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Getting your junk car picked up isn't challenging. There are thousands of local junkyards close to you in Rhode Island that will do it. However, they often include serious fees and extremely low offers. CarBrain.com wants to amend that. We buy cars with any kinds of problems at fair prices, and offer FREE lightning-fast towing. No fees. Absolutely no last minute haggling. We make the process fast, easy and quick so you can get a check without the fuss.

CarBrain relies on a curated network of approved junk car buyers to buy vehicles in less-than-perfect conditions in less than 48 business hours. Get cash for your vehicle and get paid faster than you can blink!

What Is The Process Of Trading In My Vehicle With CarBrain?


Describe The Issues Of Your Vehicle

To trade in your vehicle in Rhode Island with CarBrain, start by filling out our online form for requesting an offer — it takes 90 seconds! When you're done, we can make an offer.


Say Yes To Your Quote

The following step is to say yes to our estimate and plan pick-up in Rhode Island. You'll need the keys to your car and the certified copy of your title for the sale.


Ready For Pay-Off!

Finally, it's time to wait for pick-up and payment! We add FREE removal with all our offers in Rhode Island and payment in 24 to 48 business hours. It couldn't be easier.

How to Sell Your Car in Rhode Island?

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Rhode Island, selling your car involves several steps to ensure a smooth transaction. Begin by gathering all necessary documents, including the vehicle title, maintenance records, and a bill of sale. Determine a fair market value for your car based on factors like make, model, year, mileage, and condition, considering the unique charm of the Ocean State.

Once you find a buyer, complete a bill of sale, sign over the title, and provide any necessary documentation. For a more convenient and potentially more lucrative option against the backdrop of Rhode Island's coastal beauty, consider using CarBrain, a reputable nationwide car buying service.

Why CarBrain Is The Number One Choice For Thousands Of Customers

Getting paid for your car with CarBrain.com is swift and simple. From getting an offer to recycling your car, we complete the process quickly and systematically with no strain. We buy cars across the country and in any sort of condition. Sell your car with a bad engine to CarBrain.com and get paid cash quick!

  • Fair Market Price For Your Car.
  • Flexible Towing Times. Fast And Simple.
  • There Is No Haggling!
  • We'll Provide The Best Quote.

Receive A Quote For Your Used Or Totaled Vehicle In Rhode Island

Getting an offer couldn't be simpler. You can discover what your vehicle could be worth in no more than 2 minutes! We will come to you to haul away your car for FREE anywhere you're located in Rhode Island.

Can I Get Money For A Car With CarBrain If It Has A Broken Motor?

Our company will give you you cash in hand in one to two business days of saying yes to our offer. CarBrain.com pays for cars in any condition all around Rhode Island, with FREE removal available. We pay for cars with these issues:

  • Gently used vehicles
  • Broken vehicles
  • Accident vehicles
  • Unwanted vehicles
  • Cars with mechanical damage
  • Vehicles with blown engines
  • Totaled vehicles

Here Are Some Cars We've Paid For In Rhode Island

2001 Toyota Land Cruiser
2016 Mazda Mazda6

2016 Mazda Mazda6

Mileage: 70,000Location: Providence, RI
2009 Toyota Corolla

2009 Toyota Corolla

Mileage: 100,000Location: East Providence, RI
2015 Volkswagen e-Golf

2015 Volkswagen e-Golf

Mileage: 5,000Location: Providence, RI

How Do I Get Rid of Junk Car in Rhode Island?

When contemplating parting ways with a junk car in Rhode Island, you have multiple avenues to explore for a smooth transition. Commence the process by compiling all pertinent information about the vehicle, including its make, model, year, and condition. Rhode Island, adorned with its historical charm and scenic beauty, presents opportunities to sell to local scrapyards or salvage yards that complement its unique character.

Harnessing CarBrain's user-friendly online platform allows you to input comprehensive details about your junk car and promptly receive a competitive quote. CarBrain stands out for its alluring offers and a commitment to free pick-up without towing fees, offering a hassle-free and efficient means to bid adieu to your junk car amidst the captivating landscapes of the Ocean State.

