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Disposing of your vehicle in Mississippi doesn't have to be hard. CarBrain resolves to properly recycle less-than-perfect vehicles one vehicle at a time. Our associate buyers are earnest and professional evaluators of less-than-perfect cars. Mississippi inhabitants will no longer have to fret over scrapping a car again!

Get paid for your used or junk car in 24 to 48 business hours with and get FREE pick-up throughout the country with a few clicks of your mouse. Our network of approved junk car buyers work quickly and systematically to help you do away with your car. We are the favoured choice for thousands of customers across the country because of our swift pick-up, and instant FREE offers.

How Do I Get Cash For My Vehicle With CarBrain?


Let Us Know Your Car's Condition

By filling out our online form for getting an offer on CarBrain with correct details on your Mississippi car, we can give you a bid in no more than 2 minutes or connect back with you with an ensured estimate within an hour.


Consider And Accept Your Guaranteed Offer

As the vehicle owner, you will have to have to provide your keys, a verified copy of the title and access to the vehicle for your free towing in Mississippi.


Ready For Payment And Towing!

The third and final step is to wait for the service provider to get there! We always provide FREE pick-up in Mississippi. Hand over the car keys and the certified copy of your title, and you'll get paid right then and there!

Why You Should Pick CarBrain For Getting Money For Your Vehicle

CarBrain provides fair and competitive offers and FREE towing across the country. We are a dependable company with more than ten years of experience purchasing wrecked cars. We buy used cars, broken cars, salvage cars and even vehicles with a faulty engine.

  • Friendly Customer Service.
  • FREE Pick-Up As-Is, Where-Is.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Cars Paid For In Two Business Days

Is Your Car In Mississippi Having Issues AGAIN? Get A Quote Now!

With just a couple of clicks you can receive a quote for your wrecked or used car in no more than 2 minutes. Get FREE removal and title transfer with your estimate. We will come to you in Mississippi in one to two business days!

My Vehicle Has Mechanical Problems — Will Buy It?

Getting cash for your in Mississippi is quick and effortless with us. We can pay cash for:

  • Used vehicles
  • Non-running cars
  • Cars with frame damage
  • Unwanted cars
  • Vehicles that don't run
  • Cars with bad engines
  • Vehicles declared total losses

Here Are Some Cars We've Paid For In Mississippi

2006 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class
2010 Chevrolet Colorado

2010 Chevrolet Colorado

Mileage: 88,000Location: Hernando, MS
2014 Nissan Maxima

2014 Nissan Maxima

Mileage: 133,000Location: Vicksburg, MS
2007 Cadillac Escalade

2007 Cadillac Escalade

Mileage: 270,000Location: Pearl, MS
2011 BMW Z4

2011 BMW Z4

Mileage: 83,000Location: Oxford, MS
2011 Volkswagen GTI

2011 Volkswagen GTI

Mileage: 117,882Location: Meridian, MS
2007 Toyota Camry

2007 Toyota Camry

Mileage: 99,000Location: Bay Saint Louis, MS
2008 Honda CR-V

2008 Honda CR-V

Mileage: 180,000Location: Pass Christian, MS

What Is The Process Of Getting Money For A Car With

Disposing of a car with CarBrain starts with a FREE offer. The accuracy of your offer depends on the accuracy of the information you provided. Be sure to include photos and as much information as possible! The whole process takes less than 90 seconds and does not require much effort from start to finish.

And now, we arrive at the fun part: scheduling the towing of the car and getting your cash. Once this happens, the only thing you need to do is get the title transferred, and get a business check for the car. After the transaction happens, the driver will tow the vehicle back to the yard. That's how simple it is.

What's The Current Market Value Of A Non-Running Car In Mississippi?

The offer of your car can be influenced by a few factors outside of the year, make and model. For example, vehicles located in the north can often be liable to greater levels of wear and tear because there are rougher climate conditions in the northern states. This can greatly diminish the appraisal of the car. is unique in how we calculate what your car is worth, whether it has a broken engine or if it's just a wrecked vehicle. We always supply fair and competitive estimates that include FREE towing and title transfer. We towing cars in 24 to 48 business hours and have accumulated thousands of exceptional reviews in over 13 years of business.

What Information Do I Have To Have In Mississippi?

Getting money for a car in Mississippi is lightning-fast with CarBrain. First — get your information right. We must confirm that your car title is registered under the correct owner's name. If it is, we can go ahead and pay cash for your car with no problem. Wait for the driver to show up, remove any personal possessions from the car and receive pay-off! Got questions about signing your car title? We've put together a guide for how to transfer a title in Mississippi.

I Lost My Car Title. Can You Still Pay Cash For My Vehicle?

Relax — you can get another certified copy of the title to complete the sales process. The way you can get this done is by accessing your state's DMV website. You will have to pay a tiny fee for a verified copy of the title. The following step is to send a clearly visible photo of your title to — and you've finished!

We'll Make Quotes On Cars In These Cities

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CarBrain Didn't Give Me A Quote On My Car. Would I Be Able To Sell it Elsewhere?

If you didn't get an offer from us, there are a number of ways to do away with your junk car.

You can try selling it for parts — this means taking out the most valuable components of your vehicle and selling them individually. This will usually net the largest possible sum for the sale of your vehicle. It is, however, the most time-consuming method.

You can also try to scrap the car at local junkyards close to you. This is quicker, but most likely will not get you a very large sum of cash.

Alternatively, you can find private buyers. This will give you a decent value of your damaged vehicle and is not as time-consuming as selling it for parts.

And lastly, there are services like charitable organizations and recyclers which will use the car for good causes such as protection of the environment or giving back.

If I Fix Up My Car And Bring It To You, Will I Get An Increased Estimate?

While a car in better condition will get a higher estimate than a vehicle with more problems, keep in mind that fixing your car before selling it to us won't necessarily save you money in the long run.

Additionally, we can't guarantee that your offer will go higher or lower if you sell the car after your initial offer expires. Our estimates are based on current market rates in Mississippi, which can change day to day. Finally, towing is complimentary — bringing the vehicle to us will not increase your offer.

Offers provided by CarBrain take more than just the basics of your vehicle into account. We also consider a car's trim, current actual shape, mileage, car history report, repair history, upgrades you've made to the vehicle and more. Our unique system looks at all factors when evaluating your car to offer you a fair and competitive price.

Including photos and the vehicle identification number will get you the most accurate offer possible.

What Is The Worth Of My Scrap Vehicle In Mississippi?

That depends on your car's current condition — prices can range from around $100 to well over $1,000! 

You can get cash for your scrap vehicle in any condition by selling it to buyers of scrap cars. They can legally recycle the car to extract the metals and usable components inside. Cars have many recyclable materials including steel, aluminum, platinum and more!

How much you can receive for the car depends on where it's currently located and size. Different steel mills across the country use different local market values to price out recycled metals, and prices can vary based on national and even international trends. The best way to discover what your car is worth in Mississippi is to receive an estimate from

What's The Quickest Way To Junk A Vehicle In Mississippi?

Junking a scrap car with CarBrain is ALWAYS FREE and FAST, making us the best choice for anyone with an aging car they want to junk. We never charge for removal, and we also cover transfer of ownership. The only thing you have to do is show up and collect your check.

Your fair market offer will be ready 90 seconds. Get FREE removal and payment in two business days.

Who Should I Talk To If I Have Scheduling Issues?

Your customer service representative can answer any questions you have. All you have to do is reach out by phone, text or email. Our customer service agents are available from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., every day of the week.

Get A Cash Estimate For Your Vehicle In A Split-Second!