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We pay money for run-down cars all throughout Michigan. Getting rid of your vehicle will never again be time-consuming. With just a couple of clicks you could receive a fair offer for your vehicle and FREE pick-up practically instantly. CarBrain works with a large network of approved and licensed junk car buyers to get you paid swiftly.

CarBrain makes the process easy! Thanks to our client-first philosophy, we're always ready to help you junk your clunker, sell your wrecked car for parts or just get a fair market offer for your used vehicle. Get started today and find out what your car is worth in just 90 seconds.

What Is The Process Of Getting Cash For My Car With CarBrain.com?


Fill Out Our Form With Vehicle Information

Give us some details about your vehicle in Michigan to get started. Fill out our online form to receive an offer — it takes just a couple of seconds to finish!


Say Yes To Your Offer

Next, tell your customer service representative you want to say yes to our quote. Make certain you have your car's keys as well as a certified copy of your title to finish the sale in Michigan.


Get Paid For Your Vehicle!

Next, wait for the towing company driver to show up. We work with a curated network of licensed junk car buyers to supply free removal in Michigan. When the towing partner arrives, you'll get paid right then and there!

Why Our Clients Select CarBrain.com

CarBrain is a trusted buyer of salvage cars, damaged cars and used cars across the nation. With countless exceptional reviews and world-class customer service, we've made a name for ourselves thanks to our extremely quick towing and proven service.

  • A Company You Can Trust.
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Get A Bid For Your Car With Problems In Michigan

Listing some basic details about the condition of your less-than-perfect vehicle can help you receive a fair market quote in 90 seconds. Your car will be picked up in less than 48 business hours in Michigan. Towing is FREE. We've been operating for more than a decade and help a great number of customers just like you!

Where Can I Sell My Car for the Most Money in Michigan?

If you want to sell your car in Michigan for the best price, you might want to think about doing so to CarBrain. CarBrain guarantees you a competitive quote by providing a special and effective method for selling cars in different conditions. CarBrain evaluates your vehicle's value and makes a cash offer after receiving certain information about it. With this method, you can sell your car for the most money without having to deal with the hassles of traditional selling techniques. CarBrain is a great option for getting the most money for your car in Michigan because of its dedication to honest and open pricing. It offers a dependable and practical substitute for private sales, dealerships, and other platforms.

What Types Of Vehicles Does CarBrain.com Buy?

CarBrain.com offers cash for scrap vehicles in Michigan for cars in any condition. We pay for cars with these issues:

  • Non-running cars
  • Used cars
  • Accident cars
  • Unwanted cars
  • Vehicles with mechanical damage
  • Vehicles with broken engine
  • Wrecked cars

Here Are Some Cars We've Purchased In Michigan Recently

Recent Junk Car Prices Purchased in Michigan [Updated February 2024]

VehicleZip CodeOffer PriceOffer Date
Geo Metro 199548604$40001-30-2024
Chevrolet Lumina 199348602$40001-30-2024
Ford Explorer 200648235$51001-30-2024
Chevrolet Suburban 199948357$65001-30-2024
Plymouth Neon 200148213$55001-29-2024
Jeep Commander 200648439$40001-28-2024
Saturn Aura 200848386$52001-29-2024
Dodge Intrepid 200148064$37501-31-2024
Ford Focus 200948357$49501-26-2024
Subaru Outback 201149525$65001-29-2024
Chevrolet Cavalier 200249058$37501-25-2024
Chrysler PT Cruiser 200648239$55001-25-2024
Nissan Sentra 201249508$41001-27-2024
Subaru Legacy 200648162$51501-25-2024
Honda Civic 201048076$48501-24-2024
Buick Rainier 200448603$26501-25-2024
GMC Safari Vans 199348152$65001-29-2024
Mitsubishi Endeavor 201148206$52501-24-2024
Kia Rio 200948220$55001-24-2024
Chrysler Sebring 201048197$57501-27-2024

How Selling Your Vehicle With CarBrain.com Online Works

Selling a vehicle with CarBrain.com begins with a cash appraisal. The accuracy of the cash quote depends on the accuracy of the info you provided. Remember to include images and as many details as possible! The process takes about 90 seconds end-to-end and is an easy service from start to finish.

After saying yes to our offer, setting aside a date for towing at a time that works for you is the next step. At CarBrain, we give our towing partners 24 to 48 business hours to tow the vehicle. We can also schedule the pickup at a time that is most convenient for you. This will all be worked out over the telephone, so that we can promptly pick up your vehicle and get you paid quickly.

How to Get Rid of a Car That Doesn't Run in Michigan?.