How Junking Your Car With CarBrain Online Works

To trade in your car with CarBrain.com, the initial step is to receive an offer. You attain this by clicking on the "Get an Offer" button and writing down some details about your car. The whole process takes less than 90 seconds and is rather easy to understand.

Our towing partner will help you to schedule a time window that is most practical for you and get your payment right away. This service is costs NOTHING — the single thing you need to do is get paid cash and sign over the title.

What's The Market Value Of An Undrivable Vehicle In Rhode Island?

To receive a proper offer for your used or damaged vehicle, we would need some details regarding the car. Some questions we'll ask are evident. For instance, does the vehicle have a seized motor? Does it have any flood or fire damage? Is the car good for daily driving? Does it need major repairs? What is the odometer reading? We consider all this and more.

What truly makes CarBrain.com first-class as a buyer of pre-owned and crashed vehicles is our careful appraisal system and extremely quick removal. We ALWAYS try to provide the best deal and haul away cars in one to two business days. We're setting a new industry standard.

What Do I Have To Provide In Rhode Island To Sell My Vehicle?

Selling your car in Rhode Island is easy. All you need is a signed title under the registered car owner's name. Then take out any personal effects in the car. Following that, simply hand over the keys and title, and get paid! Check this page for details on how to transfer a title in Rhode Island.

I Lost My Vehicle Title. What Can I Do?

If you don't have a title, you can still get cash for your car with us. However, you will have to obtain a certified copy of the title. You can do this by heading to your state's DMV website and submitting a request for a duplicate title. You will have to pay a fee for a verified copy of your title. The following step is to upload a high quality picture of your title to CarBrain — and you're done!

How Old Does a Car Have to be to Not Need a Title in Rhode Island?

In Rhode Island, vehicles that are 2001 or newer require a title for ownership transfer, regardless of their age. However, it's essential to note that specific circumstances or exemptions may apply, and it's advisable to contact the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for accurate and up-to-date information regarding title requirements for your particular situation.

CarBrain.com Can Pay For Vehicles In These Cities

Additional Information

How Much Can I Get for My Scrap Car in Rhode Island?

The going rate of your scrap car depends on its size and where it's currently located. Experienced vehicle appraisers can responsibly recycle the scrap components and metals inside your vehicle, like steel, aluminum and platinum, to recycle and reuse them for other products. The amount you get for your vehicle depends on local market values in Rhode Island and the current going rate of different metals.

The best way to discover what your scrap vehicle is currently worth is to get an offer from CarBrain.

I'm Curious About Liability. Do You Provide A Bill Of Sale?

Yes — after we receive the car, we will send you a Bill of Sale documenting our purchase. We also require the title in order to transfer the vehicle ownership to us.

You can find plenty of excellent reviews for our company online with TrustPilot.com, Google, Facebook, the Better Business Bureau and more. Feel free to read them to learn more about us! CarBrain.com can buy cars in Rhode Island without the fuss.

Because of our lightning-fast pick-up and ease of use, we have earned a reputation for being a trusted and reliable company for selling damaged cars online.

CarBrain Did Not Give Me An Offer. Now What?

If there is no towing partner in Rhode Island interested in cars that meet your description, you may not be able to get an offer on your vehicle. Our prices are based on current market demands.

That's not a big deal, though. There may be plenty of buyers out there who are interested in picking up your car. There are private buyers, local junkyards close to you, recycling companies, charitable organizations, and a multitude of other services that you can try selling your car with!

What Is The Most Convenient Way To Get Paid Cash For A Junk Vehicle In Rhode Island?

To get FREE junk car removal in Rhode Island, you need to get rid of your junk vehicle with CarBrain. We always come to you in one to two business days to get your vehicle and collect your check. It's that easy.

All it takes is to receive a cash quote in no more than 2 minutes and plan your pick up.

What Is The Towing Process?

We come to you when we create an estimate on your car. All CarBrain estimates include FREE towing, which means we can haul away non-running or non-driving cars. Our towing partner will drive to your vehicle's location in less than 48 business hours after accepting our fair market quote.

There's nothing else you need to do to get money for your accident-damaged car or truck other than showing up and receiving your check. That's how straightforward it is to trade in a non-running vehicle with CarBrain.com.

(Keep in mind that our service providers cannot remove cars in a location not accessible by tow truck or on the side of the road.)