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Identifying Common Toyota Corolla Problems

If your Toyota Corolla is giving you headaches, it’s worth doing research into the problem you’re experiencing. If it’s a common problem, you might be able to learn more about potential solutions and costs. The list below goes over some widely reported issues found in different model years of the Toyota Corolla.

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2009 Toyota Corolla Problems

oil stain on the concrete under the carThe 2009 Toyota Corolla has problems with the engine that cause it to burn through oil excessively. This problem is so widespread, a class-action lawsuit is currently being developed. The lawsuit alleges that the problem lies in a faulty piston ring design.

However, it can take years for a lawsuit to reach a settlement. In the meanwhile, you might be on the hook for the cost of excess oil replacements. If you fail to maintain your oil properly, you could blow the engine.

Dozens of drivers have reported needing to replace their engines entirely due to the damage. An engine replacement can cost $5,000 or more.

Another major problem with the 2009 Corolla involves the water pump. Owners have reported that the water pump will fail, causing their vehicles to overheat and leading to engine damage. Replacing the water pump can cost anywhere from $600 to $1,000. Fixing engine problems caused by a busted water pump may be more costly.

Finally, many drivers have complained of an apparent problem with the steering system in the 2009 Corollas. Owners have reported that the steering wheel does not center, and the vehicle seems to drift to the left. This forces drivers to correct the wheel repeatedly while driving, and poses a hazard on the road.

2010 Toyota Corolla Problems

the hand holding the brake pad against the brake disc2010 Toyota Corolla drivers have reported that the power steering in the vehicle may fail without warning. This can make driving difficult and poses a hazard on the road. The apparent cause has not been identified.

In addition to steering difficulties, drivers have also complained of problems with the brakes. One problem is associated with a wider recall related to pedal entrapment. Toyota acknowledged that some gas pedals would get stuck, causing the vehicle to accelerate uncontrollably. This is a major hazard and can lead to numerous serious accidents.

A second problem involves an unpleasant grinding noise coming from the brakes. A few drivers who took their vehicles in for an inspection said mechanics replaced the pads and turn rotors in order to fix the problem. This is relatively simple, and only costs a few hundred dollars.

However, many reported that the problem would come back and more replacements were needed down the line. This suggests a larger problem, possibly with the vehicle alignment.

2015 Toyota Corolla Problems

This model is generally considered to be reliable and well-related. However, the Toyota Corolla from 2015 has problems worth watching out for, according to some drivers.

view of the pedals in the carOne serious complaint involves unexplained acceleration. The 2015 Corolla was not included in the pedal entrapment recall, so drivers are on the hook for the cost of diagnosing and repairing the problem.

However, some minor complaints include rattling from the dashboard and difficulty locking the doors. Several drivers have reported that the dashboard makes a rattling noise while driving with no apparent cause. Although not a hindrance to driving, it can be extremely annoying for extended periods of time.

A few drivers have complained that the fob key button to lock the doors is somewhat unresponsive. Drivers say they have to jam on the key multiple times to lock the door or do so from inside.

Finally, some drivers reported AC problems in the vehicle. The car may not cool effectively. Toyota issued a service bulletin for this problem, but some drivers have received much help from mechanics despite the bulletin. This can make driving in warm weather uncomfortable.

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Widespread Toyota Corolla Airbag Recall

view of driver and passenger deployed airbagsIn 2020, Toyota issued a widespread recall for a known problem with their airbags. Most commonly, the problem was that the airbag would fail to inflate after a car crash.

This recall affected Corollas from 2011 to 2019. More than two million vehicles were recalled, but that still leaves a lot of vehicles out. Some drivers have discovered airbag problems in cars that were not included in the recall.

Additionally, airbag problems were also found in the 2010 and 2011 model Corollas. The 2010 and 11 models had a problem with exploding airbags sending shrapnel, on top of the failure to inflate. Both problems can leave drivers at serious risk of injury or even fatality in an accident.

Worried about your airbags? It may be a good idea to visit a mechanic and have them inspected.

When To Sell Your Toyota Corolla With Problems

If your Corolla’s giving you problems, you should consider when it’s time to give it up. A good rule of thumb is to sell your car when the cost of repairing it is 50 percent or more of its value. You should also keep in mind how long it would take to repair it and whether you would need a rental while it is in the shop.

Once you’ve decided to sell your Corolla, you have a few options for where to offload it. For instance, you can trade it in to a dealership to purchase a new vehicle. However, if it’s damaged you’ll generally get a lower trade-in value for it.

You can also sell it to a junkyard, but this option only makes sense if your vehicle is in seriously poor shape. A good way to offload a vehicle with some problems is to sell it online. Online buyers can offer you quotes in minutes and include free transportation. However, not all online buyers are equal.

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