When it comes to getting rid of a car that doesn't run in Michigan, CarBrain stands out as the best choice. CarBrain specializes in purchasing non-running cars, offering a seamless and efficient process. By providing details about your vehicle, CarBrain provides a competitive quote, takes care of all necessary paperwork, and arranges for the pickup of your non-running car, making the entire process hassle-free. Now, let's delve into some interesting facts about Michigan: Known as the ""Great Lakes State,"" Michigan is surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes, making it a haven for freshwater enthusiasts. Additionally, Michigan is synonymous with the automotive industry, being the birthplace of major car manufacturers and playing a pivotal role in the history of automobiles. Opting for CarBrain in Michigan not only aligns with the state's rich automotive heritage but also ensures a modern and convenient solution for parting ways with your non-running car.

What's The Fair Market Value Of A Non-Working Vehicle In Michigan?

Your car will receive a different appraisal depending on its year, make, model and other factors such as its present condition or its mechanical condition. Here are some considerations to keep in mind: Does the car's electricity operate correctly? Does the car have a seized motor? What is the mileage of the vehicle? This can help us determine your vehicle's market value.

What distinguishes CarBrain from local junkyards close to you is that we price out vehicles by taking all these little pieces of information into account, rather than merely considering basic details. This means we figure out your car's actual cash value, rather than a rough estimate based on size and weight. 

What is the Salvage Law in Michigan?

In Michigan, salvage laws pertain to vehicles extensively damaged or declared a total loss. A salvage title is issued when repair costs exceed a certain percentage of the vehicle's value. After repairs, a salvage vehicle may undergo inspection for a rebuilt title, signifying it meets roadworthy standards. The inspection is conducted by the Michigan State Police or an authorized agency. Buyers should be aware of a vehicle's title status, as salvage and rebuilt titles affect its history. To ensure compliance, follow Michigan's salvage laws and procedures when dealing with such vehicles. For detailed and up-to-date information, contact the Michigan Secretary of State or relevant state agencies.

What About The Michigan Car Title?

Selling your car to CarBrain in Michigan is a fairly simple process. When you request an offer from us, we ask for the VIN. We might also ask for a photocopy, scan or picture of the vehicle title. This is to verify that the car is being sold by the legal owner of the car. If everything matches, you can then take out any personal stuff from the vehicle, wait for the driver to arrive and get your check! If you have additional questions, please check out this page.

I Misplaced My Vehicle Title. What Should I Do?

No worries — you can get a certified copy of your title to wrap up the sales process. The way this is done is by going to your state's DMV page. You will need to pay a small fee for a certified copy of the title. The following step is to upload a clearly visible picture of the title to CarBrain — and you've finished!

CarBrain Picks Up Cars In These Areas

Things To Know

What Can I Get For My Scrap Car In Michigan?

If you want to recycle your car for cash because it can't be driven, you have options. Skilled vehicle buyers in Michigan can responsibly recycle the components in your car and extract metals like steel, aluminum and platinum.

The value of your vehicle's parts depends on its size, its current location and nearby market values for metals. You can get anywhere from $100 to $1,000 for a scrap car depending on the details listed above. 

Market rates can change day to day based on national and even international trends. The most hassle-free way to learn what you can receive for your vehicle in Michigan is to get a quote from CarBrain!

Where Can I Get FREE Junk Car Removal In Michigan?

With us! CarBrain loves junk vehicles, and we'll buy yours and tow it for free! For getting rid of a scrap car in Michigan, all you need is a certified copy of your title for the car. We will come to you, so you don't have to worry about bringing your car anywhere.

We work with network of licensed and vetted junk car buyers that can come straight to you in 24 to 48 business hours. All you have to do is show up and get money!

Will You Buy My Car If It's Still Being Financed?

Our company will only purchase cars with liens on them if our offer is equal to or greater than the value of the lien. Unfortunately, if your car has negative equity, we won't be purchasing it, as it wouldn't make sense for us to do so.

If your car was declared a total loss, you may be able to get a check from your insurance company, retain it, and then get a second check from CarBrain.com. This would allow you to maximize the value received from the sale of the vehicle.

Are There Any Fees For Selling My Vehicle To You?

You will not have to pay anything to have your car picked up. CarBrain includes FREE towing in all offers made to clients. We always come to you.

We haul away your car as-is, where-is in two business days. Do not worry about removal or transfer of ownership — we will cover it all.

If you're accumulating fees, let your customer service agent know ASAP. While we do not cover fees, we can help you schedule a fast pickup to minimize the fees you are charged.

Can I Sell You A Car With No Engine Or Transmission?

While we can buy a car with engine or transmission problems, we cannot buy cars with missing engines, missing tires or missing transmissions. We also don't make quotes on individual car components.

With CarBrain, you can get a bid for cars with all sorts of problems. We specialize in less-than-perfect cars! That includes: cars with motor problems, cars with transmission problems, cars with body or frame damage, non-running cars, older cars, wrecked cars, salvage cars, rebuilt cars and more.