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We Buy All Jeeps in these conditions:

  • Collision Wrecks
  • Broken
  • Mechanical Damage
  • Body Damage
  • Seized Engine
  • Salvage/Rebuilt
  • Bad Transmission
  • Cars for Parts
  • Falling Objects
  • Non-Running
  • Junk Cars
  • Scrap Cars

We Buy Junk Jeeps In Your Area 

Sell My JeepJeeps are known for being rugged, reliable vehicles. The design for this 4x4 all-terrain vehicle was originally created to lug U.S. soldiers across rough landscapes during World War II. Today, it’s known as a stylish off-roader for adventurers. 

However, even the sturdy Jeep can break down. Additionally, due to its rough-and-tough design, maintaining this vehicle and performing repairs can quickly turn out to be an expensive task. If you have a broken-down Jeep on your hands, chances are you may not be interested in shelling out thousands of dollars to repair it. Instead, you want to know how you can sell it quickly and get the most cash for it possible. 

Luckily, you have a few options available to you, depending on what condition your car is in. Read the sections below to learn how you can sell your Jeep for cash fast.

What Kind of Damaged Jeeps Does CarBrain Buy?

YEARS: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Does Your Jeep Need Repairs? You Might Be Better Off Selling It

The best place to sell a Jeep depends on what condition your Jeep is in and what you plan on doing next. For instance, do you already know what vehicle you want to buy to replace it? Do you want to buy a new vehicle at all? Is your vehicle running, or is it a junk car? Your options include:

  • Trading it in at a dealership
  • Selling it to a junkyard or salvage yard
  • Selling it to a private individual
  • Selling it to an online company — like CarBrain!

When you trade your Jeep into a dealership, you might be able to get some cash to put directly towards a new vehicle. However, whether or not a dealership will accept your car depends on the shape it’s in. Additionally, even if a dealership does accept your car, you will be limited in what vehicles you can choose. 

You can sell it to a junkyard or salvage yard if it requires significant repairs that are too costly to make. However, most junkyards and salvage yards will only pay for the value of the scrap metal contained in your car. That means the value of your Jeep won’t really be taken into account.

Private buyers are always an option. However, private buyers are likely to negotiate aggressively on a vehicle in need of repairs. This is because they know that they will have to cover the cost of repairs themselves to get the vehicle in shape again. Additionally, you will have to negotiate details like who will cover the cost of towing if your vehicle is not currently running. 

The fastest and easiest way to get good cash for your vehicle is to sell it online with a service like CarBrain. Selling it online allows you to get a quick and easy quote, guarantee pickup and compare offers more easily. It saves you time and effort.

How can I get a quote for my damaged Jeep vehicle instantly?

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How Do I Know the Value of My Crashed Jeep?

Where Is the Best Place to Sell My Jeep Quickly?Whether you should sell your Jeep depends on what condition it’s in. These vehicles retain their value longer than other vehicles due to their sturdiness and popularity. As a result, the amount you can get for them is likely higher. However, that is also something you should take into consideration when deciding whether to repair or replace your Jeep. 

If your Jeep is experiencing some relatively mild mechanical problems, it may be worthwhile to simply fix the problem and continue using the vehicle. However, if you’re facing serious engine problems or transmission problems, you might want to think twice. These repairs can easily cost thousands of dollars. 

Additionally, if you have severe body or frame damage from a collision, chances are there’s no realistic way to repair the car. If your insurance company has declared the vehicle a total loss, you can keep the car and sell it individually instead.

Jeep Fun Fact

When the term jeep (lower case) is used it refers to any military-style four-wheel drive vehicle. When it is capitalized as Jeep, it refers to the brand name.

Will You Buy My Jeep With Heavy Damage?

If you want to sell your Jeep fast and efficiently, the best way to sell it is to go online. Websites like CarBrain can help you find a buyer, schedule a tow truck pickup and get your cash fast. You typically won’t have to worry about haggling, and you won’t have to spend hours on the phone contacting different junkyards and scrap yards for quotes. 

With an online sale, no one has to come by and see your car in person, which can be a hassle to schedule. Additionally, you may be saved from the process of haggling with your potential buyer, forcing you to negotiate down to a price you don’t want to accept. 

What to Do if Your Jeep's Not Longer Working - Sell it to CarBrain

At CarBrain, we make the process of selling your less-than-perfect car easy. With over 12 years of experience buying damaged cars, we know how to provide an offer at a fair market value for your car. Additionally, our offers include FREE towing and FREE title transfer. There are no hidden fees and charges for using our service. 

When you accept an offer from CarBrain, you can get your vehicle towed in under 48 business hours. We know you want to keep moving forward, so we want to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. You can sell your car, arrange a pickup and get paid all without leaving your house. 

Selling your Jeep to CarBrain couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is click “get an offer” and then fill out the form to get a quote in under 90 seconds. If you include photos of your vehicle and a VIN, we can offer a guaranteed quote. If you like our offer, you can schedule your FREE pickup in under 48 business hours.

Not quite ready to sell? That’s okay. Our offers are guaranteed for seven days, so you have time to think it over. Once you are ready, you can reach out to our buyers and schedule your pickup time. The tow truck driver will arrive with a check in hand and pay you on the spot. It’s that easy! Why wait? Get a quote and get started today. 

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