make, and model. We truly go above and beyond to provide our clients with the best possible offer.

What Do I Need To Provide To Work With CarBrain.com In California?

To trade in your vehicle in California, the initial item is to take care your paperwork is perfect. That means that the vehicle title is registered to the right owner. Following that, clear out your personal stuff, wait for the driver to get there and get money! It's straightforward. Learn more about how to complete the title transfer in California here: transfer the title

Who Can I Sell Damaged Car to In Irvine With No Title?

"Selling a damaged car without a title in Irvine poses challenges due to legal requirements. While obtaining a title is typically necessary for traditional sales, CarBrain offers a unique solution. Our platform provides a modern and efficient way to assess your damaged car and provide a competitive offer, considering various factors beyond just the title.

Navigating the complexities of selling a damaged car without a title can be overwhelming, but CarBrain simplifies the process. We offer valuable insights and options for Irvine residents looking to part ways with their damaged vehicles. The city's forward-thinking atmosphere finds a counterpart in CarBrain's innovative approach to car selling, ensuring a seamless experience, even in situations where a title might be unavailable. Experience the convenience of exploring your options with CarBrain in Irvine."

Did you lose your vehicle's title? Our associate buyers can guide you through the entire process of obtaining another certified copy of the title in California. Start by visiting the California DMV page here: Your state's DMV page. Next, pay a small fee and get your verified copy of the title. When it arrives, send a high quality photo of the duplicate title to CarBrain!

We Can Pay Cash For Cars In These Places

Common Questions You May Have

What's My Scrap Car's Value In Irvine, California?

The going rate of your scrap vehicle depends on its size and the car's present location. Knowledgeable vehicle evaluators can properly recycle the scrap components and metals inside your car, like steel, aluminum and platinum, to recycle and reuse them for other products. The amount you get for your vehicle depends on local market demand in Irvine and the current going rate of different metals.

The most convenient way to find out what your scrap vehicle is currently worth is to receive a quote from CarBrain.

What's The Best Way To Sell A Junk Car In Irvine, California?

The first step to selling your scrap car in Irvine is to get a no obligation quote with CarBrain. The following step is setting a time aside for towing, after you accept our guaranteed quote.

Junking your car with CarBrain is easy — we will come to you, and all you have to do is hand over your car's keys and get your check. There's no catch. There are no fees.

Why Didn't I Get An Offer For My Vehicle?

There are a number of reasons for why you may not have received an offer. For one, we simply may not have had coverage in Irvine, California. While we are working hard to cover as much of the United States as possible, it's still a work in progress — we live in a big country!

To get paid for your old car, you simply need to find alternative ways to trade in it. There are local junkyards close to you that would love to take a look it.

There are private sellers in sites like the Facebook Marketplace, and there are also non-profits that would love to receive your vehicle.

If I Fix Up My Car And Bring It To You, Will I Get A Higher Quote?

CarBrain quotes are based on far more than just the year, make, and model. We also take into consideration the mileage, location of your car and more. Get the most accurate offer possible by sending us photos and the vehicle identification number.

All our offers are based on fluctuating market values. Therefore, there is no guarantee that your offer will increase or decrease if you wait for it to expire before requesting a new quote. There's also no guarantee that you'll get a quote high enough after repairing your car to make the repairs profitable for you.

Is There A Towing Fee For Having My Car Picked Up?

CarBrain will never charge you for towing your car. We include complimentary towing in all CarBrain quotes. We always come to you in Irvine, CA.

You do not need to worry about costs for transfer of ownership either. All you have to do is show up at the car's location and get paid. Our partners are carefully selected to make sure the entire process is as smooth as possible.

CarBrain does not cover fees you are accumulating due to your car's location, however, let your customer service representative know if you are getting charged. We can try to find a towing company driver available to pick your car up faster if that is the case.