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Don’t want to read? Let’s talk. (818) 350-5720
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Don’t want to read? Let’s talk. (818) 350-5720
We're your trusted car buyers:

Looking for junk car buyers in Los Angeles to sell your broken car? You’ve found the right place. CarBrain has been buying less-than-perfect cars for over a decade, and we’re ready to help you sell your car in any condition in LA.

We buy junk cars in Los Angeles, California! Our system is designed to help you sell your car with free pick up and no fuss, so you can focus on collecting your payment and moving on with your life.

Don’t spend days contacting all the junk car buyers in LA you can find comparing quotes for your car. Get an offer from CarBrain in 90 seconds and sell your car without the fuss. We’re ready and waiting to help you get a top dollar offer for your vehicle and sell it fast.

Why Sell Your Junk Car In Los Angeles With CarBrain

We’ve been buying junk cars for cash in Los Angeles and other cities nationwide since 2007. What makes us different from our competitors? CarBrain’s mission is to provide the best customer service in the automotive e-commerce industry.

Here’s just a few reason why selling your car for parts in Los Angeles with CarBrain is the right choice for you:

  • We’ll generate a custom quote to sell your totaled car in 90 seconds — get an instant evaluation for your vehicle!

  • Our offers are guaranteed for seven days, so you have time to compare your options.

  • We assign a dedicated file manager to your vehicle so you have someone available to walk you through the entire process.

  • We include free towing with all our offers — there are no hidden fees for using our service.

  • CarBrain can pick up your car in as little as 24 hours so you don’t have to wait ages to complete the process.

  • You will get paid on the spot for your vehicle when we come to pick up the car!

Selling your old car doesn’t have to be a hassle if you use CarBrain. We make it easy to get cash for junk cars in Los Angeles. Sell your totaled car today!


Our expert evaluators can help you get an accurate estimate for your car's value, FAST!

Will CarBrain Buy My Car In Any Condition?

Yes, CarBrain can buy cars with any problems! We specialize in damaged cars and work with dealerships, local buyers and junkyards in Los Angeles to generate our quotes. Here are some other damage types we accept:

  • Non-running cars

  • Vehicles with body damage

  • Unwanted cars

  • Cars with mechanical damage

  • Vehicles with electrical problems

  • Cars with bad motors

  • Vehicles that have been totaled

  • Old cars

  • Wrecked cars

  • High mileage vehicles

  • Used vehicles

  • Vehicles with interior damage

We buy junk cars in Los Angeles, CA no matter what condition it’s in. We’ll give you a fair market offer and help you sell your vehicle quickly and without the hassle.

Junk Cars We've Recently Bought In Los Angeles

1997 Lexus LX 450

1997 Lexus LX 450

Mileage: 316,000Location: Los Angeles, CA
2005 Chevrolet SSR

2005 Chevrolet SSR

Mileage: 99,000Location: Los Angeles, CA
1982 Mercedes-Benz 380

1982 Mercedes-Benz 380

Mileage: 180,000Location: Los Angeles, CA
2005 Nissan Frontier

2005 Nissan Frontier

Mileage: 115,000Location: Los Angeles, CA

How To Get Rid Of My Car For Cash With CarBrain

Using CarBrain to sell your crashed car is a simple one step process. The steps for how to scrap a car in Los Angeles with CarBrain are:

  1. Get an offer. We will generate a quote to sell your not running car in as little as 90 seconds after you complete our form.

  2. Schedule the pickup. If you like our offer to get cash for your car near you, our team can help you schedule your free pickup and payment in as little as 24 hours!

  3. Get paid! The final step to get cash for junk cars in LA from CarBrain is to wait for the driver to arrive. You’ll get your payment on the spot!

Don’t spend ages wondering who buys cars in Los Angeles — you’ve found the answer. Get your offer from CarBrain today.

How Much Money Do You Get For Junking A Car In LA?

The value of your car can be affected by numerous factors. At CarBrain, we may look at the following to decide what your vehicle is worth:

  • Its year, make, model and trim

  • Its current mechanical condition

  • The condition of the interior of the car

  • The current mileage of the vehicle

  • The information on the vehicle history report

  • Whether the title has any brandings on it

  • Whether it has original, replaced or missing parts

  • Your current location

Our careful evaluation process sets us apart because we are able to price out junk cars or even a broken car accurately. Not everyone in our recycling industry can accomplish this. You can also throw in FREE towing and super-fast process to our list of benefits.

What Documents Do You Require To Purchase My Car?

To do away with your old car, all you need is to make sure that your title is signed according to state regulations. After that, you need to take out all personal items from the car and hand over the keys and title.

That's it. You will receive a business check once the transaction is complete, and you will be finally free of the burden of a salvage car.

I Don't Have My Vehicle Title In Hand. Is That A Problem?

If you currently lost your title, you can still trade in your vehicle to us. However, you will have to get another certified copy of the title.

The way you can do this is by heading over to your state's DMV website: CA DMV - Title Transfers And Changes.

You will have to pay a small fee for a certified copy of your title. The following step is to upload a clearly visible picture of the duplicate title to CarBrain — and that's it!

We'll Make Offers On Vehicles In These Cities Too


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How Do I Junk My Car In Los Angeles, California?

The first step to selling your salvage vehicle in Los Angeles is to get a FREE quote with CarBrain. The next step is assigning a date for pickup, after you accept our secure offer.

Scrapping your car with CarBrain is straightforward — we will come to you, and all you have to do is hand over the keys and obtain your check. There's no catch. There are no fees.

How Much Is My Scrap Car Worth In Los Angeles?

You can get cash for your scrap car in any condition by selling it to scrap car dealers. They can legally recycle the vehicle to extract the metals and usable parts inside.

Cars have many recyclable materials including steel, aluminum, platinum and more! How much you can get for the car depends on its current location and size. Different steel mills across the country use different local values to price out recycled metals, and prices can vary based on national and even international trends.

The best way to find out what your car is worth in Los Angeles, CA is to get a quote from

How Do You Calculate Your Quotes For Damaged Cars?

Along with considering your year, make and model, we also look at your car's present actual a seized motor, mileage, vehicle accident report and more. We'll consider any upgrades you've made to the car, as well as others factors like its current location (be sure to provide the right current address for your vehicle).

The best way to get the most accurate offer possible is to provide the VIN and photos.

Replacing pieces in your vehicle may not necessarily get you a better offer — valuable parts like the engine and transmission are costly to replace, and less valuable parts won't significantly increase your offer.

Additionally, cannot guarantee that your quote will increase if you wait to sell it. Quotes are based on current market rates, which can be unpredictable.

Towing is included in all offers for FREE — which means bringing it to us isn't necessary and won't affect your offer.

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