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CarBrain.com is here to serve YOU. Our team runs quickly and effectively. No longer should anyone make extended visits to local junkyards close to you to dispose of their car. We pay cash for less-than-perfect cars in Beverly Hills, California. We can do so in two business days, at absolutely no cost to our clients.

Scrap your salvage car with reliable local junkyards close to you through CarBrain.com. Our curated network of licensed junk car buyers works methodically and allows us to have presence across the country. We purchase vehicles quickly!

Our numerous five-star reviews and client relations speak for themselves. With cost-free pick-up and extremely quick towing, CarBrain.com is THE most painless method to trade in your undriveable car around.

Getting Money For Your Damaged Car With CarBrain.com


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First, let us know about your car in Beverly Hills, CA. Our instant offer form will walk you through the process and then give you a quote in just 90 seconds!


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Then, say yes to our quote and start arranging your FREE pick-up in Beverly Hills, CA. Our towing company driver will need your car's keys and the certified copy of the title to wrap up the sale.


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Finally, it's time to wait for towing and payment! We add FREE towing with all our quotes in Beverly Hills, CA and pay-off in two business days. It couldn't be more hassle-free.

Here's Why The Smart Choice Is To Choose CarBrain.com

CarBrain is a dependable buyer of old cars throughout the country. With numerous superb reviews and first-class customer support, we've made a name for ourselves thanks to our ultra-fast towing and trust worthy service.

  • Cars Bought In One To Two Business Days
  • Friendly Customer Service.
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  • Easy Process With ZERO Haggling Involved.

Our Offer For Your Broken Or Pre-Owned Car In Beverly Hills, CA Is Ready In Seconds!

You can learn your car's true market value in just 90 seconds with our effortless form!We'll remove your junk car and sign over the title for FREE in less than 48 business hours.

Will CarBrain.com Buy A Car If It Has A Faulty Engine?

CarBrain is one of the most reliable junk car buyers in Beverly Hills, California. We provide complimentary pick-up with a instantly and straightforward system. Get paid in 24 to 48 business hours with CarBrain! We'll pay for these kinds of cars:
  • Less-than-perfect cars
  • Non-working cars
  • Wrecked vehicles
  • Junk vehicles
  • Cars with mechanical issues
  • Cars with faulty engines
  • Total loss cars

Here Are Some Old Or Broken Cars We've Purchased In Beverly Hills

2010 Cadillac CTS-V

2010 Cadillac CTS-V

Mileage: 112,000Location: Beverly Hills, CA
2012 Land Rover Range Rover Sport
2016 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

Here's How To Trade In Your Car With CarBrain.com

CarBrain's system is remarkably simple to use. To begin, you need to get an estimate. You attain this by clicking on the top right hand button that says "Get an Offer" and respond to a few quick questions about your vehicle.

The last step is to plan the transfer and pick-up at a time that is advantageous for you. Our towing company driver will offer you a time window when they will arrive to pick up the vehicle, and you will get the title transferred and get paid. It's that easy!

What's The True Market Value Of A Totaled Vehicle In Beverly Hills, California?

There are different components that can determine the fair market value of a vehicle. Among them are year, make and model. Other relevant factors include a car's damage to the exterior, odometer reading, and general wear and tear. The location of the car can also determine its actual market value. Even its engine issues can affect the car's current market value.

CarBrain.com is truly unparalleled because its offer process is highly extensive and focused on even more than taking into account just its year, make, and model. We truly go the distance to provide our clients with the best possible appraisal.

What Information Do I Need In California?

To sell your vehicle in California, the initial item is to make sure your paperwork is correct. That means that the car's title is registered to the correct owner. Following that, remove your personal possessions, wait for the towing company driver to show up and get money! It's easy. Learn more about how to sign over the title in California here: sign over the title

I Lost My Vehicle Title. Now What?

Relax — you can get a duplicate title to complete the sales process. The way you can accomplish this is by heading to your state's DMV web page: Your state's DMV page. You will need to pay a fee for a certified copy of your title. The next step is to upload a high resolution photo of the duplicate title to CarBrain — and you are done!

We Pay For Vehicles In These Cities As Well

Frequently Asked Questions

I Need To Trade In My Junk Car In Beverly Hills — What Do I Do?

CarBrain Will Buy Your old car gladly. Our members are experts at evaluating vehicles with condition or simply scrap cars. Get your offer no more than 2 minutes that includes FREE pick-up and transfer of ownership.

We always come to you in Beverly Hills in one to two business days!

What Is The Going Rate Of My Scrap Car In Beverly Hills?

The easiest way to learn what your car may be worth in Beverly Hills is to receive an offer from CarBrain.com. There is a lot of metals left inside a scrap car that skilled car evaluators can legally recycle and extract. For instance, you can melt down and reuse aluminum, steel and even platinum from the used parts of a junk vehicle.

How much money you get for scrapping your vehicle depends on its size and its current location, as different steel mills use different local market demand.

Why Isn't There A Quote On My Car?

If we didn't make an offer on your accident-damaged car, that's okay! There's plenty of ways to part with a car with a faulty motor. We always recommend checking out local yards as they will typically take your vehicle in.

Other options also include checking out non-profit organizations or recyclers. Alternatively, there are private buyers who will purchase your scrap vehicle. You can find them through social networking sites like Facebook Marketplace.

There's also Craigslist or auction apps like OfferUp. There is no shortage of ways to junk your car — although CarBrain may be the easiest and most efficient option, we aren't the only option.

There's A Lien On My Vehicle's Title. Will You Still Buy It?

Whether we can buy a car with a lien on it depends on how much the lien is worth. CarBrain will only purchase a car with a lien if our quote is equal to or exceeds the value of the lien.

We do not currently purchase cars that are "upside down" (i.e. you owe more on the car than it is worth). If you believe that our evaluation of your car is incorrect, consider describing in more detail the extent of the problems your car has.

Can I Still Sell You My Car If I Lost My Title?

In general, you'll need to provide a certified copy of the title in order to complete the sale of your vehicle. You can connect back with your associate buyer to learn what specific documents are required to sell your car.

Make sure that you have clear and visible pictures so that we can quickly validate the title. If that's so, that's really we need to complete the transaction. Once the driver arrives, you'll have your check from CarBrain.com and the towing truck will tow the car and drive off.

See how to transfer a title in California here: [$CB_StateTitlePage].